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  1. A

    Any tips

    Hi guys any tips on how to deal with bad intrusive thoughts they’re taking over my mind and making me feel like I’m turning evil. I feel like I can’t look at people Anymore
  2. L

    Need help!

    Need tips on how to deal and combat anxiety. Please help any suggestions
  3. F

    Acid Reflux? Info needed please.

    I have IBS and it is under control. Recently I have been getting acid reflux, and it is giving me a lot of pain. I am going to try Gaviscon when it net strikes. If anyone has any advice, tips etc please say. Also I don't drink any herbal tea, which ones may help?
  4. S

    Anxiety and a Break Up

    So in a nutshell ... anxiety = sucks, break ups = suck! So what does a human who is suffering with severe anxiety do when their 5 year relationship suddenly ends (with pretty much no warning!). Well, as someone who is currently experiencing this I just wanted to share with you my journey so far...
  5. Z

    I need help please (anyone who has tips on how to deal w psychotic ep)

    I’m really anxious that’s why I just joined. I’ve been recently diagnosed with BPD but I’ve had quite a few psychotic episodes and I have OCD as well and somehow they’re connected I don’t know how to explain. I see a psychiatrist and therapist but right now I don’t have any support I can’t talk...
  6. M

    supplement advice & help

    Hi I am 38yr old male and suffering terrible with depression, been like this for around 5 years, it all stems from constant bad heads and migraines and old sports injurys, where i am contantly in pain from them, this is whats making me depressed. I have come off meds because they were not...
  7. sunset547544


    I find myself in a constant battle with my weight. I am not overweight according to my BMI but any weight I gain all tends to be in my stomach and neck areas which I hate. I love being able to fit into my trousers (btw much easier than using scales) and not struggling to exercise, etc etc but...
  8. nickybow86

    Tapering off Prozac

    I'm trying to have my 3rd and final baby and am on 40mh of Prozac.. I have dropped to 20mg last week. Any tips ?? My doc told me I can just stop taking them because they are self tapering ??
  9. P

    Appetite control and weight loss tip.

    These things work for me and it may work for you too. Appetite tips Chew gum (chose a flavour you like- strawberry, fruity and other wacky flavours) when you have a huge urge to eat. A craving can last up to 20 minutes, so chew to pass the time. Drink hot beverages (but not too hot that will...
  10. T

    Hearing voices network

    Fantastic group once a month meet up discuss how we have all been can talk about voice hearing and give each other tips or encouragement non judgmental environment. Try it guys nice people.
  11. Funnyday


    Anyone on here have some bitcoins? I'm thinking of buying £300 worth as a long term thing. Any tips or advice that you can share with us?
  12. P

    How do you not lose control when losing weight?

    Everytime i reach a goal weight, i want to get lower and lower. How do i stay in control and aim for a healthy weight? Tips?
  13. N

    Useful Help and Tips for Anxiety Conditons - Management For Anxiety Conditions

    Useful Help and Tips for Anxiety Conditons - Management For Anxiety Conditions Hi Folks, I thoiught it would be a good idea, to create a thread for managing anxiety conditions and potential problems, although I'll stress now, that anything of serious anxiety note, please seek medical...
  14. D

    Restlessness - help!

    Hi everyone! I am having a lot of problems with feeling RESTLESS recently and also this time of year is my worst - I feel agitated, restless, worried, anxious, scared etc..... Anyone have any tips on how to deal with this restlessness? It's driving me crazy! Thanks x
  15. B

    isolation/depersonalization/feel alone

    Hi , do any of you guys deal with wanting to be alone but not wanting to be alone . Depersonalization and wanting ppl around but getting more anxious or depressed because you cant feel the love you know you have for them . And like you're in your own head and can't get out of it .. any tips or...
  16. L

    Any tips for a managers meeting?

    I'd appreciate your advice. Have a lovely weekend. xxx
  17. M

    Depression and Learning

    Hi All! Anyone got any tips on what to do to "switch" my brain on when it comes to learning? I am currently studying at university and find it extremely hard, in fact, nigh on impossible to learn anything. Every time I try and engage my brain to learn I either feel really fatigued (after as...
  18. K

    Survival Tips

    I was wondering about any survival tips people have for schz. Positive Symp: Negative Symp: Morning: Afternoon: Evening: Night: Short Term goals: Long Term goals: Eating: Washing: Socialising: Working: Entertainment: Learning: Dealing with Stigma:
  19. Gustavo Woltmann

    New to this forum

    Hello everybody ! I am new to this forum and am here to learn about different mental illnesses in order to take useful precautions and tips to use in everyday life. Thank you.
  20. C

    Desperate hallucination tips

    So I'm schitzophrenic and have bad auditory and visual hallucinations. I take medicine and see a therapist but no techniques seem to stop the hallucinations. I also feel like I thought broadcast (everyone can hear what I'm thinking uncontrollably) I struggle with the delusion that I'm telepathic...