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  1. F

    New job and ther person training me is snotty!

    I have a new job, been there 2 weeks tomorrow, data input, just to get me back into work for a few months. The person training me is 'snotty' and has told me that it is like the blind leading the blind as she hasn't been there long and has had minimal training. On the first day, she told me...
  2. R

    Mental health support worker training recommendations

    Hi guys, i have recently started a job as a mental health support worker in the UK and am new to the roll. i have had a small amount of training but do not think this is enough. can anybody recommend training that i should be doing so that i can look in to it and put it to my boss?
  3. AliceinWonderland

    PIP assessors assessing those with mental health issues NEED to be qualified in mental health

    PIP assessors assessing those with mental health issues NEED to be qualified in mental health I had a paramedic for my PIP face to face. I asked if she was trained in mental health. She said yes, but I don't expect it was more than brief awareness training. She wasn't a mental health...
  4. F

    Mindfulness is just Buddhism sold to you by neoliberals

    Posted by Peter Doran February 26 2018 Mindfulness is just Buddhism sold to you by neoliberals | The Independent What do people think? Is it being used as a neoliberal tool?
  5. J

    How does everyone cope with work ?!

    Hi guys , new here ! Long story short I've been out of work for a year . My parents have been helping me , but it seems hopeless most days. I have so many restrictions and things I "can't" handle, I don't know how I will ever find anything meaningful. Basically I have an inability to sit for...
  6. J


    I can't say it solves your problems, but when I lift, I feel so much better. Unfortunately, it all comes back when the weight training is over with.:cry2: Maybe I should lift all day..........
  7. H

    Losing belief in my goals/dreams

    Hey everyone, I've been struggling a bit lately with this but have kind of been given an opportunity as well. Maybe this is the wrong site but it's all I've thought about for a few days. I play football, had lots of trials when I was younger, didn't quite cut it. I've been playing Sunday League...
  8. Coyote


    Hello, I'm a female, 25. I have received many different MI diagnoses but the ones I feel at most accurate are dysthymia, GAD, SAD, BPD and DDNOS. I also suffer from misophonia, dermatillomania, fibromyalgia and TMJ syndrome. I'm in various levels of pain pretty much all the time, I'm almost...
  9. A

    Opinions please?

    Hi all. I'm not sure of the correct forum to post, but basically I'd like an opinion to see if you think I suffer with any sort of mental illness. Any input is greatly appreciated so thanks in advance, and apologies if you think my post is a waste of time. Where to start, hmm.. well all my...

    Poverty of speech.

    I went to a museum today for volunteer training. It was interactive and part of it was we would give our thoughts. Problem was my mind went completely blank, and I could not think of anything to say. I felt a bit uncomfortable. I have read that seemingly poverty of speech is a characteristic...
  11. L

    Dreading / worrying about a training day

    Hi, I'm pretty sure I have social anxiety, though I have never had it confirmed. In general it doesn't affect me too much and doesn't stop me from doing things but as soon as I become the centre of attention in front of people (mainly groups) that I'm not 100% comfortable around, I get very...
  12. N

    Being told to take more responsibility. How can I counteract them saying that.

    Being told to take more responsibility. How can I counteract them saying that. Apparently my social worker thinks I need to take more responsibility for my actions which is a kick in the teeth really because I think I do take responsibility for my actions, they are doing some training with my...
  13. P

    The burning, the fault lines, landslides, tornadoes.

    Look where people are living. Directly in harms way. Building entire metropolises on fault lines, putting our weak homes with no shelters in the path of a tornado, landslides? well who gives a shit just build your home right on that fucking hill because you can die in a landslide if you want...
  14. cpuusage

    What Does It Mean to Be Called 'Crazy' in a Crazy World?

    What Does It Mean to Be Called 'Crazy' in a Crazy World? | Alternet A call to rethink madness and our responses to it. It has become increasingly mainstream to criticize psychiatry for its corruption by drug companies, invalid diagnoses, lack of long-term treatment effectiveness, and other...
  15. H

    Has anyone been given a MH diagnosis by a non medical trained Psychotherapist?

    Has anyone been given a MH diagnosis by a non medical trained Psychotherapist? Hello All I was given a diagnosis of BPD by a newly qualified 1 day per week Honorary Psychotherapist after an assessment lasting 50 minutes. I did not speak to or meet the Psychiatrists or Clinical...
  16. Sea_Green

    Decider Skills Training?

    Has anyone here done a "Decider Skills Training" course? What's it like? My letter says the course starts "in approximately June". I'm getting a bit worried now for various reasons: It's already been delayed once and I don't know the exact start date. Didn't get on very well with one of the...
  17. cpuusage

    Cultural Equalities

    Training Resource Packfor Medical, Health and Social Care Front line Service Providers Training Pack | Aethos This training pack was developed both to reduce health and social inequalities, and to support teachers and front line service providers. It illustrates the fundamental importance of...
  18. cpuusage

    Rethinking schizophrenia: Taming demons without drugs

    Antipsychotic drugs may do more harm than good. The tide is turning towards gentler methods, from talking therapies to brain training, says Clare Wilson https://www.newscientist.com/article/2074229-rethinking-schizophrenia-taming-demons-without-drugs/ “I WAS trembling all the time. I couldn’t...
  19. cpuusage

    Peer-supported Open Dialogue training

    APOD is the professional body for Peer-supported Open Dialogue. We register practitioners who are qualified to practice POD. We also organise national and local training programmes and help promote Peer-supported Open Dialogue more widely across mental health services. POD is a collaborative...
  20. S

    Should I lower my dose ???

    That is the question running through my mind at the moment. A full recovery symptom free is very unlikely. I'm tired of being on meds. Being off meds has it's benefits, I feel good in myself, my sexual functioning returns, I'm more caring, I like the atmosphere. Downsides is I normally lose...