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  1. L

    My Introduction

    Hello. I’m LockedIn. So named because I haven’t left my house since May 2014. I’m currently 23 but my mental health issues started when I was sixteen. I felt very distant from everyone, fell into depression and when I was eighteen I was diagnosed with SchizoAffective Disorder which I didn’t...
  2. letmein

    Stay safe

    please folks stay safe, 60 hours will see it over and gone.. for those looking forward to it, enjoy :) for those who arn't we can get through this together.. words and support. I will be around as much as I can till thursday. PLEASE STAY SAFE....... IF YOU ARE STRUGGLING INBOX ME!
  3. S

    Does pretending to be happy work?

    So I was wondering whether pretending to be happy or watching lots of comedy movies and just generally tryin to be happy work? Playing games or watching funny YouTube vids? Like pretending to be happy till you forget you're pretending ? Bojack ref I know, but has it or can it work?
  4. B

    Update on my depression

    Since I have increased my efixor from 225 till 300 there has been a vast improvement in my mood from depression.When I originally cut down from 225 till 150 I had a real bad relapse.Went back up till 225 for two months and it actually got worse.When the doctor put me up till 300 it took about...
  5. B

    Thoughts going crazy

    Thoughts come into my head on the workings of the mind.How does thoughts come into your head.You cant think.Then a whole fear comes across the whole entire body.Panic sets in.Mind goes blank and then goes to normal and then the same thoughts repeat themselves over and over.How do you think.This...
  6. H

    Help, what can I do to stop these self harm urges when I’m on my own?

    I need help. I’m seeing a counsellor and trying things to help my PTSD/Anxiety and Depression. Things hit a climax this week and I’ve self harmed 5 times tonight. I need help. What can I do to stop these urges when I’m on my own? I can’t rationalise or see timings till my next counselling...
  7. Zardos

    Free Fall

    I'm coming down after a short high.. The high was great.. Just like old times.. Thought of all kinds of crazy shit.. Had a nightmare.. Which is really rare for me.. But what pictures !.. really vivid shit. Went to my parents for dinner today.. Part act of charity.. My mom is obsessed with me...
  8. Zardos

    Narcolepsy ?

    I woke up in bed at 9:15pm.. Without any memory of how I got there... Well at least this time I made it to bed... When I got to the living room everything was left on again.. Well so much for Thursday.. Now I've got a dilemma... Do I stay up till 9:30am when the bank opens.. Or do I try to go...
  9. S

    Been awarded PIP

    I called the DWP this morning as I hadn't heard anything from them since I had my assessment almost 6 weeks ago, I was told that I have been awarded Enhanced on both. I am so relieved as all I have done is worry for the past 3 months, been awarded it till 2020.
  10. P

    Rational vs. Irrational Fears.

    Sometimes I have a hard time differentiating between rational and irrational fears, especially when I'm already anxious. I locked myself out of my dorm (the second time this month) and had to wait till somebody came and opened the entrance door. There live many people, it was afternoon on a...
  11. S

    i wanna kill myself

    i really just wanna attempt suicide, it's 1 am rn dk what the actual fuck to do
  12. Dark Angel710


    Hiya Guys, Can anyone tell me if they went thru withdrawals AND depression at the same time?? And if so how the hell did u get thru it? I'm dying rn, I'm prescribed meds but I don't see the Dr. until Monday. I don't think I can do this till Monday. :cry::cry:
  13. F

    I'm so happy

    Everyone! Hello :clap: I was sitting here just now thinking... :BLAH: And thinking... :BLAH: And... thinking :BLAH:... Uh??? :scratch: Wait a minute :doh2:! I said. Stop wasting time I said! And I started rolling all over the ground :rofl: I rolled and rolled :rofl::rofl::rofl:, till I...
  14. Zardos

    I Am Jack's Deepening Depression

    I've tried texting my ex and kids with no reply.. i haven't spoken to anyone in days and it slowly killing me... i just feel so empty and lost.. There's no way i can make them talk to me but..... i dow know. I don't know where this is going.. What are they going to do ? Just never speak to me...
  15. I

    omg got myself in such a mess

    Hi so I'm supposed to have plans tomorrow for a concert which starts at half seven work phoned me up asking me to.work I won't get there till half seven what do I do :-(
  16. J


    5 months on medicine and i feel slighty a little different. I am afraid it could take forever till im alright
  17. Frostbite

    Hii everybody

    Hello people, I'm new here, Im a girl and 22years old. I like reading, going to concerts and I love my pets (they are often a great help) I'm just starting therapy and counseling for depression, anxiety and self harm. In every day life i'm a joyfull person, till I close the front door ;) I...
  18. M

    Anxiety is making life hard

    I have numerous mental health problems anxiety is one and is getting hard i hate leaving my flat and talking to people and cant even go in a shop and pay the till person i always ask someone else to how do i over come it
  19. cpuusage

    Love me till my life is done

    Alzheimer's Poem Do not ask me to remember Do not try to make me understand. Let me rest and know you're with me. Kiss my cheek and hold my hand. I'm confused beyond your concept. I am sad and sick and lost. All I know is that I need you to be with me at all cost. Do not lose your patience...
  20. Army Wife

    Hello everyone!

    My name is Kristina aka Army Wife. :salut: I am here to learn more about mental health. I have BPD, Anxiety, depression and PTSD. All that is from childhood abuse at the age of 12 till like 15 or 16. :cry: If you have any question I will be happy to answer them. :) Blessings, Army Wife :thanks: