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  1. letmein

    my big sad NYE

    already feeling bad and lonely... my daughter leaves soon.. so will spend the next 24hrs on my own, this is choice..... I have been invited out i just don't make good company right now. I have spent my last few quid of some bits to have tonight, I'll worry about the rest tomorrow. never...
  2. N

    Low Helicopter - 6.45am!!!! Annoying! Plus DIsturbing

    Hi Afternoon Folks, About 7 or 8, this morning, and I was just about to be focusing on what I was going to next, and to plan which kind of music track I was going to listen to and knit, annoyingly and distubing, very unsettling too, for the day, there was a very low helicopter, flying nearly...
  3. M

    PLEASE help - psych appt tomorrow morning

    Hi, I’m a young adult - previous mental illnesses and currently living at home. If I walk into my psychiatrist appt tomorrow and am completely truthful about not taking my meds (at all) and hardly eating + sleeping - what are they (CMHT) most likely to do? I absolutely cannot face my parents...
  4. vanish

    Being released from hospital - finally.

    Tomorrow it will be three weeks to the day since I was admitted to a private psych facility. Tomorrow I am going home! So chuffed, I've already started packing up my things. I've had a medication review and started on a new medication which thankfully has less side effects. My only sleeper is...
  5. T

    First Date tomorrow and I'm terrified....what do I do

    So I have gotten a date tomorrow... I literally have no experience with girls whatsoever, I'm 24 and she's 29, and her last relationship was 5 years I haven't told her that I'm totally innocent, nor that I suffer a lot from anxiety and agoraphobia (which I'm sort of getting over slowly) What...
  6. R

    Why I Don't

    I attempted to commit suicide by several means. I wanted to. I know I wanted to. Why am I still here? My reasons, are usually I have a job to do tomorrow, I don't want to let them down. Sorry to say it's not my Mom will be sad or my Dad will be devastated. No it's I have a job scheduled for...
  7. A


    Just saying hi to everyone. I'm having a hard time at the moment I've been bipolar and stable for almost a couple of decades now. But recently everything seemed to unravel. I started messing with this stuff called kratom to keep me hypomanic so that I could work without feeling majorly stressed...
  8. L

    QUICK ADVICE PLEASE! Need help!!

    So to put it simply, yesterday I agreed to having a sleepover at my friends tomorrow, whos house I have never visited nor have I met her family. My anxiety over this is paralysing me and ive had 3 meltdowns today over it. I have autism but I rarely have meltdowns. I've had really bad experiences...
  9. T

    Still not feeling better

    It has been 12 days since this depression began. I reduced my mood stabilizer but did not increase my fluoxetine as i was told to do. I think i might have to but i am not good at tolerating side-effects. I feel god awful though. The cold weather doesn't help and the part of the country i live...
  10. 1

    Care coordinator?

    Hi ive not posted here in a while and things have been ok. Not brilliant but ive been ok, I managed to get a new cpn about 7 months ago and its been good with him. But more recently its been a bit of a crap time for me. Ive had a few incidents again after a good solid 6-months of no a and e...
  11. I

    absolutely terrified

    Hi on terrified of going to work tomorrow cant cope:-(
  12. Lolliebug

    Super anxious most of the time

    I've been struggling with horrible anxiety for months now with no relief. I was diagnosed with it when I was 14 so its nothing new to me but in this flare up I just haven't been able to cope well. My psychiatrist keeps adding more meds and they don't work so now I'm on a ton of meds that are...
  13. Lolliebug

    New here and have been realy depressed

    Hello I'm new here :) I have been struggling with my depression a lot in the past two months or so. I've been to the psych hospital three times and they won't change my meds or help me even though I have been having suicidal thoughts on and off and have been self harming some too. I feel like...
  14. N

    Volunteering and Anxiety

    Hi Folks, Though I do enjoy my volunteering overall, I have had a touch tad of anxiety over the weekend, and today, following on from my request to try to switch day of volunteering, in the brand new organisation I am currently helping. They said, they would phone me in the place, when I am...
  15. A

    Assesment tomorrow.

    The day has finally come! Well, almost. Does anyone have any idea's about what form of therapy might be best for some type of stress induced psychosis or voice hearing? I'm also really hoping some kind of anti psychotic is thrown in the mix. When I spoke to mental health nurse a month or so...
  16. speckles

    I just can't go on

    I feel like every second is too long. I don't want to wake up tomorrow I don't want to be here every moment is unberable
  17. A

    I'm taking myself off tomorrow

    I can't cope any longer. I need to be where no-one who knows me finds me. I am feeling very frightened.
  18. blacksmoke

    Angry Doesnt Cut It

    i am so fking angry in fact i havent got to process stuff as i have just been told some disturbing shocking news. its going to break things. so fortunate to be seeing the counselor tomorrow. it could set me back big time. just what the fk :panic::scared::( i just cant find the words rage is...
  19. L


    I texted my manager this morning informing her of my absence. She like "ok thanks" asked her if she's in tomorrow, but no response. I think she's pissed off. I'm not well... Been sick all night & feel like i'm gonna puke any second. Why am i made out to be the bad guy? It's mentally...
  20. Fairy Lucretia

    coffee tomorrow

    my sister really wants to take me for a coffee tomorrow im scared i haven't been out other than to for a blood test and to walk maddie for 2 years also im worried it will affect my PIP i get standard rate for being able to make no journey im scared they will take that away from me if i go for...