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  1. A

    The Traffic Is The Anchorless Reality --- Its what this musician hears

    Hey, my name's Andrew. :) I'm a musician with a trained ear and ive been playing instruments since for the last 20 years. I've been diagnosed with schizophrenia. I study the music of schizophrenia (psychosis).. the tone we all lose touch with reality is the major 2nd of the Aeolian mode. But...
  2. T

    My situation...

    Hi everyone, my name is Dave, I am a man of course, im new here, id like to share a little of my life here and meet some people who are also dealing with similar situation as me so I dont feel like im the only one in the world who is like this, which I feel like I am the only one in my area...
  3. amathus

    6 Signs of Hidden Depression.

    1. They have unusual sleep, eating or drinking habits that differ from their normal ones. When a person seems to have changed the way they sleep or eat in significant ways, that’s often a sign that something is wrong. Sleep is the foundation of both good health and mental health. When a person...
  4. Yellowbrickbridge

    Suciadal Thoughts: Warning

    How to deal with them? I know I'm going to self harm soon and I don't want to go back to the hospital. I keep feeling like SHing, I can't seem to feel content ever and I feel hopeless again, why does it happen like this in waves I know the psychosis is coming back and I'm scared again. I can't...
  5. G

    Attraction To / Fascination With Disaster, Catastrophe, Damage & Carnage

    Attraction To / Fascination With Disaster, Catastrophe, Damage & Carnage Hello folks, I'm new here, so I hope I haven't made an error in making this post. Basically, I've been looking for somewhere to discuss this 'thing' about me, in the hope that I can learn more about it. For as long as I...
  6. SewSo

    Ridiculous me

    SewSo, because i am So So. I am ok, but i wake every morning wanting to violently hurt myself because i am instantly remembering all of the good people i have met who have witnessed me being pathetic. Depression made me pathetic. My life experiences made me pathetic. The way people have spoken...
  7. fazza

    Can't listen to music as i get messages inplanted in my mind

    I thought I was getting better but I still cannot listen to Animals by pink floyd. It seems to trigger my voices telling me to end it all in a specific way. Does anyone else get messages from music. Should I tell my Pdoc about this.
  8. BillFish

    The scoop that never was, Walter the freelance reporter

    The scoop that never was, Walter the freelance reporter There was a demo in the city the other day, and I had decided that I'd done the rounds of pretty landscapes, some street etc and wanted to get some action shots and footage. So set off on my first freelance self appointed assignment in...
  9. C

    Coping With Flashbacks

    Ideas for coping with flashbacks Tell yourself you are having a flashback and that it is ok and very normal in people who were traumatised as children (or as adults). Remind yourself that the worst is over – it happened in the past, but it is not happening now. The “child” inside you who...
  10. B

    Tried and Failed...

    Ive just tried to leave my place... juts got an overwhelming urge to go out, only to find that i got scared of the traffic, or being out... all i know is that i couldnt stay outside, i had to get back in and straight away!!! im not sure but it hit me like a brick and now im scared that my...
  11. K

    Does it never end?

    So there I was looking out of a cafe window sipping soup and contemplating life suddenly just for a fleeting second it seemed as if nothing mattered, there were no worries, no big problems and actually felt ok happy even. Cut to seconds later and it's all anxiety ridden doubt again, what about...
  12. C


    just wondering if any body uses this forum ? *** From Calypso** [NOTE: Moved from Portsmouth Forum, new person needing guidance - please support from here. Very little traffic in the Portsmouth area on here]
  13. G

    I drove in NYC traffic and on NJ turnpike!

    I took a vacation with friends to NYC. It took us about five and a half hours of driving to get there, plus we drove in through the tunnel which was crazy! Cars don't even turn on their signals and just push in front of you like a mob. My friend drove us there and I drove for about an hour, but...
  14. paul67


    my wifes mum passed away just a few days away and its very hard...we were in the room as she passed away in front of us..... i had an episode and im so embarrasses about it,but i kept looking at her face and i couldnt handle it..... then yesterday when we was sorting out the funeral etc...i had...
  15. ABsea

    how do I know if my anger is 'out of control'?

    Tell me where you think this situation belongs on the "normal angry reaction scale" Im driving home. I have some mofo riding my ass during rush hour. He starts impatiently swirving left and right as if that would make the traffic infront of me move faster. He continues to follow way too close...
  16. S

    Does your Anxiety increase at night time ?

    My anxiety is awful at this time. I'm guessing it's because I'm settling down for bed and so my mind is not distracted by doing other things. I have to drive into London with the kids tomorrow to help some family out. It's not very far, but I'm dreading the drive because I can't stand the...
  17. D

    Noise Triggers

    Hi, my name is Stuart, and I have been psychotic for 15 years, though only diagnosed a few months ago. I am on olanzapine, like so many others. I have never taken street drugs, and am only a light drinker. My psychosis was developed through depression. I find that certain noises cause me to...