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  1. Urban Hermit

    First post

    Hi, I've been trying not to self harm again and thought I'd come here to read some of the other threads for support and advice. My world recently fell apart and I just feel so empty.
  2. G

    Hello There

    Hi! I'm joining because it's nice to have support from other people like me! Reading threads in this forum has helped me not feel alone.
  3. wanderingstar97

    Extremely Nervous

    Hi everyone, I don’t really know what to say apart from that I am new here and that my mental health and I haven’t been getting along for a while now. Seem to have a bit of a love hate relationship. I’m looking forward to reading some threads and seeing pointers of advice that may help me and...
  4. L

    Woman sets up charity to improve child bereavement services after husband's suicide

    Woman sets up charity to improve child bereavement services after husband's suicide http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/mum-lost-baby-husband-within-8894471 Could post this in other threads but it seems most appropriate here.
  5. Similyn


    Hello all. I'm 46. Mother of two children. Married to a wonderful husband. I have GAD, Social Anxiety, and Depression. And I really don't like doing introduction threads. I never know what to say. ;)
  6. Cerioth

    Hello everyone

    I'm 24 year old, rather shy (or should we say cautious) male, and I just recently joined here. I have not used these types of sites before but I've spent some time reading the important things and I hope I will get along with you all. I'm very helpful and like to socialize with other people...
  7. Fairy Lucretia

    feel like i have to die before my birthday

    i feel so lost and alone i dont want to be here any more i miss mummy so much it hurts every second of every day but my CPN wont let me have greif counselling because she said im not stable enough i have my sister and have my aunt but my aunty is 87 and in really bad health im dreading her...
  8. NervyTwo

    Hello again everybody

    I missed this forum. I missed the funny things we used to talk about, the occasional heated debate and the silly threads I used to take part in. So, here I am, back on this lovely forum. How is everybody? :)
  9. M

    Dear Mind

    Sorry for just putting threads up. You know when you hate company but also are alone. I'm not feeling great. (Understatement of the year) All the time, all I can think of is to die. Not going to happen though cause Christmas. Just want that magic pill that just takes it all away for even an...
  10. Fairy Lucretia

    I apologise

    i have 6 active threads in the depression forum at the moment ,i don't mean to be such a nuisance but i have so much going on ,sorry im taking up so much space on the forum i promise to try and help others more when i have not got so much going on xx
  11. P

    2015 has sucked!

    Yeah. I lost my flat. You may recall older threads about it. Then I breached my bail terms. The procurator fiscal had me fully committed before a trial started up again so bail was not possible for ages. I was also called a sex offender. It is all crap and lies.
  12. C

    Hello everybody :)

    Hello there. I'm new here, and you can call me Kitty. I'm 20 years old and I've been suffering with 'something' since a young age but its only recently I'm starting to get the assessments I need in order to be officially diagnosed. At the moment, I feel like there's many things wrong with me...
  13. The Big Dawg

    Why does a thread get deleted?

    So I'm not trying to start anything but why do threads get deleted on certain people or it it just me it happens to, Like for example there could be threads about horror or threads about really disturbing things what ever they may be or treads of a sexual nature or threads on dating like for...
  14. RainbowHeartz

    TRIGGER WARNING all threads created by me are trigger warnings

    the rapist that cant be named is texting mum about house contents i cant take this much more mum is crying her eyes out she is suffering so much i keep getting angry and letting it out here but its come to my attention that all my posts need trigger warnings, threads and posts my memory is...
  15. B


    My name is James and I was diagnosed about 4 years ago with Bipolar type I, anxiety and I'm a drug addict. I look forward to reading all your threads, posting as well as gain some sound advise.:coffee:
  16. H

    concerned for a friend (self harm > ED?)

    Ok so Ive never been on one of these sites before. I see there are many rooms/ threads so unsure where to put this. I'm so worried one of my best friends, who has been self-harming for many years... and now I'm afraid she has developed some sort of eating disorder. Every time I see her now she...
  17. J

    First thread and announcmet

    There is no good reason for me to post this thread about my thoughts and feelings other than venting them out to some unfortunate readers for (whats the word???) I dunno... I'm probably doing this for attention because I'm secretly an egoist (just like everyone else) and I thought 'hey lets make...
  18. W

    Diagnosis time frame?

    Im basically new to the forum, so hey. So one question I say to myself when I read posts and threads, how long was it until you were diagnosed?
  19. chesterking

    What percentage do people think of how much I tell them is true?

    It would be interesting to know what percentage people think of what I say is true? This is for the thread Diary of chesterking, and the other threads as well. So that will be 0% true, 25% true, 50% true, 75% true or 100% true. http://www.mentalhealthforum.net/forum/thread105060.html
  20. M

    Hello ocd sufferer

    Hello I was diagnosed with OCD 6 months ago. My main condition is intrusive thoughts. I have completed 15 of 16 sessions of CBT with Exposure Therapy. It has not helped so I was put on Citalopram 20mg two weeks ago. So far my thoughts are as bad and my anxiety is far worse especially I the...