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  1. B


    New here nearly 60 years old have coped with a lot but it now seems to be getting on top of me have always thought you have to man up.
  2. letmein

    is it ok to reach out?

    Hi guys, I know i'm not around much sorry, I have been dealing with stuff.... I'm in a mess, I'm feeling more and more suicidal n a daily basis. I can't get any peace from my thoughts. Money, debt, life, love. all fucked up.. and to top if off I got my ESA review forms today. can't get...
  3. K

    My mood has changed for the better. Thank God!

    It's funny how one day your so low that you think the sky is falling. The next day your on top of the world, cleaning and enjoying life. I confuse myself
  4. embleton

    The joys of being superior and on top of the world

    It's clear to me that I'm one of those individuals that is beyond intellegence! Today has been one that has been beyond entraonderary. The council in my area cannot work out holiday pay for my personal assistent and give an example of how they work out their forumla for their clients! I can it's...
  5. S

    Treatment of inactivity in patients with schizophrenia

    After studying the cause of inactivity of schizophrenic patients I discovered the main reason It is numbness of the nerves of the nose and upper lip. The bigger the guide you would if you pulled an anterior nasal to the top for a full minute. The patient will feel clearly active and clear...
  6. E

    How do you help someone from severe depression?

    My wife and I have been trying to help our kid cope up from severe depression. He is just 20 years old and he has been through a lot. We already talked to him about the reason why he’s been in so much grief these past few weeks, but we receive no response. He’s not going out from the house...
  7. A

    How much of this was abuse? *trigger*

    So I'm going on quite a short waiting list for prolonged exposure therapy which is going to focus on the sexual abuse side of things rather than the bullying so I need to try and work a few things out in my head before I go into it, which I hope someone can help me with here. I've had a number...
  8. Not_Crazy_Yet

    How much do you cost the system?

    I looked up some prices of meds, factored in my rent, food stamps, and an approximation of MH services. For services I wasn't sure exactly. Before they got my proof of income they sent me a bill for almost $500 for 2 therapy sessions. So I have on my current care team a doctor, therapist, nurse...
  9. W

    Good evening

    Hello, My name is Richard and I'm new here! *waves* I'm joining because, I wanna speak/meet other people who have similar struggles to me and just be understood. I suffer with Emotional and unstable personality disorder, a generalised Anxiety Disorder & Noise anxiety. I'm trying to my...
  10. EddieH

    Can you have schizophrenia and bipolar?

    Hi all, Been having a bit of a strange time lately. I've been diagnosed with schizophrenia but seem to have periods that get completely out of hand. Been staying awake for days, talking heaps, gambling heavily , driving aggressively etc. Could this be bipolar on top of the schizophrenia? Seems...
  11. B

    Hello I am new and have enver done this before

    hi there, I am new to this whole mental health forum thing and literally just found this by googling but I am dealing with a ton of stuff and all signs point to BPD, i will be getting a proper diagnosis next Tuesday but I am terrified. If i have BPD i am facing it alone, i dont have the...
  12. Shadow-one


    I am finding it more and more difficult to control my emotions these days :( There are lots of changes in my life particularly with my husband going out to work now after 7.5yrs working at home... I feel like i just don't want to be here anymore. Alive.. Yes that may sound over the top but...
  13. E

    I am in trouble with my landlord

    This flat is rubbish & it's mostly down to the landlord, I do admit however that due to my mental health problems I have extremely low energy levels & as such doing housework is difficult & I don't manage to be "on top of it", now I am getting warnings telling me what I can & can't do & it's...
  14. J

    Hello, my wife has had a breakdown and I don't know where to start..

    Hello My name's Jason, I've come here to see if anyone can help me on where to start following my wife's mental breakdown. She has now lost her job, been assessed, is very depressed. The mortgage needs paying I can't do it on my own. The clock is ticking both for her and for our home. I would...
  15. B

    Hello All

    Not been on for a bit so thought id say hello. been on top of things a bit better, though for me that just means keeping as busy as possible. started doing some exercise (bike riding) was enjoying it then last week i stumble on the stairs and hurt my foot, its still painful. so like i say ive...
  16. N

    Hi. New here, hoping someone understands me as "normal people" don't.

    Hi. New here, hoping someone understands me as "normal people" don't. Hi everyone. Never been on a forum before so please bear with me. Bit about me. I suffer from depression, psychosis and schizophrenia. Every day is a struggle for me. I used to self harm (up till couple of weeks back) and...
  17. boudreauj4

    I relieved my paranoia

    My village electrical company installed new LED street lights on my street a few weeks ago and there is a little box sitting on top of the light fixture that looks like a little camera......and this has been driving me out of my mind !!!! I have been plagued with paranoid thoughts in the past...
  18. I

    Own Body Phobia?

    What is the name of the phobia that causes a person (as it causes me) to be too afraid to even look at, or uncover/undress? I've had this for around 48 years and no therapist has ever even scratched the surface of it - many were stunned that they'd never heard of it, until they met me. It...
  19. Lost_Darkness

    I'm not ok

    I thought I was on top of this, but clearly I am not. I can't cope. I can't do this. I have no one around me. What is the point of fighting this when there is nothing good at the other end.
  20. M

    Going to get a bollocking tomorrow.

    Seeing the psychologist, I get into a state last week about my mum not phoning me, and it spiralled out of control. I have other issues bothering me on top, computer needs to be repaired, I am getting debt collectors through the door, about a car that is nothing to do with me, I don't own a...