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  1. D

    It makes me think

    I always smoke hash, but it's a pointless stone. So, I scored some weed today. I wanted it because I like the way it makes me think. It makes me realises things in ways I wouldn't normally realise. It makes me motivated to sort my life out, well to plan how I'm going to sort it out. Can...
  2. Solitude1

    Thinking Problems

    Hello everyone. Nowadays I've come to find out something really strange. I wanna know if it's a problem of mine, a problem of people with mental difficulties or even healthy people experience it. It may seem extremely ridiculous but please answer because it's very important for me. When studying...
  3. L


    Does anyone know how to handle constant thinking and paranoia?
  4. M

    Anyone here from/in Uruguay ?

    Hi, im from Argentina. Im thinking to go to Uruguay, Montevideo, to spend some days, Ill go alone, and i dont meet anyone, just thinking to spend some vacations alone sounds so bad, its like dont have vacations, anyone there ? Im 26 old.
  5. M

    Not having any other to talk

    Its incredible stressing, pass the time in silence, no one to talk, passing the time thinking someone would appear at some point, but ending the day withou having talked with anyone, and the same the next day. Thinking have some vacations, but just go alone seems so nule, just having in my mind...
  6. P

    I'm losing my mind.

    So for the past 2 weeks I have done nothing but lay in bed and thought. And thought and thought. And yet more thinking. All of it philosophical in nature. About numerous topics ranging from utopia, morality, god, the soul, meaning of life, evolution, whether life is suffering, social darwinism...
  7. I

    Afraid I am going to die

    Hello everybody. Sorry to bother you with a story that I am sure you have heard before but this is all I can think about. A few days ago in the morning, when I was barely awake, a thought poped into my head that said I was going to die in four months. Now, I know this sounds like anxiety but I...
  8. K

    Kath A

    Hi I am new to this forum.I am suffering awful Anxiety and I cant seem to control my thought process.im worried about everything to do with my kids who are grown up.I go on Facebook and I always come off Anxious because I find something I dont like then I question people about it.I feel sick all...
  9. N

    I need fixing

    I have a beautiful wife of one week , I love her very very much, yet on our honeymoon I stared at other women and young women at that , I am not interested in them nor do I get arrowsed in any way , it is so disgusting and disrespectful , I have made myself sick thinking about what I have done ...
  10. G

    Borderline suicidal?

    Hi everyone, This is my first post so bare with me. I’m in my mid twenties and from the outside I look like a happy healthy person. I have a very well paying job, I’m engaged to an amazing man who I love more than anything, a beautiful home, loving family... but yet I think about dying all the...
  11. Y

    Father's Depression

    Hello, My (now 76 year old) father was diagnosed last year with depression. He was put on tablets (can't remember which) by the doctor but had bad side effects so moved to a 2nd type (mirtazapine) - these did seem to make a difference and midway through this year he was close to how was in say...
  12. F

    Has anyone had anything like this happen?

    As far as I was concerned my dx was paranoid PD as on official correspondence that was what it said. However at my recent appointment the pdoc asked what I thought of my diagnosis. I said I didn't think paranoid PD was a good fit. He said that what he'd received from my old trust was that it...
  13. S


    Hey everyone I'm new here but I needed somewhere to talk as I don't have anybody else to turn to.. My anxiety is killing me right now and it's having a knock on effect on my depression too. I don't feel that I'm actually able to leave the house any more for the fear of seeing somebody that I...
  14. Lolli_Liability


    I love it right now I love physical pain it is amazing it is the best feeling ever cause it's real . Also it makes me feel closer closer to the end . That would be nice . I feel like I can't get death right and that makes me so angry I even fuck up killing myself imagine that . So I keep...
  15. T

    Don’t know what’s going on

    I feel like such a strange person for posting this but I’ve had enough. I have convinced myself i am dieing of HIV. I have had some wild experiences having unprotected one night stands with girls I met in bars over the years, I have slept with escorts where the condom has slipped off for a few...
  16. F

    I think the depression is coming back and I’m scared

    Hello, I’m new here and don’t really know how this works so I’m sorry if I make mistakes. I’m posting because it feels like the crippling depression I had four years ago is returning and I really don’t know what to do. The thing is, I know it’s xoming back now because I have just finished a...

    I need help.

    I have realised that my anxiety is a big issue for me. It is affecting my work and relationships. Today at work, boss asked me a question and as soon as that happened my mind went blank and did not know what to say. BUT I did understand what I was doing, I just went blank because of anxiety. I...
  18. C

    Daydreams about deceased father

    Hello, I lost my dad January second of this year to cancer. I was his care giver for about three months and the months before that were really rough also. Lately I haven’t been able too sleep and I find myself thinking about him in his last days unconsciously. Of course causing me too get...
  19. C

    Thinking about putting myself out there with online dating as a form of recovery

    Thinking about putting myself out there with online dating as a form of recovery Hey everyone, I know it's 2018 and everyone and their mother seems to be doing online dating. I'm thinking about getting involved and have never really tried it before. My anxiety has been pushing me away from...
  20. F

    My thoughts of my depression demons

    I'm in a dark place.. A well A hole A cave No sign of light No sign of freedom No help Tired of fighting Tired of believing Tired of hoping Feeling trapped Feeling lost Feeling lonely Staring in to darkness Staring in to silence Staring in to the eyes of depression Wanting to escape...