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  1. F

    Tips for controlling rage?

    I'm currently working through this with my psychiatrist, but feel it would be helpful to hear other people's experiences and tips for controlling rage. I have a very short fuse and once someone betrays me, I despise them and am far from friendly. I'm currently experiencing this with my boss...
  2. J

    best tips for cyclothmia/ bipolar

    new to this and never done this before so you will have to bear with me i was diagnosed with cyclothymia about 3 years ago ? but things have got a lot worse with my mood changes, depression is a lot worse i dont have really bad highs but i do get days were i feel very good, want to buy things...
  3. T


    hi Does anyone know any tips on how to build up your self-esteem, i have none, find it very hard to talk to people especially when i'm in a group, i get so nervious, i have to work so hard to try keep my voice from quivering, i always feel like i don't matter and no one would want to hear what...
  4. W

    Tips For Improving Confidence?

    Hi Everyone, I've suffered with severe anxiety for as long as I can remember. This stems from my self-loathing, and has meant that I'm currently unable to go out in public. However, recently I've been showing signs of improvement. For example, today I went outside of my house for the first time...
  5. cate53


    ok so it's creeping up fast :eek: anyone got any tips for getting through it all? (any hints gratefully received!) :panic:
  6. C


    Is it straight forward to renew a passport when the old one ran out a long time ago? I've looked online at the form and it seems too complicated to deal with, it's frightening me and I don't know why, any tips would be very welcome Thanks clouds x
  7. A

    tips to make my nan's final days happy ones?

    she has severe dimentia.... she can't recall any of us when we go to see her, even where she is most of the time anyone got any tips of stuff we should be doing to help her? she's 91 now, and we really want to make her final days enjoyable ones
  8. D

    Tips for self compassion

    1 if you do something embarrassing don't take it to the extreme of you wanker you absolute ****. 2watch the self critical thoughts have something in your immediate environment to remind you to be kind to yourself. £Do something you enjoy just for you every day. any more?
  9. RainbowHeartz


    I'm learning to be more compassionate to myself and others 1) what does compassion mean to you? 2) tips and advise on compassion? 3) examples of you showing compassion
  10. F

    Any tips on avoiding negative infuences??

    Hi all, Just wondering if anyone can give me tips on not getting affected by negativity-I'm talking not just verbally but in terms of vibes etc too? I'm back in the old routine of the school run which (most of the time) doesn't take up much of my day but has a nasty habit of getting to me...
  11. C

    Down to Earth tips please

    for staying off alcohol.
  12. B

    Anger management

    Does any one have any tips on how to control explosive anger ?

    How to Get Up Early - 5 Tips On How To Wake Up Early - Robin Sharma

  14. S

    Sick of my anxiety

    Hi Im new in this forum. I found it when i was doing one of my regular google symptom checks that i do when i think there is something severely wrong with me and i'm clearly dying. I'm so sick of my hypochondria, ive had it for as long as i can remember, as a child i can remember the same...
  15. B


    Anyone taking this medication. Any tips on how to stop horrible vertigo/ horrible feelings in morning?
  16. G

    Messed around by a member of the opposite sex...

    ... and BPD are a bloody bad combination. Any tips on how to deal with it when you're at an all-time low as it is?
  17. S

    how to tell friends and any tips or advice on managing this please.

    Hiya, i'm currently trying to deal with really bad anxiety and it's a bit of a struggle :( i've began therapy recently and its helped a little but its really tough going, sorry to complain :( its been hell living with it and it has effected me really badly physically however i'm starting to feel...
  18. upahill

    Hi everyone!

    Hi everyone, new here and thought I should say Hi. I have suffered from depression for a little over 10 years but only this year decided to start getting it treated. Over the last 6 months I have trialled various medications with my doc and I am now on 300mg of venlafaxine p/day awaiting a...
  19. bert tomato

    Tips to help overcome sleepiness?

    I find it very difficult to wake up in the morning. What are tips and tricks for this?
  20. B

    I have the urge

    I don't know why todays been a little in my own wee bubble (not a good bubble) and I just have the urge. Anyone got any good tips for not doing something?