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  1. M

    Is it just me?

    Hi all. I've joined the forum because I've once again been having repeated suicidal thoughts. I've been through CBT, but I find myself once more staring into the abyss. At 53, I find myself responding to some situations like an adolescent rather than as an adult. I'm considered to be quite...
  2. scaredANDbroken

    why :(

    I have no control I'm so fat its discusting I hate myself and the way I look Urghhhh trapped in this body :(
  3. T

    I'm trapped

    Hello people, as you can probably see i'm new to these foruns.I found it while googling, and since I suufer from mental health issues I decided to join.I'm not a native english speaker, so sorry for my poor english. I have a large historic of emotional disorders since birth, which I won't...
  4. painandlove

    :/ stuck and trapped

    I wanna hurt myself but I don't want touu show ppeople this i wanna *Ie without leaving others upset i just wanna b left alone I dont want my parents to blame themselfs I love them they'd try do anything for me. But I've hide so much of me that I feell like no one knows me no one seems to...
  5. J

    Feel like I wan't to give in.

    Its been a bad day for me, felt like I wanted to end it all, don't feel like I can live with my life after my SZ diagnosis and the ensuinf Adjustment Disorder with severe symptoms of depression that was diagnosed after my shrink gave me the SZ diagnosis. I feel trapped by my life, on benefits...
  6. Fiere


    Hi, I've mostly appeared because I feel that I really need help. I'm 17 and live at home, and although I have never been diagnosed, as my parents disagree with that sorta stuff, I am really struggling with sorting myself out. From what I understand I have selective mutism and aspie syndrome...
  7. W

    spoke to soon!

    unfortunately I spoke to soon and all has gone badly and I'm steaming after drinking a bottle of rum! and I'm upset and angry! One of my very best friends is getting married in June and she has asked me to not come to the wedding! It has f*cking ripped me up inside and I don't know what I have...
  8. A

    Anger and frustration

    Feeling very angry just now and I have absolutely no idea why...I want to scream and throw things but I can't do that because the last time I lost control like that I ended up breaking my phone in half and some people came from the university and tried to get me to see a doctor and everyone on...
  9. M

    Had enough

    I feel like I've had enough. Why do we exist? What is the purpose of human life? All I want is to have my own place to live, be able to pay my bills, and have a baby with my girlfriend. Why is it never going to happen? I'm so fed up of worrying about money, of feeling trapped. Don't know what...
  10. T

    feeling trapped

    Im sick of feeling trapped in this cycle nothing goes right for long. I've had enough of pretending everythings okay just to get people of my back. I wish I could disappear for awhile :-(
  11. M

    Temporary Diagnosis of Agoraphobia!?

    I am having numerous issues (both mental and physical) and finally put myself in counseling. I have an upcoming appt near the end of the month. The intake counselor diagnosed me (temporarily, until further evaluation) with Panic Disorder with Agoraphobia, though she said it was not an exact fit...
  12. Angels

    School and home

    Ive been off school for ages because im simply too scared to go. and if i do go, then i get distressing thoughts. i panic, i try and kill myself. So i really can't go. im in year 10. we have a few weeks until we break up for the summer holiday and everyones really trying to push me to go back...
  13. R

    New on here....trying to find the eye of the storm for some peace and quiet.e

    New on here....trying to find the eye of the storm for some peace and quiet.e I am in the middle of counselling for a number of things. It is really intense and I am struggling as I want to just lock it all back up in a dark place and push it away. But I know I need to heal...