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  1. J

    Songs That Give You Hope ...

    Thought I would start this thread. What are some of your (favourite) songs that give you "hope" (etc.) Would be wonderful to create a thread on this. For me I love this one from Leona Lewis: YouTube Feel free to share. (They can be anything that you find empowering (etc.) Jonathan
  2. C

    Overweight Friend

    I didn't exactly want to make this thread, as I have no idea how people will take it, I'm in no way trying to shame my friend for being overweight, I'm making this thread out of concern This friend I hadn't talked to for over a year because she cut off pretty much everyone including me, I'm...
  3. S

    My last thread

    I am sorry with some of the things i said in my last thread. I thought I was getting better but im not :low:
  4. I

    Sorry everybody

    :sorry: Sorry everybody for that thread I posted about Should People With Mental Illness Be Allowed To Have Children. I didn't mean to hurt anyone but I did. I asked a moderator to delete the thread and it is deleted. I hope you will all accept my apology. :peace:
  5. O


    Hi, another new member here, thanks for having me. Will be posting more about me in a separate thread very soon....
  6. H

    Prayer Thread

    This was just an idea that came to mind as I was chatting with a fellow member and this member had asked me to pray for them. Which got me thinking, what if we had a thread where people can come and request prayer/well wishes from others, or can come and provide prayer/well wishes to those who...
  7. A

    Losing all confidence in ones self

    I posted this thread in another forum devoted to electricians and the electrical trade. They were as helpful as they could be but recommended I maybe come here for help instead. So here's the thread as I posted it: Maybe someone here can just help me talk through my problems. I posted the...
  8. Y

    Magnesium the actual cure for anxiety?

    I have been looking into magnesium deficiency and its relation to anxiety, depression, insomnia, stress and a host of other problems. Anyway, I found this interesting thread: Magnesium the actual cure for anxiety? (depression, diet, migraine, vitamins) - Mental Health -Mental well-being and...
  9. sunset547544


    Art can really takes my mind of things, so I thought it might be great to have a thread full of favourite art :) Here is my contribution ;
  10. suicidalbutsmiling


    can a MOD please delete my posts in the last thread, as I mentioned my book in there and the thread comes up when you search for the book and I really don't want my children, family or friends seeing what I have wrote on here
  11. C

    New to this forum: Depression, Anxiety, Memory Loss

    Good Evening, I have severe depression and anxiety. I'm losing my memory. I don't know if my memory loss is related to the meds I'm taking, the stress I'm feeling, or the beginning of dementia or Alzheimer's. Is there a particular thread that might be best for me to discuss this in more detail...
  12. dermild

    On Being Misunderstood

    I try to not let the little First World Problems get me angry. But there is one that just sets me off, and that is being misunderstood. When I am misunderstood, it works on many levels. I feel like the other person is trying to "read into" what I am saying, instead of listening. Sometimes I...
  13. G

    I feel like I don't belong in this world

    I'm sorry to post such a negative thread but I just can't help but think its true. I genuinely feel like a hated person by most. I get such dirty disgusted looks from strangers when I'm out. I have a very high functioning autism and I guess people can't see it for what it really is. I've been...
  14. soulsearcher

    any idea why is there no cure for bpd?

    hey peeps as per thread title, any idea why is there no cure for bpd?
  15. C

    no one replied..

    i got hurt by this. why anyone of you guys didn't reply to the thread of role play.. ;(;(;(;((;(:redface::cry:
  16. valleygirl

    The I Wish Thread...What do you wish for?

    I wish that someone other than my therapist would ask me how I am doing and actually mean it. What do you wish for?
  17. W

    Please read for A CURE TO SCHIZOPHRENIA

    Use a HERF gun as here to destroy any electronics ion your system, I'm nearly sure it'll work, as they're trying to drive me to suicicde, or to jail to prevent me buying one : Spread the word and post on this thread your results. EMP Electro Magnetic Pulse You could also try employing...
  18. Fairy Lucretia

    looking after maddie thread

    i hope nobody minds ,im going to start a thread about looking after maddie the next 2 weeks while she recovers from her operation i put it in the depression section as i may get upset but its a sort of journal i guess she is back from the vets and has 3 patches where the lumps have been removed...
  19. blacksmoke

    Blacksmoke its black thread

  20. mischief

    Help & Support with PIP Claims (Video No 1)

    (With thanks to member wiseowl for posting)