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  1. S

    Bipolar and Relationships

    Good Day everyone. I was diagnosed 13 years ago today with Bipolar I and II or as the doctor called Mixed. I was 20 and now 33. My symptoms were extreme. I was hospitalized for a year due to the extreme symptoms I had. For the first little while, the meds had very little effect on me. The dosage...
  2. S

    Severe anxiety that's making me ill

    I'm very new to this. Typing this out makes me anxious as I'm sure people will laugh. I'm 42 and have been single for 6 years. In November someone from work said he fancied me and asked me out. We have been out about half a dozen times. I text him yesterday and got "hey you x" back but nothing...
  3. H

    I feel like a failure at everything.

    My name is H. I'm a 40 year old mother and I can say I think being a mom is the one thing, the only thing I have ever done right. I love my kids and think I'm doing a pretty good job of raising them. I live with a great husband, who loves us more than anything. I feel like I'm caught up in...
  4. R

    It's not me

    I am new here and not sure where to begin. I have never spoken with a professional. I was raised and currently still live in a culture where you just...get over it. I can provide details as needed, but I have a history of childhood abuse (physical, verbal, mental). Somethings I remember vividly...
  5. T

    Acceptance of depression

    I guess I am looking for support for the times when I just have to accept I can't be capable of having energy to get out of bed
  6. S

    Undiagnosed but pretty sure and trapped

    Well I don't really know how to start this or what I aim to get out of registering and posting here but I do know I have to try to do something - anything -different before I lose it. So this might get long winded but I appreciate anybody who reads and replies. This predictably may get a bit...
  7. C

    i can't forgive my dad

    my father passed away 2 years ago, and needless to say with his bipolar, tendencies all thru my life, i dealt with a lot. constant moving almost every year to a different state, affairs, non participation in my life or my childrens, just so much more that make me angry. I inherited his...

    Poverty in the Afterlife by Edward C Randall

    I do wonder how one must behave to be spiritually wealthy. It can be so confusing these days where there is a universal poverty. A simple life, being kind, being thoughtful and not being nasty or a bully is probably good enough. Anyway here is the article: White Crow Books | Features
  9. O

    Relationship help

    I really struggle in relationships. I get jealous and paranoid. I am with someone now and keep convincing myself of things. They must be cheating, they must hate me, how can they understand what I think/feel no matter how many times I explain? When I feel clear I know there is no basis for...
  10. L

    Spirits keep on having sex with me

    Spirits keep having sex with me. They said they can control my arms and legs. I've orgasmed multiple times so I must enjoy it sometimes but other times it pisses me off because I'm not in the mood or they are just totally inconveinent! Does anyone else experiance something similar?
  11. B

    Hello, glad to have found this forum

    Hi, I'm Eliza, 36 y/o female living in the US. I've had a history of depression since childhood- it comes in episodes and this current one has me feeling completely numb. I usually use coping skills to help me through depressive episodes (music is #1, learning/reading, foreign films, long...
  12. W

    Friend just been diagnosed with BPD - some advice

    Hey all, a close friend and mutual support person has been going through some tough times recently and has just been diagnosed with BPD this week. She's been a rock for me when I've had bad times and I have been there for her, recently had to go wait outside her work and get her and she's had...
  13. S

    Telepathic/Empathetic Paresthesia

    Nearly a decade ago my wife suffered a miscarriage and was prescribed a now black-boxed antibiotic. She developed peripheral nephropathy, but recovered steadily and gradually. Lastly she had only small light stinging-type sensations called paresthesia. The weird thing, is that I have them too...
  14. X

    Everything is getting worse.

    I'm having alot of suicidal thoughts, and don't want to be here anymore. I don't feel emotions or love towards people like my mom. I was in hospital a month ago from an attempt of taking my life (overdose). I've tried therapy more than once and found it didn't help. I have visions of my own...
  15. K

    Schizotypal or not?

    Hi everyone! It's 3am here, and my mind is full of thoughts, and it usually is. So now im gonna try and share here, and see if any of your answers can settle my thoughts for tonight. 2 months ago a Chief Physician at the psychiatry i go to, said that she strongly believe i suffer from...
  16. vanish

    Never felt more like a drink

    I am currently studying a Dip. of Community Services and the subjects we are studying at the moment surround mental health topics. It felt great to talk openly about my experiences with sza and psychosis in general. Then today we started to talk about mental health's biggie... suicide and self...
  17. P

    I'm pretty sure I'm losing it. looking for analysis/advice/tips, anything

    I'm pretty sure I'm losing it. looking for analysis/advice/tips, anything So I've not been diagnosed with anything - I've literally never sought any psychiatric help. ever. I was (I know it sounds braggy, I'm really not I swear) a really bright, curious and experimental kid. too curious though...
  18. M

    Any here who took ayahuasca ? (I did)

    I just created a text, and got deleted, just wanted to see if any there is another here who also made ayahausca, i did it 6 years ago, and its been long time, but the other day i was remembering the feeling that when you are up on that, i dont like much the idea to do it again - i did it 3...
  19. S

    Finding right treatment and a good doctor

    Struggled with mood all my life real extremes From long periods of utter hopelessness to periods of positivity , finding it increasingly more difficult to feel any fun or enjoyment out of life ,just not getting anything out things i used to enjoy , im just going through the motions so to...
  20. K

    Hello everyone

    Hi just a little intro from me. I am 50 years young and have suffered from depression and generalised anxiety since I was 16. I was only diagnosed when I was 34 as I kept it to myself and self medicated with alcohol until I realised I needed help. So here I am, still suffering a few episodes...