1. frisas45

    I'm fed up of this "work your ass off" crap. Almost led me to jail once.

    Bit of foul language here. And some of you will not understand this. I apologize for that. I was listening to Arnold Schwarzenegger giving his speech about "working your ass off". About how he had little money and he had to work in construction overtime to make ends meet, and working himself...
  2. S

    How to forget a traumatic experience?

    I used to work in a furniture store. Anyone who has worked in customer service understands that this industry sucks. I was extremely lucky, however, because I found a store that I actually liked working in. This was mostly because of my amazing co-workers and managers. The majority of the...
  3. S

    How to forget a traumatic experience?

    A couple of days ago, I posted a thread on how I was struggling to accept that I've wasted all of 2018. In January of that year, my depression developed, and it was mostly because of my job. In that post, I didn't explain the contributing factors of my depression, and I don't believe I'll be...
  4. E


    I'm new here and thought to shortly introduce myself. I've never done an introduction based on my mental health history, so feels a bit weird... ::confused: So... I'm 39 and a burnout-survivor, with a bunch of other mental health problems that have surfaced after that, being dormant through my...
  5. F

    Panic Attacks After Childhood Trauma

    Hi, New on here. I joined because i have severe panic attacks associated with heart attack. These have been triggered recently by a diagnosis of high blood pressure. This came as a real shock as i am very fit and health conscious & don't smoke, or drink. The root cause of it all is witnessing...
  6. C

    PTSD from an abusive relationship with a psychopath

    Does anyone else have PTSD or PTSD symptoms after an abusive relationship with a psychopath or narcissist? I left an abusive relationship last year with a man who I suddenly, with sickening horror, realised was most likely a psychopath. I realised it when he threatened to hurt me with a raised...
  7. Tabby 88

    Edith Eger - The Choice

    Just saw this lady on tv talk about ptsd and this book is about her life and what she has learned after trauma. Maybe try it, i have not read it yet.
  8. R

    Severe health anxiety and severe depersonalization.

    Hi all, this is my first post as I just joined. Basically, about 5 months ago I started to worry a lot about my health. I was feeling a SEVERE amount of guilt to the harm I was doing to my body by partying and not working out like I used to. I also must mention that I had just got out of a...
  9. A

    Why was my first Sexual experience traumatic?

    Hi, I am new here, so I hope that this is the right forum for my strange question. Some years ago I fell in love for the first time in my life, and after some dates he invited me to his house. The atmosphere turned romantic at some point, and that is when I started shaking. I froze the moment...
  10. little rose

    Other help for trauma possible dissociative disorder and CPTSD

    Hello . I am currently having trauma therapy for my issues and wondered does anyone know of other things or help you can get for trauma issues. I have had chronic trauma and also neglect as a child. I do things to help myself like trying to be self living at times. I use emotional freedom...
  11. S

    Need support badly

    My name is Silver Shadow and I haven't been active here for quite a while. I'm still trying to find my way around I guess. I also hide when things go wrong. Right now, everything is wrong. I'm sinking fast and need to try and reach out instead of hide. Not something that comes naturally...
  12. G

    What's the opposite of trauma?

    Closest word I can think of is inspired but that seems a little off.
  13. S

    Obsessive,constant thinking and analysing

    Hello everyone! It is one of my first posts at this forum, so I ask you for understanding. Since about six years I am very slow-moving. My work efficiency , measured in corporate jobs, is 30%-60%. In 2001, after examination period at my university: convultions, nervous shake-ups like in...
  14. D

    Can drinking be a form of self harm

    I am diagnosed with depression, PTSD and borderline personality traits and I drink a lot. I drink to block flashbacks and well mental pain. But I also drink because I want to punish myself. I get a lot of satisfaction from knowing I am damaging my body. I have had alcohol treatment in the past...
  15. M

    Somatic Delusion and Ocd

    Hello, Every time I raise my eyebrows, I hear a mushy sound right next to my ears and every time I touch my scalp at certain areas (usually top and right and left side next to my ear) I feel a weird sensation(tingling and a tender skin). I also suffer from intrusive thoughts which make it...
  16. W

    Relationship dependancy

    I don’t know which category to post in, i suffer from depression and complex ptsd but a lot of this is about relationships so just posting here. So 7 months ago I came out of a 10 year cohabiting relationship, well to be blunt she moved to the other side of the world for a holiday and then...
  17. spoon-racoon

    digging up trauma in therapy

    Today my therapist and I started talking about an abusive relationship I was in and it's gonna be a lot to unpack :( (actually like a few minutes in she got up to get a notepad because shit is getting real). I'm kinda scared about how talking about it is gonna affect my mental state right now...
  18. S

    Well, hello!

    Hi there, I'm B, I'm 27, and most days I can be found falling apart. I'm currently not on any medication or undergoing any therapy. I was diagnosed with major depression at the age of 17, around which time I had finally confided in a specialist that I had been sexually abused from the age of...
  19. Kerome

    Mindfulness in trauma flow

    I came across this this morning and thought it was interesting. I’ve never experienced it myself because I don’t have many significant trauma’s in my past, but I can see how it might happen. So it seems to be about a state of ‘flow’ that is entered during trauma processing, which can be...
  20. Kerome

    Is the imagination the root of our trouble?

    It sort of relates to psychology, so I thought I’d stick this here. It occurred to me today that a lot of mental health problems are related to the imagination. Basically hearing voices and hallucinations often draw heavily on the imagination, as does anxiety, eating disorders which do not see...