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  1. T

    I don't know where to go from here :(

    Hi all, This is a difficult post for me to write but I need somewhere to be able to air exactly how I'm feeling and hopefully gain some advice on what to do. I'm sorry, I already know it's going to be a long one. I think I've probably struggled with depression since I was 14 years old - I've...
  2. T

    First Date tomorrow and I'm terrified....what do I do

    So I have gotten a date tomorrow... I literally have no experience with girls whatsoever, I'm 24 and she's 29, and her last relationship was 5 years I haven't told her that I'm totally innocent, nor that I suffer a lot from anxiety and agoraphobia (which I'm sort of getting over slowly) What...
  3. L

    Spirits keep on having sex with me

    Spirits keep having sex with me. They said they can control my arms and legs. I've orgasmed multiple times so I must enjoy it sometimes but other times it pisses me off because I'm not in the mood or they are just totally inconveinent! Does anyone else experiance something similar?
  4. S

    Need Advice

    Hello I hope you are all well. I have suffered depression years ago when my relationship never worked out. For the past year I got a new job and moved to London which was very lonely and I decided to move more north as I have friends there etc. For around 3 months I have been feeling depressed...
  5. mami5


    What do you do if you have no faith or trust....and are totally scared of your CMHT? How do you work with them? :cry2:
  6. S

    Intrusive thoughts

    Can anyone relate to this? I keep getting intrusive thoughts, happens so often. I think they stem from my anxiety but maybe this is ocd related? Example, I will be chatting to someone, then a thought will appear that is either very dark or totally cringe worthy. It’s like my thoughts are...
  7. crimson

    I don't know me...Narcissistic husband died and I don't know how to live

    I don't know me...Narcissistic husband died and I don't know how to live I'm on my own..My parents then husband totally controlled my life..How do I live now..:unsure::nod2:
  8. R

    problem writing on meds

    i can't write on meds, my writing is totally indecipherable, i tried printing out a letter for a friend i'm worried about but the printer either has given up the ghost or isn't happy with the new computer, ordered a new printer it is a problem my writing maybe i could write slowly in capitals...
  9. G


    Greetings All... I joined this site on a whim after looking up some information about something insomnia related. I have dealt with mental health issues all my life. Debilitating bouts of depression. Anxiety about all manner of things. Paranoia. Disgust with my self. Suicidal thoughts...
  10. V

    Please please help, in a bad way after breakup

    My partner ended out 23 year relationship out the blue. I'm beyond gutted, totally floored. I can't eat, sleep and everything seems pointless. All my hopes and dreams are gone. I'm so hurt he didn't talk things through, didn't give me a chance. He wanted to be able to just look after himself and...
  11. A

    I can't cope any longer

    Suicidal. Saw care co-ord today. Phone Samaritans later. Phoned DBT support people. I am still totally suicidal. What more can I do?
  12. C

    Just want to write it down

    Hello, Thanks for taking the time to open this. I think it's about time I faced it. Even just writing it down makes it easier, makes it real. Basically I am struggling with everything. The pressure of everything. My life is taking the wrong path even after my investing thousands towards my...
  13. M

    getting rid of demon voices

    I feel totally helpless for 2 years ago soon after it started. I live with parents but I feel pretty much alone. On the outside. Everyone is controlled :( Really sorry The main problem is my thinking. Its not coming up with much. Just bullies me. Its got the rains on my thinking so talking to...
  14. S

    I need to forget

    I have just been told I may have bioplor. Now what is eating me at the minute is that during the summer I was meeting blokes off the net. And getting in to sexual activity with a couple of them. Now I have never ever cheated on my partner. He knows about 1 of them but not the others. And to be...
  15. Zardos

    Panic Stations

    I'm waiting to meet my new CPN.. They're coming to give me my injection soon.. And i have no idea who or what is coming.. And its freaking me out i also don't know when they are coming... Which totally sucks.. I'm having a hell of a time just lately... Too much stress... i hate being alive... it...
  16. C

    I'm new and suffer with depression and anxiety

    Feeling let down after medical by atos 😶I feel like things are going to spiral totally out of my control..
  17. C

    Anxiety causing me to feel alone

    Hi, I am new to forums so not sure how this works. I am really struggling with feeling totally alone at the moment. I feel disconnected from everyone and everything.
  18. J

    Fighting services.

    Hi guys, this is my first post, so here goes. I have a diagnosis of BPD and bipolar, and have had 2 inpatient admissions in the last 2 months to prevent previously life threatening self harm (one was a month and the other 4 days). Since I have come out I'm finding it impossible to engage with...
  19. P

    I had my assessment today- feeling intense- shocking revelation

    Well I had my assessment today with the CMHART and I spoke to a lady who is a mental health nurse. I went in with some notes as I know I can be quite forgetful and when I was asked about myself and how things are I said I could refer to those notes and she said to do my best without it. I did...
  20. S

    Not Sure What's going on...

    Hello. I've suffered with anxiety and depression on and off for most of my life. Have taken anti depressants at certain points in my life but I'm not currently. For the past couple of weeks I have been having suicidal thoughts. They seemed to come out of nowhere, alongside the other symptoms of...