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  1. M


    Hi I'm new to the forums and in general new to West Yorkshire too. Just a post to make friends, and listening ears to help each other through the tough times :)
  2. A

    Nottingham and Derby Support group

    Hi all, Im one of the organisers for a support group on the meetup website. We meetup with others often that find life quite tough. Come and join us all sometime!! Take care, Adam
  3. 79Dave

    Really struggling

    Been going through a tough bout of depression. All I can think about is just ending it. Nothing seems to matter and I don't really care. Sorry for being so negative.
  4. I

    Hello everyone ....

    Hi, So after months of avoiding posting on this forum. I have decided to take a plunge in ice cold water it seems and just post this darn thing. Never really felt like anybody has ever been there for me. Knowing I can’t take anymore emotion inside my head isn’t helping either it’s tough, as...
  5. Kerome

    Nothing whatsoever should be clung to

    When the Buddha was asked to summarise his teachings in a single sentence, what he said was "Nothing whatsoever should be clung to". So let's start with the easy stuff. Material possessions, books, dvd's, clothes. Furniture. Television. Slightly more difficult, bikes, cars, computers, houses...
  6. T

    Sometimes the pain we hide,can burn like a fire inside.

    Depression is an invisible mental terrorist,we are a prisoner of our own body and feelings.It drives us insane by constant bombardment,no rest,no relief.Pure misery.I know the feeling very well.I don't live my life,i just survive its existence.Don't give up....Tough times don't last...tough...
  7. cpuusage

    How I Healed my Bipolar Disorder

    How I Healed my ‘Bipolar Disorder’ - Mad In America "When my sister took me to the emergency room of the psychiatric hospital in January of 2013, I was simply a mess. I had barely slept for weeks, having visions of an evil, black shadow hovering over me and telling me to kill myself. All of...
  8. B

    taking over

    do you feel like after a while the voices take over? i keep hearing them like they are the ones in control i want privacy so bad. some days are good some arent but i hear them constantly im tired of people hearing my thoughts is this possible or know? i just want a respectful norm in my life is...
  9. H

    Not quite new

    Hi, I am not new as I joined this site in 2007. However, I lost you somehow. I had a laptop where all my sites were stored and in a fit of paranoia, I kinda smashed it up. Goodness, that is a bit of a wild introduction isn't it? I am generally a calm kind of person. So looking around for support...
  10. blacksmoke

    just need to rant

    so tough at the mo. i dont think anyone would quite believe me if i said all the stuff that is going on. rang Samaritans earlier and that was helpful. life is just so so crap for my family at the m0 0n s0 many levels. it doesnt help with the anxiety and depression levels. i have a cloud hanging...
  11. I

    I'm new...

    Dear all, I'm having a tough time at the moment and wanted to find like-minded people to chat with and hopefully also to help others- so here I am. S <3
  12. K

    A good achievment

    Hey. Things been tough but ive not harmed for just over 4 weeks:)
  13. RainbowHeartz

    people in the real world

    abandon me i trying to be my own hero but its tough being alone
  14. cpuusage

    DWP Gets Tough On Sickness Benefit Claimants

  15. C

    Mental Health Problem - Road to Recovery

    Hi Just wondered if anyone was from Aberdeen who suffers from Mental Health problems and if they could advise of any support groups out there? Things are really tough just now and I am in a dark place:low: xxx
  16. R


    Today i feel like i cant breath!!! have a tough day ahead and already feel like i cant cope :cry:
  17. R

    Inspiration and hopes for better days

    I always used to self help a lot. It got me through tough tough times and still does. I relate to videos like this. INSPIRATIONAL - HOW GREAT I AM - YouTube Ranger :cool:
  18. C

    Tough sh*t!

    That's what all this is! Keep wading through it and the shore is reachable, it is.
  19. T

    never have any respite

    I know most people do not understand this, surely I do have some times I am happy, but I really don't. for the past 3 years despite lots of drugs and mh input the depression doesnt go away, been there for many many years really. but its so tough having the energy and motivation to get up, I...
  20. FallenAngel

    The Human Will - And I'm Medicated

    Humans. So evolved and yet so corrupt and self serving. I am relating of course to the Panorama last night. Before I go any further I will point out and admit I was a victim of sexual abuse at the age of 10 and it went to trial and the guy got off after I stumbled on a key piece of evidence. It...