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  1. Fairy Lucretia

    i have got nothing to say x

    it is just ,i am on my own until wednesday and i was on my own yesterday and today and feeling a bit lonely and out of it is all kind of sleeping my way through it x
  2. N

    Recovery of Szchiophrenia - This time of year

    Hi Folks, I'm very well. No problems to report. Mind you yesterday, through my problems of painful sinuses, I accidentally missed off, having breakfast. Ouch, anyway, I rectified that today. I have had lunch, afternoon tea, and dinner though. The only slight issue I have regarding this...
  3. P

    I Can't Sleep...

    I think it's my Cymbalta but I can't sleep. I worked yesterday, I stayed up late with my wife, and then we went to bed... like 6 hours ago. It is now 6:02am. I haven't slept, I'm seeing my in-laws today and we'll be there all day and I am SO TIRED. We leave in an hour and a half. I'm just...
  4. J

    Birthday .... mixed blessings.

    Today is my birthday . I have spent every birthday, Xmas and new year on my own fur over 20 years . Not because I had to because there were no people in my life. It was something have to do to cope . I have already had suicidal thoughts today and feel on the brink of crisis . Yet this...
  5. I

    Hello from Scotland

    Have had peculiar mental health issues most of my life, starting with nailbiting at 5, becoming OCD a few years later, a tight-fitting clothing fetish afterwards which persists today, the classic combination of depression and anxiety and finally, only within the past two months, something I’m...
  6. A

    New here...

    Hi im 23 and having a Rough time at the moment looking at other people's experiences and tips to cope with rushing thoughts and paranoia. Been diagnosed with adhd and generalised anxiety disorder but over the last fee days been in hospital a+e and got an appointment. With mental health team...
  7. qwerty1234

    feel nervous

    I don't know what it is with me today but I feel uneasy, anxious, nervous, sensitive, distracted
  8. W

    Lofepramine supply issues?

    Anyone else found you suddenly without warning, can't get Lofepramine due to supply issues? Ran out yesterday, collected weekly prescription, was told pharmacy had none and go back today. No mention of any issue getting it. Today told there's an issue and can't get it, NOWHERE has ANY. Have to...
  9. qwerty1234

    I am too needy

    I email friends several times a day and I didn't accomplish anything today because of it. The anxiety is intense without the hit of social interaction.
  10. letmein

    when your desperate...........

    @ 7 am this morning, I made a plan. I chose a method and a day to take control on my none life. my exit was set @ 9 am i broke down and creed like a baby @ 10 am I forced myself out for a coffee with my daughter @ 2 pm i'm starting to get low again today has been a roller coaster of...
  11. fazza

    New Diagnosis of Schizoaffective Disorder

    I normally post in the schizophrenia forum as that is what I was diagnosed with. However I went to see my doctor today and she now thinks because of my depressive episodes and sometimes of elated mood she has changed my diagnosis to schizoaffective. I am to start lithium next week after some...
  12. qwerty1234

    I space out a lot.

    I don't know what the problem is but it may be the depression, so i post here. I was also diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder. I used to have this when I was younger, too. I want to, am interested in studying, but my brain is not there. I have started meds and recently increased the...
  13. T

    My mum overdosed today

    Hi all, just feeling really low today, got back from work to find out my mum was in hospital from attempted suicide, by overdosing. This isnt the first time this has happened but she had been doing so well this year. Its hit me harder today than ever before I dont know why. Just feel sick, and...
  14. fazza

    Medication review today

    I have to apologise. I have been a bit of a brat. My tone to some of you may have been a little off during the past week. I had a meeting with my cpn today and she is having a review of my meds with the doctor later today. Feeling a little clearer now that i have got a few things off my chest...
  15. H

    Worried about new meds prescribed today

    I was prescribed new meds today and I am afraid to take them. The new medication is Venlafaxine 37.5mg and I'm to take 1 in the morning and 1 in the evening. I'm already on Mirtazapine 30 mg which I take at night and also quetiapine 25mg which is 1 x 4 times a day. I'm really scared to take...
  16. M

    Any who wants to chat ? (people over 25 old)

    Today is friday, i dont have anything to do, dont have anyone to talk. Any with the same ?
  17. A

    It's back after 15 years!!! And I can't stop

    So when I was younger say 14/ 15 I would SH a lot then as I got older it stopped. The past week I have been having a real downer. The CMHT have been great. Two days ago I started self harming again. It was an urge at first then I did it and now I can't stop doing it. I told CPN today . I found...
  18. K

    Thought I was staple.

    My doctor tweaked my medication 2 weeks ago. Today I feel like crap. I dont want to do anything, before I was on cloud nine. I started crying for no reason today. This sucks😔😞
  19. P

    Am I wrong for beating myself up today?

    Today, I had an encounter with a young street punk who has been harassing me for about a year. Now I have been handling him just fine by confronting him both verbally and physically up til today. Today, I didn't say a thing to him, and he told me keep walking, and I turned around and said why...
  20. Funnyday

    If Schizophrenia wasn't enough to contend with...

    I'm going Blind. I received the results of my Diabetic eye screening today. It says that I have background retinapathy.:low: