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  1. B

    Dissolved morals dissolved me?

    Hey there, First of all, thank you for hearing me out. I began to work a few months ago and i stressed myself out a number of times. I didnt (want to) realize that im surrounded by people with low morals: cheaters and liars. At first i tried to "get into the group" but later when i realized...
  2. A

    Why does it feel my physical symptoms of a panic wont subside?

    Why does it seem my flight or fight response is taking longer and longer to subside. Ive been having panic attacks and depression for years, I know all about the biology behind it with hormones and nervous systems. I seem to be having spells more frequently and longer lasting with very bizarre...
  3. Z

    Does anyone suffer from tinnitus I'm at breaking point but scared

    Scared to goto the Crisis Team (in the UK) incase I get committed into care and I couldn't handle that as people say the hospitals are not very nice places just people going dare I say crazy and zombified anyone else a tinnitus sufferer ? how do you cope mine is severe I've rang Samaritans...
  4. M

    Voices and Horrible Tinnitus

    Hello Everyone, Do any of you have tinnitus with your voices? In my case, the tinnitus can be more debilitating than the voices. Regards, Moe Hope
  5. Mr.NiceGuy

    forgiveness to window voices

    Audio hallucinations for me still come from interaction with real people especially over the internet. I can't tell where they are from but the ghosts as I call them respond back and forth with me with tinnitus that I ve recorded and can hear them on the recording. I know they are ghosts and not...
  6. Mr.NiceGuy

    technique to try against malicious voices

    Voices are involuntary. Interpreting them is not. When I was in the height of hearing voices, scrambling what they were saying did nothing. By having access to my thought they are able to stir powerful emotions in me. I have observed that these emotions create changes in the tinnitus in my ears...
  7. Mr.NiceGuy

    recording the inner ear to control voices

    One technique I developed while working on the science at https://www.mentalhealthforum.net/forum/thread142952.html while I was attempting voluntary tinnitus the voices would get really angry and yell at me to stop. By recording the inner ear while I made the whistling noise I was able to...
  8. T

    I'm a new member

    Hi all, I just want to introduce myself. I am 42 years of age nd have been suffering from gad since the age of 20. I am on medication since 2000. I was on seroxat 20mg for years nd seemed to manage ok. Then after I had my only daughter in 2007 I started having flare ups so I was put on Prozac...
  9. C

    Hope: a method to overcome tinnitus and/or voices

    Calypso and Eigau, :-) Please know that I appreciate you being helpful, sincere, and knowledgeable. Because I want to make you happy and answer your questions, now that the thread has been deleted, as trusted moderators and posters, could you help me by letting me know the...
  10. N

    Can you have hallucinations in ocd?

    I'm in a 3 months battle with possible ocd and a fear of commiting homicide. Last night in bed I swear I could hear helicopters. But I don't think there were any. I have tinnitus and if I try hard enough I can hear them now. I don't know if it was tinnitus. It was like a loud vibrating noise. I...
  11. S

    tinnitus depresses me so so much

    i have raging tinnitus that is so loud,so annoying and for so long, i cannot remember what the sound of silence is.to me its like listening to a fridge freezer drone on full whack, along with 3 high pitched whines that are just unbearable.going to bed at night when everything is quiet is akin to...
  12. S

    Hello everyone!

    Hello.I have just joined this forum community.i was diagnosed with Paranoid schizophrenia and delusional disorder many years ago but always disputed the consultants diagnosis.within the last 20 years i have been sectioned at least 5 times.I fought hard to get a second opinion,as this was...
  13. F

    having bad time

    Need a bit help at the moment. Anxiety really bad and no one to tell. Trying to keep it from husband who's been prescribed antidepressants himself. Feel mentally and physically exhausted. Why is it always bad news can people not see the effect it has on me. Can't keep still, headache,ears...
  14. C

    Did I go completely crazy?

    Hi all. I want to talk to you, and explain about myself, and ask what you think of my story. I just wonder if you think it's telepathy at work, or if it's a delusion. First of all, I want to say how struck I was by the similarities in my own story and so many others that I've read in threads...
  15. P

    Meditation...can you?

    There is so much talk of mindfulness and spirituality etc that I wondered what different peoples experience is of meditation. Helpful? Tricky? I don't know that much about it, i wish I could meditate for lots of reasons but don't seem to be able to. Usually I can't because often my thoughts...
  16. Lion Heart

    anyone here got tinnitus trouble ?

    hi,i shuffer with tinnitus and i was just wondering if anyone has got any tips for me to help me cope with it please ? i have had it for 4 years now & its really bugging me.its worse at night when i am trying to get to sleep. thanks in advance