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  1. letmein

    my big sad NYE

    already feeling bad and lonely... my daughter leaves soon.. so will spend the next 24hrs on my own, this is choice..... I have been invited out i just don't make good company right now. I have spent my last few quid of some bits to have tonight, I'll worry about the rest tomorrow. never...
  2. M

    Partners second attempt at sucide tonight , don’t know where to turn t

    Sorry if this is distressing for anyone just need some support my partner who is the love of my life tried to attempt sucide again today second time in last 6 weeks he is in the army so his treatment plan or crisis plan as their calling it is a bit complex as their doing things their way and how...
  3. M

    Not an ideal introduction but...

    I’m a 27 year old male dealing with lifelong mental health difficulties, tonight has been kind of a cry for help.
  4. S

    Husband Sectioned tonight 😞

    So managed to get husband a 2 night stay on a clinical psychiatrist unit tonight, but refused to go in when got there his family held him down and police arrested him 😫 How the he'll do things get better from this 🤔
  5. LexLoofer

    Enough with the nightmares already

    I am tired of the vivid dreams. Most nights they're just very weird and disrupt my quality of sleep. Most mornings I wake up about 2 hours earlier than usual. But sometimes, like tonight, the dreams are very disturbing. Tonight I was responsible for the deaths of no less than 6 people, and I...
  6. Lolli_Liability

    To some of the greatest friends old and new

    I'm sending my love to all of you for everything you have ever done I thought coming back in here would save me once again but I cannot do this I'm sorry to let you all down let again . I do it to often. But I very much need to die . I hurt to much and I'm to alone .
  7. Lolli_Liability

    I want to kill myself

    I haven't posted in here for a very long time and I apologize all for just dispearing . I've had some stuff go on and I've been in an out of hospital. But here I am once again covered in SH and wanting very much to kill myself. It's all I can think about I'm fucking lost and broken and so alone...
  8. vanish

    Is it depression or anhedonia?

    I'm confused what has currently come sailing into my brain. I feel flat but instead of crying and feeling sorry for myself, I feel nothing. I decided to go out this afternoon and see a movie with a family member, but instead of feeling sad at the ending, I just sat there drawing a blank emotion...
  9. T

    It's hard

    So hard, all of this laying around, sleeping, eating, cannot be bothered getting up to go to the toilet, but i do. No healthy meal. No exercise and not much cleaning. I don't know what to do tonight with my medication. One doctor says one thing, my previous psychiatrist said not to do that. I...
  10. vanish

    Is this how it happens?

    Hey folks, I need help in understanding something. My wife occasionally self harms and I always thought it was an intensely private thing (self harming) but tonight she did it right in front of me while I was telling her to stop. Is this unusual or can this sometimes be what happens? I really...
  11. C

    Had A Rough Day...

    Can I just have a hug? I'm really REALLY struggling tonight. I can't...I just can't...
  12. C

    Help Please

    Default Cazza44 Hi, I am new to this forum and have looked you up because I have been in a depressive episode for around 6 weeks now. I finally hit crisis point last week and took an overdose and am ashamed to admit that I'm sorry it didn't work. I am 60 yrs of age and have lived with...
  13. C


    Hi, I am new to this forum and have looked you up because I have been in a depressive episode for around 6 weeks now. I finally hit crisis point last week and took an overdose and am ashamed to admit that I'm sorry it didn't work. I am 60 yrs of age and have lived with recurrent depression...
  14. C

    Kind of a positive thread tonight!

    I don't have anything negative to report right now lol. I am editing the captions to the video I just recorded last night (Little Inferno) and I am finding this even more annoying than editing my video! Ahhh! I am going absolutely crazy (so to speak) doing this tedious work, but I am so glad to...
  15. L

    Sorry if wrong place.

    I don't see a topic on death and dying. Is there a god? What will happen when I die? It's so scary. I want to die though. I don't want to be scared when I die. Not saying I'm going to tonight. But I need something to either save me from my self. Or give me peace of mind. I feel we have 0 answers.
  16. P


    Struggling tonight. Toying with the idea of ending my life. I’m stuck.
  17. Anon_21

    Very low tonight

    Been a long time since I've found myself lying on the floor wishing it would swallow me up...guess two months without meds is catching up to me. Trying so hard to be a good mom... Family doesn't understand depression... A year's worth of crying coming back all at once. Been ok for a while but...
  18. P

    i have voices 24/7

    I have voices and hallucinations all day everyday.. I never get a break tonight there more intrusive
  19. A

    Tonight is rough

    Demons what let me sleep so many voices and thoughts running though my head I can't control couldn't move and I feel like it's out of control tonight I have a feeling that it's going to continue until the right ONE helps and saves me though this madness god I pray for help
  20. R

    Trying so hard

    I've been trying so hard I really have but let myself down this evening. I've asked for therapy but was told to look for some myself. I approached six places a few months ago-only one replied and said they won't see me because my mental health is dealt with by psychiatrist rather than GP...