1. P

    was i out of order saying what i did? :(

    i went to visit my 2 friends for a night out... anyways ... i arrived at the town where they lived and got to their flat.. they cooked a lovely tea and we had a few drinks and went out.. anyways we drank some cocktails and the night was fine.. anyways i woke up (not hungover) but felt okay.. a...
  2. loulabelle

    im a disgrase

    its true im a faliure im disapointment im a let down im a disgrase ive let my family down i hate myself i want to disapear i wish i didnt exist im worthless my life is a train crash
  3. F

    Current voices

    Just one example of my current voice experience I start to think something on a train of thought and after a few seconds Im interupted by someone speaking in my head, so my train of thought is lost only after a few seconds and then the voice scatters off. whats yours?
  4. J

    Not understanding

    the edge between reality and fantasy is a fuzzy The psychiatrist tried talking about "stigma" but fuck that I have too much already on to start worrying about stigma. My mind does'nt rest on any one topic enough to take in what is meant by stigma, the voices alone interupt my train of thoughs...
  5. R

    please help

    my care-co asked me recently if my voices interupt my train of thought, I said yes because they do but how did she know and what does it mean?
  6. painandlove

    BOOOOOOM I'm on a train

    When I'm traveling I feeel freee from everyone faster the train goes the easier it is to think :) I've been travelling for a few hours now I just hope I stay happy while I'm away working. My flat mate thinks I'm in a happy part of my mind again I couldn't sit still last night wanted to run jump...
  7. L

    Can anyone relate to this?

    Can no longer get on a plane without valium (used to LOVE flying), then someone said it's more dangerous to get in a car (thanks) because now I can't be in a car. I can't be on trains, escalators, lifts. I actually see, not hallucinations (I don't think) but like a flash of an omen of a visual...
  8. R

    runaway train

    I feel like a runaway train with no brakes going downhill, picking up speed. And I've just learnt that the bridge is out ahead... I'm on my 7th antidepressant since I was diagnosed 18months ago. Unfortunately none of the ADs have in any way shifted my depression (but mercilessly my med...
  9. kate9090

    im in trouble

    im in a long distance relationship and my BF and i are supposed to be meeting 2moro halfway at a hotel for new years. but im totally depressed. i dont think i can drag myself out of bed, let alone out of the house and onto the train. everything has already been booked, i dont know what to do...
  10. J

    kinda funny day :S

    today a few people organized to throw a party for me........i caught the wrong train and was going to be late by an hour or so for friends meeting me at the train station....before i could call them i noticed my phone had gone....and wound up jumping from each train either side of me looking for...
  11. D

    Sleep + Active Imagination

    Hello folks, Just wee thread about a very weird but comforting experience I had a few weeks ago. As I've said, I like in a very noisy area (traffic at the front + train station at the back). I often feel trapped in my own brain, as the sounds take over, and all that's whizzing in battered...
  12. L

    arggg im fuming!!!

    :mad: arg ill say sorry now for the rant people just really need to vent! Was feeling ok this morning as 'normal' as i have done in a long time so decided to go into glasgow get some bits and bobs for the kids!!! Well what a HUGE mistake that turned out to be! Got the train because i dont have...
  13. keepsafe

    Really Bad

    Well I just phoned the samaritans for all of 2 minutes to be confronted bu someone who sounded like they didn;t give a damn about whether I was going to throw myself under a train or not - what to do now??? I know don;t shout - just do it you stupid cow I feel really like I want this all to...
  14. T

    Sleep... Can't remember what it is!

    Hiya. Gone 4 again and still no sign of getting off. I hate going to bed and lying there for hours watching it get light. It's frustrating as sin. I've had pills, "chill out" tapes and all sorts - nothing works. It's not like I stay in bed late even though I'm not working I'll be up by 7 or 8...
  15. X

    What is CBT?

    Im going be having some CBT and was wondering what the therepy consists of. I know its to help you re train your brain, has anyone had it if so could you tell me if it worked?
  16. Micky

    Train suicide

    :mad::cry::mad:I'm hurting SO BAD! I want to run infront of a train in the next week... not sure what day yet... Please can someone message me... talk me through this... REALLL LONELY :cry::mad::cry:
  17. invise

    The strangest dream

    I had this extremely intense dream last night, and its been plagueing me all day, and now I cant sleep. Ive been wondering if i should post it here all day too, so here goes. Ive 'altered' a few places etc so that if any1 that knows me reads this they wont know its me! but the idea is right. In...
  18. Kevin

    Help needed.

    Hi, im new to the forum and im not quite sure how it works. I found it by searching for a place where people might feel or have felt the same way i do and hopefully explain what is wrong and perhaps some advice on making it a bit easier. My problem is, i get really anxious about certain...
  19. N

    Heres the thing

    Since I came out of hospital a series of events have happened that have caused me to become more depressed consequently I stopped training as I lost alot of my interest I have also put on alot of weight due to meds. I am due to start university in september and I was thinking of starting to...