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  1. gingerbeer

    A site on reducing worrying that I found helpful

    I clicked through to this yesterday after following a link someone nicely provided me with on sleeping tips. This one has tips for coping with worrying: http://helpguide.org/mental/anxiety_self_help.htm It's really aimed at the less severe end of the spectrum, as it's obviously self-help...
  2. R

    Any tips for being bullied and having to deal with schizophrenia

    Does any one have any tips for dealing with bullies and schizophrenia at the same time. One reason the voices I hear are so bad is due to the evil people I have met over the years that have bullied me in a number of different ways they seem to aenjoy inflicting pain or watching people suffer...
  3. RedRoseBeauty

    Pro mia sites.

    I was actually googling for local help with my bulimia, google pointed out first a pro mia site. I read it & now I'm worried I've stupidly gained tips on how to make myself even worse. Some of the 'tips' on there I pretty much figured out for myself when I was younger. Pro mia and pro ana...
  4. saladin


    Just joined this forum after numerous reccomendations from friends (at least I think this is the right forum. Meh) Just saying hey. A bit about me: I'm 22, male, and suffer from what at the moment they're calling "cyclothemia". In actual fact I'm still undiagnosed. I do have a question...
  5. H

    Give some tips of skincare

    Hi i am henrymac please give me some tips of skincare....my skin is so dry and rought so plese ....waiting for reply...
  6. H

    Give some tips of weightloss

    Hi i am henrymac please give me some tips of weightloss.....my health body is so fat ....waiting for reply...
  7. A

    Motivation help

    I'm having difficulty motivationg myself to doing anything with my day. Unless i have therapy or a pdoc appt i don't leave my flat. Even getting washed and dressed has become a challenge :blush:. I'm making excuses about attending voluntary work and meeting friends and am lying to family about...
  8. D


    Hi everyone, i've been having problems with mental health now since 2001 and i've got to the stage where i've improved as much as i can alone. I've not had a freind for atleast 3 years and that was my co-ordinator. I realise freindships play a key roll in mental health but making them is tough...
  9. pinkprincess

    Depression and PMT! Sorry Boys!

    Hi After keeping a journal I have found that my depression seems a 100 times worse before my period! Does anyone else find this too? Any hints or tips except chocolate of course :rofl: xx
  10. Q

    What makes you anxious??.....

    What makes YOU anxious?...do you have any tips for dealing with it? :scared: qf.
  11. C

    Shortly approaching CBT session, advice?

    On wednesday I have an appointment with a CBT trainee on the NHS, which wasn't quite as good as I hoped for but want to go in with a calm attitude and try to be as open minded as possible without feeling walked on or having my contributions dismissed. I want to get as much out of it as I can...
  12. J


    i cant stop crying i just want to die anyone got any good tips on stopping me feeling like this?
  13. A

    Benzo Withdrawal – Coping Tips

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  14. C

    Tips for staying calm whilst in social situations?

    My friend would like to see me, I haven't seen him in a while so would like to see him too. He's recently moved to London and only comes up here every month or so. The problem is that usually I pace before someone is due to arrive or and try and battle my thoughts so i'm calm where they get...
  15. anxietycat

    Insomnia cures?

    Hi everyone. I'm already on antidepressants and sleeping tablets but my insomnia has gone insane. Any tips or prescriptions that worked for you?
  16. 7

    Early morning anxiety

    Hi, I'm new to this site, I'm a 34 year old male and sometimes get crippling anxiety in the mornings, anyone else in this boat or have any tips on how to beat it? Thank you
  17. T

    Manic episode- any tips on irratic behaviour?

    I have bipolar and am heading for a manic episode. I'm doing impulsive strange things. Does anyone have any tips on how to get through these highs. I'm using loads of Valium but am still manic. I hate this...
  18. Fedup

    Sleeping Patterns.

    How is yours ? Mine is pants and has been really for the last couple of years . I yearn to have a good nights unbroken sleep that it's getting to me now :cry: I've never asked for a sleeping pill as i'm my OH carer and i'd worry i never heard him in the night if he needed me. Any tips anyone ??
  19. L

    Hello, Looking for any tips to help me.

    HI I've just found this site and thought I'd introduce myself. I live in Lincolnshire and have various diagnosis - OCD, PTSD,depression. Unfortunately help here isn't up to much so thought I'd join in here and see what tips I could maybe pick up. I live alone and don't work at the moment. I...