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  1. F

    Voices saying to kill

    I've been having a lot of problems with my voices. They are tell me to kill people and I'm having difficulty challenging them. Am seeing the psych team tomorrow but feeling suicidal. :low:
  2. L

    I feel so bad inside what can I do

    Hello everyone, This is the first time I have posted here, and I really need some advice. I am struggling with depression, I've had it off and on for years but right now I am really low. I started a new job 5 weeks ago and my anxiety was absolutely awful at the beginning. I have struggled to...
  3. W

    Something like Mirtazapine without weight gain?

    Can anyone suggest an antidepressant which will be like Mirtazapine but without weight gain? (But not venlafaxine or any SSRIs). Going to register with new GP tomorrow and hopefully get an appointment in the next couple of weeks.
  4. S


    Tomorrow I have an assessment with healthy minds to find the best method of therapy for me. They sent me a questionnaire to fill out and take with me but im really nervous about it. Idk what to expect. I just want someone to tell me what the fuck is wrong with me and how I can get better...
  5. Poppy2014

    Not coping

    Says it all really Having a meltdown, had a panic attack going to work, came home had somatic face symptoms, bells palsy, facial droop, lost speech and today my vision is all over. Got to go back to proper job tomorrow having slipped up to my temporary boss and telling him I'm not coping in the...
  6. Boppy

    New Job Tomorrow - Anxiety Skyrocketing

    Hi there and thank you for taking the time to read my post. I’m just looking for a little bit of support, few kind words or even just a cyber hug. I’m a long-term sufferer of depression and anxiety, which both seem to heighten when I have a job. I’ve been unemployed for 3 years and have a...
  7. S

    Doctors tomorrow

    Im so so nervous about seeing the doctor tomorrow, its a new doctor which doesnt help. Everyone keeps telling me to just talk about how I feel but I really dont know how im feeling rn.. im still drained from venturing outside yesterday and pretty much being made to feel like my thoughts and...
  8. BigAma


    Any Goals for today or tomorrow?
  9. L

    I don't want to wake up tomorrow

    I dont want to wake up tomorrow. Feeling very very low. I don't have a plan but I am worried I'm going to get to that point or do something impulsive. Have been told to ring crisis team when I feel like this but I know they don't help.
  10. L

    New to this forum, old about psychological problem

    Hello. The first thing about me is that I may not write English very well. Please understand, I do not speak English as my first language. To make my long story short, I will skip the details and I try to highlight the problems I am having. I am 32 now, not having work or seeking any...
  11. G

    Meeting my ex tomorrow

    I'm meeting my ex girlfriend tomorrow , I am so nervous I feel like crying , I want to get back with her , I have bought her flowers a card perfume and wrote a letter explaining how I feel about her , what if she says just be friends (which I think she will) I won't be able to cope I will become...
  12. Tired Daisy

    Gonna be sleeping rough tonight

    I know that this sounds crazy but I've found 5 freaky massive spiders. I hate spiders I just spent the last 2 hours freaking out, there so creepy and move so fast I don't wanna sleep in my house tonight and will be sleeping rough if I can't find somewhere else to sleep for tonight. My support...
  13. I

    cant do this anymore ive tried

    Hi I really apologise for getting on your nerves,but I just can't cope anymore ivd had enough seriously basically I'm a loner a saddo with new friends I'm.so suicidal I don't want to live anymore I hate myself I just can't cope anymore I'm ashamed I don't want to be me anyone I've got a suicidal...
  14. I

    scared about community mental health

    Hi I have an appointment tomorrow with community mental health and I'm feeling really scared about it
  15. V

    Psychiatrist called up to admit me to hospital

    My psychiatrist just called me, he wanted to have me readmitted to the long stay (usually maximum one year) hospital. Because I've been in and out of the crisis ward and because I was late for my appointment Monday which breaches my CTO. I am trying so hard and he just calls me up like that! So...
  16. N

    I seriously want to kill myself?

    I have said it before but I am at breaking point. I cant cope with my obsessive brain. I am serious ill and I am meant to have an exam tomorrow. There no point even turning up to it. I don't know how to control my mind. I talk and talk and talk ans tak and talk and talk and talk and talk and...
  17. N


    the staff where i'm staying want me dead i was right at the beginning the whole fucking thing is a trap. they're pushing me to kill myself. it's not safe here. what can i tell the ones tomorrow how do i know if they are all in on it i dont think it is all of them i dont want to die
  18. naominash

    Facing my Abuser tomorrow: Naomi vs The Snake

    My abuser is my husband. Tomorrow I have to tell him I want our marriage to end. He must think he's won so he'll leave me and my family alone. This will test me greatly. I have a feeling this won't be easy.
  19. 6

    Off the ledge

    After 3 days of being happy and hyper and productive I crashed hard yesterday. Sat in a parking lot googling suicide. I know I would never follow through unless the demons got more powerful and convinced me otherwise. A friend came and sat with me. I told her today that she pulled me off the...
  20. R

    I didn't know this was possible!

    After moving house recently I am broke. No money for food and my support worker visited me yesterday and there are churches in the area that give free hampers. I am having food, pots and pans, cleaning supplies and even toiletries delivered tomorrow. Pretty generous of them seeing as I am not...