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  1. J

    Decided to Open Up About Myself

    Hey all! My name is Juuso, I am from Lapland, Finland. I have had various mental health problems since from very young age (OCD, anxiety, panic, insomnia), and I had very long time the taboo that only like really crazy people go to therapy why I avoided it, I also think there might be the...
  2. B


    New here nearly 60 years old have coped with a lot but it now seems to be getting on top of me have always thought you have to man up.
  3. T

    Hello everyone..my first time here

    I am a 50 yr old divorced woman suffering with depression for most of my adult life. I have taken antidepressants for many years and had counselling a few times. I have been off work for a few weeks now. I'm still waiting for therapy and thought I'd give this a try. If nothing else, it will be...
  4. RookieatBest

    For Real Thought Broadcasting Folks

    Go on YouTube and search up Targeted Individuals and Gangstalking.
  5. H

    ''keeping my humanity''

    Have you ever heard or read someone talking about the time he felt depressed and mesuring his success by ''keeping their humanity''. Let me elaborate. By keeping their humanity, they meant keeping their calm with people. Not showing frustration, not showing oversensitivity with life, family and...
  6. S

    When I have a cold my anxiety goes away

    Hi All - has anyone else experienced that when they have a common cold that their anxiety disappears? Its opposite what I thought would normally happen ... I thought that if the body was run down and tired that anxiety would go up. But in this case, when my body is run down, my anxiety goes away...
  7. P

    I'm losing my mind.

    So for the past 2 weeks I have done nothing but lay in bed and thought. And thought and thought. And yet more thinking. All of it philosophical in nature. About numerous topics ranging from utopia, morality, god, the soul, meaning of life, evolution, whether life is suffering, social darwinism...
  8. simonr1978

    Hi all!

    I'm Simon from Kent in the UK, had some issues in the last year or so which included an overdose and putting myself into hospital for a few days, so I thought I'd join and see what was happening here.
  9. E

    The truth about social anxiety

    “Waiting for your turn to deliver a presentation, you are sweating, your hands are shaking, your face turning pale, you start feeling stomachache as you usually do in stressful situations, looks like you are having panic attack. Your turn has finally come, your heart beats very fast, and as you...
  10. L

    Need help and guidance.

    Hi everyone, I have joined this forum as I have reached a breaking point with my mental health. I am a 21 old gay male, and am having issues with depression, body dysmorphia/eating and most recently gender identity issues. I have never been diagnosed by a professional so not sure what to say...
  11. M

    Thought i was fine, but i am not

    Hello i had a dark year after my mother died, i had a few months of feeling good i thought i was in the clear but i ended up self harming and now im back in a place i cant get out, i have not seen my friends in almost a year and i dont know what to do anymore, im too scared too seek help and im...
  12. albie

    Do You Agree With Your Voices Opinion Of You?

    If they say a bad thing is it not something you have thought about yourself before or maybe are likely to? Do you hate yourself? Do the voices therefore hate you? Are the voices wrong about you?
  13. K

    How to stop Thought broadcasting ?

    I've lived with this problem for 3 years now, and I really want to find a way to stop it completely.
  14. T

    I'm panicking.

    I don't know what to do, i feel like i'm dead even though i'm alive, couple of days ago i started worrying about never find a love or dating (I'm young) and thatbi might be cursed. I know it sounds stupid, and i know it is stupid, but that simple thought has ruined my life (in less than a...
  15. Kerome

    Helpful video

    I was watching this the other day and I remember thinking that if we base our identities on such loose groupings of context, then maybe the voices are not so much part of me as I thought. It throws into doubt the whole question of who or what I am, mentally. But that’s not a bad thing, in a way...
  16. tiltawhirl

    I usually just post in my own thread, but wanted more people to see

    I read a lot. I mean a crazy a lot. More than is healthy I am sure, as it is my "avoidance", I suppose. I also read a lot because I have a prison penpal who also loves to read and I take it as a great and solemn privilege to choose books to send her. Having also taken world lit 1 & 2, I am not...
  17. B

    Happy birthday to myself

    It was my birthday and I was so depressed that I didn't know what to do other than write. So here it is. She laid awake at night, listening to the breath of the house – it was a slow creak, a whistle of a wind trapped between the ceiling and the roof, a quiet whisper against the wintry night...
  18. 5

    Council house application help!

    I have had problems for over 20years now and about 10 years ago it started spiralling completely out of control with a lot of negative ways of coping multiplying rapidly. I looked around for a suitable location and found one that should restore my health and enable me to start working again. I...
  19. W

    And you thought it was the assessors lying in your PIP medical report

    SNP MP hits out at DWP 'health report tampering' | The National
  20. qwerty1234

    I get insecure really easily.

    I learned I have an anxious attachment style, which makes sense. I have been getting good email response from my boss and now I am having to wait for a reply and it makes me anxious. My thought is that I embellished my resume which I showed him and that he is upset about it. My thought is...