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  1. C

    Tight throat?

    Does anyone get the feeling of a tight throat? It keeps coming and going but today (also sunday) it just seems alot worse and i cant get rid of it. I havent had this for a while now but all of a sudden it seems to have come back and i cant get into the doctors until 28th jan. I dont really talk...
  2. F

    GERD Acid reflux and swallowing air with sore throat help needed fast

    Hi. I'm swallowing air with a sore throat from GERD. I keep burpi g up the air and it's bad. I've got gaviscon which helps but what can I do about the horrible swallowing air. Please help.
  3. R

    I'm scared this might be something serious. Lump in my throat?

    Something is wrong with my neck. I've been dealing with this issue for years. Ever since I was 17 or 18 and I'm 24 now. It feels like there's a lump on the right side of my throat, especially when I swallow. When I look at my neck and move my tongue around, I can sometimes see a lump. I've told...
  4. S

    How Long

    Im on medication, getting Anger management and counselling. How long are people usually on Medication for because I don't want this for the rest of my life. I really miss my ex girlfriend and I know i should not have hit her or grabbed her by the throat but I compare myself to my stepbrother too...
  5. D


    Fuck I hate these moments. Just random sadness and on the verge of crying. What caused it this time? Realizing I can't drink on my birthday(2 days away). Okay that sounds simple but more so I have a problem. Wound up in the hospital puking blood. They pumped me with fluids (hooked me up to a iv)...
  6. S

    feelings in my throat started to return

    couldn;t even sit down for a piece of toast without getting feelings in my throat whilst i was eating , so more recently these feelings in my throat have been returning again , its frustrating me and even that upsets me a little because they calmed down now have returned a bit , i feel so...
  7. B

    Problem with throat? Or anxiety

    Having suffered with anxiety from a very young age my key focus during any episode is always my throat.... I also suffer with acid reflux which my gp thinks could possibly be the problem with my throat.. I've had this feeling of mucus stuck in my throat for almost three weeks sometimes it feels...
  8. D

    Persistent, distressing throat clearing as OCD-trying CBT approach

    so sad NHS only offers medication. What about throat clearing OCD? I did today what I have been avoiding for months as a result of great videos by psychologist on youtube, but as i don't know the thoughts that are causing stress what do I say to challenge them? I did notice this morning i had...
  9. Boomerang

    New med FEEL ILL

    I cannot find anything on the internet that would make me worry so much but i am worried. I have been on Lamictal/Lamotrigine for over two years. I have started Lexapro and SSRI four days ago. Each night when i take them both i have had very warm skin which is what happened when i was titrating...
  10. N

    Could the symptons be, that, of a cold?

    Hi All, For the past few days, I haven't been very well, with a sore neck, brushed that off, and now a sore throat, I haven't had a cold, not for a good few years now, so I'm having a slight problem in deciphering whether if it is a cold, I'm going through. It is a sore throat at the moment...
  11. C


    Took some viagra earlier. Got stuck in my throat. Am ok but got stiff neck! !
  12. A

    can never catch a break

    I caught the flu from my son so threw up all Thursday night and Fri morning. Sat I woke up and my throat was so swollen it felt as if I was swallowing a gulf ball. Mon it didn't hurt that much but I couldn't breath. My chest was in pain and I ran out of breath quite quickly. Yesterday and today...
  13. J

    throat sensations

    hi, i was wondering what sensations people get in there throat that suffer anxiety? lately I have been getting a dull ache and sometimes like a lump feeling in my throat where I feel I need to burp all the time.
  14. U

    anyone have experience taking Nortriptyline 10mg,..

    im also 'still' on Prozac.. the Nortryipline is being used as a muscle relaxant because i have throat spasms (cramp) -grateful for any feed back .
  15. L

    HELP! trying to work out if having allergic reaction or anxiety

    A few weeks ago i had an allergic reaction to something unknown and my whole face swelled up - round the eyes and terrible itch/rash. The doctor asked if i was breathing ok - and i said, no, but that's as i am diagnosed anxiety so think I am just thinking I can't breathe, but he looked in my...
  16. Lincoln1990

    My birthday is tomorrow...

    And I'm going to be sick on it. I have a sore throat, stuffy nose and cough. Darn my mother.
  17. C

    Am I allowed to actually SWEAR on here?

    Or will I get pulled into Naughty Girls corner AGAIN (sigh - big sigh) No, I likely cannae - so - SHOCKER, will you sort yourself out please? You have people fretting, stressing and distressing on here - and it's not fair!! And I strongly suggest you have been moving away from the tablets (I...
  18. 0

    New Symptom (Nerves?)

    I get this strange light painful feeling in the center of my upper left chest. It is a line going upwards, it feels like electricity and almost metallic. I sometimes get this feeling under my chin and throat and when im exercising between my fingers on my left hand.
  19. I

    Back Of My Throat Is So Raw...

    Sometimes it's so strong it's an obsession and sometimes it's the smallest little unimportant lump at the back of your thoughts.. Well lately it's an obsession, three weeks now n ill eat one meal maybe 3 days out of the 7 but when I do I can't handle the thought of food inside of me and...
  20. loulabelle

    lump in throat

    I have this feeling of a lump in my throat probably for the last week. It kinda feels foamy its weird... Somebody suggested it may be due to anxiety does anymoe else experience this and do you have any tips on getting rid off it