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  1. myownveryone

    ESA Reveiw in the morning, Anxious.

    It's at 10am which means I need to be up, ready and in the bus by 9. This is bullshit. They know I find mornings very difficult and that I have a toddler. I have to be on a bus for an hour at one of the busiest time of the day. Not to mention the very face that I have to go and prove myself to...
  2. U

    PLEASE HELP have you Experience of a Appendicisis??

    if anyone who has experienced having the pain of one of these, could you describe what it felt like??.. I have had this pain b4, but the latest episode came on suddenly as i was returning home, on Friday.. it hurts when i move or walk around, even breathing in! ..please can someone else relate...
  3. valleygirl

    Scared to go to sleep

    Today is the first good day I've had in a long time. Just a few days ago I was planning to kill myself. Now I'm scared to go to sleep because I am afraid I will wake up feeling depressed tomorrow and I want the feeling good to last.
  4. Lincoln1990


    Still no call or email. Jusy called again, left a message this time on his voicemail. I'm sure he will call me back soon. Maybe the meeting is to decide who they want to give the job to? I don't know. Tried going to the library. Couldn't concentrate. It must be field trip day or something...
  5. Anime-Alchemy

    Gave into my addiction for the 900th time

    Ok, so I was trying again to overcome my addiction, I was 12 days into abstinence but then I gave in again yesterday. So i'm gonna keep trying to completely overcome this. Tomorrow will be day 1 of my recovery. Normally when I act on my addiction, afterwards I can shut down and not want to do...
  6. N

    Dust Storm!?/Nasal Problems, Catarrh maitenance

    HI all, I was thinking of going out shopping to a particular area, which involves a long ride, however, it has been advised in at home, that due to a certain dust storm (!?) regarding my allergy problems, which are well behaved for the moment, not to get out tomorrow, I might just be able to go...
  7. Lincoln1990

    I know I'm not supportive of others, but I'm on a downward spiral

    Sometimes it triggers me to support others so I've been taking a step back and not supporting others. With this job opportunity coming up I've been doing pretty well, but I can really tell something is "off". I'm starting to feel a little depressed and anxious. My thoughts are racing. Sitting...
  8. Lincoln1990

    Do you ever just have anxiety that never goes away?

    I don't know if you know but I've interviewed for a job in my field and will be hearing back from them today or tomorrow. Well it's 4 now. They get out at 5. I have emailed them today about my interest. I hope I hear back from them. But I'm really anxious. Like really anxious. I feel ill.
  9. katya

    Oh my god

    I can't. I just can't. I've come back to my shared house and my boyfriend is being so mean to me. He's still blaming me for leaving. He won't speak to me, even though he knows I'm really upset. He's packed away all of my stuff in boxes and I need my alarm clock for tomorrow and he's not...