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  1. R

    transference gone wrong

    I have been I therapy for the last 6 years and almost from the beginning felt strong feelings for my therapist (shes female and so am I and no I'm not gay). I recognized it as transference from the beginning but didn't feel safe telling her. Shes noticed it somewhat over the years as shes...
  2. T

    Transference in cbt therapy. Need advice

    Hello I’m new here. Im not sure if this is the correct place to post this so if it’s in the wrong section,apologies. I’ve been having cbt therapy for my anxiety and depression for about 2 months and recently(mainly the last 2 sessions)I’ve been having very strong feelings towards my therapist...
  3. A

    What should I do?

    I’ve been seeing a new counsellor regularly since summer this year and I’ve recently recognised that I’ve grown really attached to him. I’ve never been one to open up to anyone, i always kept things from family and generally dealt with my problems internally and through self harm. Over time...
  4. InfiniteRectangles

    Is This Transference?

    So, I'm attached to my therapist. Like, really attached. I don't love her in any sort of romantic way, but I love her in a sort of best friend way. I know that she is not my friend, and that kind of bums me out sometimes. I find myself missing her and wishing I could see her daily instead of...
  5. B

    Struggling with Transference - I act like a child

    Hi, I've just recently started therapy and noticed that I've become super attached to my counsellor. This is not unusual, I've done this with many women in the past. Growing up, my father was abusive and my mom was emotionally unavailable. This past week I went to see my counsellor and was...
  6. A

    New! Hi! Transference

    Hi Im new here. Im experiencing transference with my therapist Just wondering is there any section in the forums to discussed this?
  7. N

    Post termination trauma

    Hello, I'm trying to understand what just happened to me. Here is the short version of it: 1. I had a great therapy. Anxiety went "poof!" 2. As soon as I realized I can never see my therapist again I started feeling a sense of great connection with her and painful feelings of grief and loss. 3...
  8. valleygirl

    Pain in the A$$

    I won't blame anyone for not replying to this thread, because you must all be SICK TO DEATH OF ME talking about the same old stuff over and over again. I'm afraid that's gonna be me on this forum in the next 2 weeks, a great big pain in the ass. I had therapy yesterday, and now I won't see...
  9. valleygirl

    Very Anxious About Therapy Tomorrow

    I have developed a very strong transference to my therapist, unfortunately I think it is an erotic transference, and I just don't know how to talk about it with my therapist. I am afraid that she has an idea that this is getting more serious, because of what happened in therapy last week, and I...
  10. valleygirl

    Do you think my therapist noticed?

    So I know I definitely have transference issues with my therapist, and yesterday in therapy we were going through my lifespan integration timeline after spending some time working through the memories of abuse by a babysitter. The 4th time we started going through it, listening to her voice, I...
  11. B

    coffee with therapist

    I was sufferering from depression after being harassed by someone I dated for a year and lost my job..I come from a dysfunctional family..I saw my T for a month and knowing I could not afford him he offered to have shorter sessions over coffee for 2 months..I was not comfortable with free...
  12. prairiechick

    Today is the day

    This is the day that I will be seeing my therapist and telling her about the transference thing I feel is already happening with me in relation to her. I am quite nervous about telling her, and I don't know how it will go. I am terrified that she will say she can't do therapy with me if that...
  13. sarah carer

    Transference Issues

    Ever since I was little I have developed these crush like attachments to women. Growing up I would explain this as an innocent pedestal, but after a few yrs into a psyc. degree I'd say transference is a closer explanation. I know in Psychotherapy transference is welcomed even cultivated, but I...
  14. pepecat

    Transference in therapy

    So all the literature / people say transference is a good, positive, normal thing as part of therapy. My therapist says the same. I can kinda see that it is, but what no one tells you is how bloody awful it makes you feel. All those unresolved feelings / emotions / whatever from when you were a...