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  1. C

    Is going to therapy/becoming a psychologist even worth it or helpful?

    Hi :) So a bit of background info I have generalised anxiety disorder and specific phobia diagnoses and my GP thinks I may have some OCD and disrupted eating issues as well. Firstly I have seen 3 psychologists that are paid and I have seen a therapist at a free service run by the...
  2. T


    Hi there. I decided to join here after a bad day. Its been creeping up on me for awhile. Today I couldnt stop myself from crying most of the day and was really irritable.I would never actually do that i have children and i wouldnt leave them. I tried talking to my husband about it but he is...
  3. F

    So hurt

    I'm here for my husband 1st most and me and my family..we have been thru a lot past four years. Hardest part is the not knowing..I have no answers as to really what's wrong with my husband. One thing to do know is something is wrong.he just up and started acting real scary . he started acuseing...
  4. M

    I am a bully

    Hi I did something unforgiveable last night. For 10 years, my partner and I argue non-stop. I was 100% at fault. If he makes a mistake, I would blame him and shout at him so much like it is the end of the world. I put him down all the time as if he is completely useless. As he was growing...
  5. M

    Help me help my family member

    I don't want to go into a huge amount of detail, I will if it helps, but I think my bf might have some type of delusional disorder. I'm not really for sure. He had a problem with substance abuse and is now clean and sober over a year now. Ever since he's been paranoid, it has caused him to lose...
  6. B

    My ever living plea.

    What do I do? Every few days I want to die. I am in a cycle of suicide and false hope. I so much debt, drug and alcohol problems and what I think multiple diagnosed mental health issues. Nobody ever takes me seriously. I have been to hospital so many times and everyone thinks I am a joke. I will...
  7. H

    What happened?

    So...a while ago some 3 months. I broke up with my gf. I was broken, because i am unexpirienced in it.I couldnt let go. But I was still stalking my ex, all the time because we share all classes together. A day would pass and I would spend time analyzing why is she like that how she feels etc...
  8. U

    Getting help

    I’ve been struggling with my mental health for a couple years now and I’ve never really done anything about it because I’m a very private person and don’t like to let people see me upset/ emotional etc. I finally told a friend about how I’ve been feeling and she’s told me she thinks it’s a good...
  9. naominash

    Is it wrong to want to be thin for looks alone?

    Do I have the wrong mindset if I want to be slender because it would personally look better rather than just monitoring health? To be attractive and desirable is something that I think about often. Probably because I don't have very many friends. My husband thinks Im fine but I feel heavy...
  10. B

    Using alcohol and drugs to cope.

    Hello all Not sure if this is the right section or not, but posting anyway. It seems like I only cry for help when I am intoxicated, on drugs or alcohol. I only get seen by a medical professional when I am intoxicated because that is the only time I call out. Everyone thinks I have a...
  11. R

    15 yr old daughter first episode psychosis

    Hi, my daughter has developed psychosis following a year of depression, issues with sensory overload and anxiety. On the plus side, she has been started on medication within 24hrs of first recognising her symptoms, on the downside she thinks me and other family members are plotting to kill her...
  12. B


    Anyone LGBT? I am transgender and bisexual.I have severe dysphoria for my body because i want to have male genitalia and flat chest (I was born female,but I feel like a man).If anyone here is trans,how do you cope with dysphoria?And about LGB are you accepted at home? Were you a victim of...
  13. S

    My 17 year old daughter has been diagnosed with psychosis

    My daughter has been detained under the mental health act for her own safety since the 23rd of December 2017 in the UK Somehow she thinks she's responsible for a nuclear war. At first, she thought someone was trying to shoot her and the government was listening to everything she said. She...
  14. nickybow86

    Therapist thinks I have ptsd

    I have been seeing a therapist and physicist for couple of months for my depression and suicidal thoughts and intrusive thoughts. I had a very hostile childhood and witnessed a lot of domestic abuse. I saved my mother's life on a few occasions. I am now 31 and don't think much about my childhood...
  15. M

    Saw a new psychiatrist today

    I saw a new psychiatrist today who told me that more than depression he thinks that I have a mood disorder. He told me that me it wouldn't be a good idea to prescribe me antidepressants when he thinks is a mood disorder. He told me that in one visit he couldn't give a diagnosis but he thinks is...
  16. B

    be honest

    describe me. i feel i'm a hopeless romantic and a bit overly-careful. back in my old mental health community, most buds felt i was inexperienced, young, religious, always hitting on women, and etc. my brother thinks i'm gross. my mom thinks i don't care for my appearance and that i look poor...
  17. O

    Bipolar disorder

    My wife is always hearing voices and they talk bad about me and some times her they lie to her and she believes them over me and the kids and she's lost one kid all together and I am trying to make it were she don't lose us to .please help ..she hears allot of voices thru sound waves and other...
  18. J

    Guardian angel

    I think I've figured out the voice in my head I think it's my guardian angel but I don't want to tell anyone about it in case they think I'm crazy my boyfriend thinks I'm crazy enough as it is. Should I keep this a secret?
  19. S


    Not sure if I am starting menopause. My periods used to be very regular but the last 6 months they haven't. Last month I missed my period and then this month I have had 2 in 2 weeks. I called my doctor this morning and explained it to her and she thinks I could be Perimenopausal (if that's how...
  20. B

    Brain dump.. please talk to me

    Undiagnosed bipolar right now, being treated for mania. Taken my first aripiprazole this morning. If I'm not bipolar how would this affect me?? So many questions..... doctor thinks it's a "mood disorder" So perhaps but he can't diagnose and I'll go back to the psych who thinks I'm crazy...