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  1. S

    Confused newbie

    Very new to all this and don't have clue whats going on 😟 Hubby had some form of breakdown September spent week in crisis house, medication was working and then I lost my dad. Hubbie has relapsed and I can't support him, I'm a mess not accepted dads dead, angry at him for not stepping up or...
  2. Per Ardua Ad Astra

    Threatened by Sly Neighbour

    Thread deleted cos the sly criminal fuck is not worth it lol ;)
  3. T

    New & seeking help for friend

    My friend seems to be suffering from extreme paranoia but we live in Bulgaria and they don't seem to have the resources here to help him . What can I do to help as I am finding his constant accusations very hard and feel quite threatened and unsafe at times in my home as he really believes I'm...
  4. S

    Feeling threatened by noises being made by my brother and dad

    I feel threatened sometimes by this. An example would be closing cabinets or drawers in the kitchen. Or it could be getting a plate out, pushing in a chair, closing bedroom doors, etc. But I only feel this way if my brother or dad make those noises. If my mom does, I don't feel threatened...
  5. naominash

    Husband threatened suicide. Now he won't stop calling.

    My husband currently lives far away from me. Yesterday, he threatened suicide over the phone when I wanted to break things off. Now, after telling him I want to cease communication, he won't stop trying to contact me. I don't know if this will end well. I needed to talk about it, though. I...
  6. Y

    My brother won't admit he's depressed and won't get help...

    My brother is depressed and has been for 5 years or more. It's recently developed into OCD type rituals, and obsessions with washing his hands and removing dust from his clothes and bedroom. He will spend an hour in the shower, half an hour hoovering his room, half an hour to go to the toilet (I...
  7. N

    Can they Recall CTO - section me - injection me then release me same day?

    Can they Recall CTO - section me - injection me then release me same day? I've been threatened that if I don't comply with my forced injection they will recall me back to hospital, inject me and they release me the same day. Can they do this?
  8. E

    Coercion and sectioning threats on the NHS

    I was diagnosed with a generalised anxiety disorder and OCD in 2014. While I was undergoing treatment, I was threatened with sectioning when I refused certain meds. I ended up going into psychotherapy for 18 months and thankfully I evaded sectioning and now I'm able to cope day to day...
  9. amathus

    Are Narcissists Born Not Made? Article.

    There’s a saying that some artists or masterful musicians and craftsmen are “born, not made.” In some ways, our DNA imprints much of our future personalities and talents into our human form, but some paths that are followed are created by us, not born into us. Narcissism is one of those traits...
  10. T

    Hearing Voices

    At the moment I am an admin in three depression groups on facebook one of which is my own, and I talk to one lady, who hears voices a lot and there are 4 voices which are nice voices and lots of voices that are nasty too and they tell her she is a bad person, and that she has to do bad things...
  11. A

    Im so afraid he's going to leave me:(

    Hello group...I have BPD( borderline personality disorder....still trying to understand this disease...Most symptoms I suffer are fears of abandonment and my boyfriend, I've been with for over a year now can't hardly take it anymore..But yet,he continues to stay with me cause he thinks I'll...
  12. D

    A man in my dream killed three children and then threatened to kill me. Should I call the police?

    A man in my dream killed three children and then threatened to kill me. Should I call the police? Injuries obtained in dreams translate to 'real' life also (people who dream about freezing can get hypothermia and pneumonia, while people who dream about being burned, get burn wounds appear on...
  13. Crystalized


    Hi everyone, I am new to this forum and has been lurking around since yesterday. I am not officially diagnosed with BPD but I have been told by psychiatrists that I had the traits. Not surprising to me, really... Well, I have severe jealousy issue with my bf's ex-gf. Coincidentally she has...
  14. C


    North Wiltshire Doorway Office Station Hill House Station Hill Chippenham SN15 1EQ Doorway drop-in sessions Salvation Army Hall Foghamshire Chippenham SN15 1HB 01249 445385 [email protected] Open access drop-in sessions each week Monday 9.30am – 12.30pm, Thursday 12.30 – 3.30pm...
  15. J

    Can a person freeze themselves to death by thought?

    Has a person ever froze them self to death by imagining about the cold in a warm environment? Look up the story of Nick Sitzman I am worried this person in this specific dream I keep having will harm me, because in it he draws my blood. He threatened he would kill me next time. I do not see...
  16. S

    Finding it hard right now..

    I've always had issues with the jealous part of bpd, recently my boyfriend went to Vegas and it's triggered what I can only describe as an episode. He's back now but I'm having panic attacks, crying for no reason, utter rage, escapism, imagining all these things he's done, paranoia. I don't...
  17. M

    Article- On Mean Girls (undercover bullies)

    Taken from On Mean Girls (undercover bullies) - Libero Network “Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one’s definition of your life; define yourself.” -Harvey Fierstein On Mean Girls (undercover bullies) I have wanted to write about this for...
  18. Wiseowl

    Sanctions Article

    Most people who have been listening to claimants and people who are employed by the Job Centre knew this anyway, but at last evidence is getting formally presented to the Commons work and pensions select committee. Jobcentre ‘hit squads’ set up benefit claimants to fail, says former official...
  19. C

    Oh dear!

    Why are these panic attacks annoying me? I'm not a caveman or being threatened by bears or lions. Why does a trip to the shops terrify me? Bloody hell it's getting boring!
  20. C

    Hassle again....

    Called a mongo and threatened with violence.... it's where his friends house is located that causes problems. I have to pass both of their houses. I don't know how many are in the house or if they're carrying knives or anything like that. I just replied by saying what is your problem, you're a...