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  1. Q

    What do i do?...

    (ok to start i am sorry if this is not a good place to post this I was not sure where to post this but...) For a long time now I have been feeling completely horrible and hopeless and I just don't know what to do!! My life is just getting ruined. I am constantly ravaged by self defeating...
  2. F

    Hello and happy new year to all!

    I just figured out that I already had an account on here which I must've got distracted from before getting involved at the time. Hope everyones new year is going as well as can be expected for your circumstances so far. I am a female to male transgender person from the UK with multiple mental...
  3. L

    I'm losing myself

    I'm supposed to be studying for an exam that I have later tonight, but my depression doesn't seem to care. Hello, I'm a 21-year-old woman in a man's body who has had run-ins in the past with depression and self-harm. Right now I'm unemployed because unsanitary and hazardous working conditions...
  4. B

    Gender dysphria

    Hi! Is anyone here transgender? Or at least some letter in LGBT? I'm transgender and bisexual.I was verbally abused at home for being who I am,but that doesn't happen anymore.I hate the word faggot,tranny,weirdo.My grandparents think that my mental illness (psychosis and borderline personality...
  5. A

    Do I have GID? (Gender Identity Disorder)

    Growing up I've always felt weird about my gender. I was born female btw. I just always felt a disconnect with it especially now. I always wanted boy toys, boy birthday parties, and usually boy Halloween costumes. I got jealous of my by cousins because of their height and I wanted to be like a...
  6. P

    BPD and transgender

    Just wondering if anyone else here is transgender and also diagnosed with bpd?
  7. D

    My "father". What are my options???

    Okay, so I'm going to pre-apologize for the length of this. I'm going to try to keep this as concise as possible, but it's a slightly complicated situation. Anyway, here goes. So as long as I can remember, my dad has always been a little fucked up. The epitome of "beta male". He never had any...
  8. K

    I have cancer and I'm a messed up human being.

    Yeah. I will probably die the doctors say. But strangely enough I'm not really sad about it. I feel like it's just something I have to deal with until the end of my days. I'm only upset that I am dying sort of young. I am 19 years old and I guess I'll take that regret to my grave. But I have a...
  9. L

    Hi all

    Uhm, where to start.. . Hi, I'm lineysa, I've been diagnosed with major depression and anxiety. It's bordering on agoraphobia as other people truly scare me, I can't help feeling nervous or threatened, close contact or an enclosed space like public transport are a sure fire trigger for panic...
  10. C

    North London

    North London Pace 34 Hartham Road, London, N7 9JL Helpdesk: 020 7700 1323 Office: 020 7715 0385 [email protected] PACE is London's leading charity promoting the mental health and emotional well-being of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community. PACE also provides online...
  11. V

    Welcome i am new

    Hello My name is Victoria I am new to this forum I have major clinical depression .I am a transgender person About last year my parents kicked me out and made me homeless I am now living in a shed I have a job but I get the feeling people judge me and don't wanna know me I feel lonely upset...
  12. D

    dressing as?

    When i was a young boy, maybe since i was 5-6 i knicked my mothers kinckers, they where drying on the radiator, and i used to well pleasure and then put them back. Later on i took my sister s P.E. uniform to wear quite a bit. I now own quite a few dresses, still ive at home, and am 35. I...
  13. I


    Hey, my names Ali, I'm new to this...obviously, I just need a place where I can be helped and help others in return, I live in England and I'm a college student studying media, I love reading, swimming, ad sailing, and uh... I'm transgender... heh, yeah. Uh, I have anxiety and quite a few...
  14. R

    transgender issues and mental health

    I've supported a few people now online with issues concerning their gender. It's a cause in a range of mental health conditions including self harm, suicide and depression and I think we need to know more about it...don't you...
  15. D

    Patient Liaison Service PALS ?

    In a last ditch effort to try and get my life back I have been forced to request the services of PALS because of... well, a complete lack of care where I have been denied the counseling I need twice and been told to self refer to a transgender clinic where it is not my desire to transgender...