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  1. B


    Hello everyone, I decided to join this forum because I have struggled with anxiety and depression since I was in my teens and I am now 30 years old. It became clear the last few years that I definitely have some sort of PTSD as a result of many years of bullying and misunderstandings that...
  2. jojo94

    Just got out of hospital

    Just got out of hospital after being in 4 different ones over the past 3/4 weeks. It's been a traumatic time. Could do with some support. I feel so alone.
  3. M

    Can physical injury unconsciously or unknowingly be traumatic to a person?

    Can physical injury unconsciously or unknowingly be traumatic to a person? I ask this because I got injured when I was younger and the wound was so deep that it could have killed me but it didn't feel traumatic to me. However, ever since then I've never been the same and even though I had OCD...
  4. M

    OCD triggers.

    What can trigger OCD in a child? I remember when I did certain things because of OCD when I was a child but they seemed to get worse after I got cut on my arm and got a deep scar because of it. I was never the same. So what I'm saying is: There were warning signs of OCD before I got cut but...
  5. Not_Crazy_Yet

    My counselor says i might have PTSD

    We were talking about some of my experiences and how I have nightmares almost all of the time. Often about how I will fail miserably if I'm ever able to work again. She said some of what I said could be related to PTSD. Wouldn't I know if I had PTSD? I know that would require insight into ones...

    Matrix VR delusion.

    I had this - it was very disturbing for me. I thought I was 'The one' and the computers were trying to kill me. I can hardly remember it now, I guess it is the brain's way of deleting traumatic memories. The other day I was out and had a mini-flashback which prompted this post. I had various...
  7. F

    The trauma of psychosis: high rates of PTSD in first episode psychosis

    Written by Jazz Croft August 18th The trauma of psychosis: high rates of PTSD in first episode psychosis I wonder how many here found their 1st episode of psychosis traumatic.
  8. 1

    Hi everyone

    My name is Diane and I have traumatic brain injury
  9. Nikita

    The biggest Cause of anxiety and depression is:

    The Biggest Cause of Anxiety and Depression is Traumatic Life Events | Wake Up World
  10. G

    Still traumatised by hospital experience

    I was admitted to hospital in May this year as a result of a mental breakdown and although I was only in for 3 weeks I found the experience traumatic and cannot get over it - can anyone offer advice (I was South Lanarkshire based)
  11. T

    Why do you think you developed schizophrenia

    Do you have relatives with the condition? My grandad was schizophrenic. I think smoking pot didn't help. Also had a traumatic birth. It's a good thing I do have kids what do you think contributed to your schizophrenia.
  12. Iamsoconfused

    What is happening to me?

    Hi, I am new here and this is my first post. I am looking for support and wondering if I have BPD. I can relate to a lot of the posts but when I ask questions on another forum, I don't get replies. I am wondering if maybe I am wrong about having BPD. I was having a lot of anger and becoming...
  13. C

    Do you believe what the voices say?

    Voices tell me things. and I believe them, this is one question the cpn asked once. I heard a voice telling me that my psychiatrist does not like me, so I break all contact with her. They told me that my medication was poisoned so I break all contact with services, then they sectioned me. When...
  14. H

    Everyone's Watching Me

    Back in 10th grade, I tried to ask a girl out but when I approached her, I just couldn't blurt out anything and I stood there infront of this beautiful girl, silent and confused and then I noticed everyone started making a circle around us and watching me fail. Ever since that incident, I have...
  15. S

    Feeling guilty about being depressed

    Hey guys, I've been depressed for a long time now, and it's finally gotten to the point where I don't think I can take it anymore. But I've been reading people's stories on this website and they've made me feel really guilty for feeling the way I do. I haven't had any traumatic experiences...
  16. Purr38

    Continuous traumatic stress

    "Continuous traumatic stress offers one possible way of describing the psychological impact of living in conditions in which there is a realistic threat of present and future danger, rather than only experiences of past traumatic events" Pardon Our Interruption
  17. cpuusage

    Trauma and Schizophrenia: The Ultimate Political Battle

    Trauma and Schizophrenia: The Ultimate Political Battle - Mad In America This weekend I attended an international trauma studies conference in Miami, Florida, where some of the leading researchers and clinicians in the field of trauma gathered to share their innovative projects and findings. I...
  18. RainbowHeartz


    TRIGGER WARNING trigger warning TRIGGER WARNING trigger warning TRIGGER WARNING im numb, been blank starring, mum gone work. im alone, i thought it would be better but actually its making me think, im not sure if im sad sad or not. i will never have a proper life mum said to me last night...
  19. C

    Don't wanna sleep

    Oh. Last night was traumatic. Dreamt of kids killed in car crashes. How do u dream of people u don't know or ever met? Often I wake up in tears. Fair enough if I dream of people I know but no. It's people I never met. Usually kids in accidents. What's it all about? Wake up in tears often...
  20. V

    complex ptsd

    This disorder is not listed, can there be a subforum for it? Complex post traumatic stress disorder.