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  1. E

    Hi. I'm new here

    I've joined as my husband has schizoaffective disorder and I'm a little overwhelmed at the moment. He is in denial over his diagnosis and often stops his medication. At times he has lied and said he has taken it even though he hasn't. Just before we married a few months ago he had a severe...
  2. C

    Chronic pain/Fibromyalgia?

    Does anyone have any experience with this? My GP refuses to settle on a diagnosis as I've been referred to the "pain team" - only I've got two months to wait until I see anyone there. They keep cancelling, moving appointments... GP also refuses to give me any medication because "we've tried...
  3. F

    possible misdiagnosis of schizoaffective disorder

    i was recently diagnosed with the most recent psychiatrist i saw with schizoaffective disorder, however, i do not agree on the diagnosis, not just from her observation but altogether as a whole. as i am new to the forum, i was gonna post in the "introduce yourself" section first of why i am...
  4. C

    Wondering why I talk so much? ... diagnosed me with savant syndrome

    Wondering why I talk so much? ... diagnosed me with savant syndrome This is my current default data: Mental Health Default - Specific to Person Statement: Often Environment is overlooked. What would you define your environment factors as? What would you define about factors of yourself...
  5. J

    I'm worthless

    Hi. I've been depressed for a long time, perhaps close to thirty years now, off and on. I had a good run for a few years in my mid-20s in grad school, but most of my memories going back to middle school are of introversion, social awkwardness and zero self-esteem, and things have caught up with...
  6. H


    Hi all. Just looking for some advice. A few hours ago my partner started seeing things. He was very much not here and said it was a face with no eyes. The thing wanted his eyes and told him there are things he should nit see. He wrote this down on paper! He tried scratching near his eyes and put...
  7. Bondek


    Greetings, I figure an intro post is the way to go. I came across the forum when googling things and what with the way things are going presently, figure I should join. Hard to say in a nutshell but one thing I have noticed of late is that whereas I figured I'd had depression, it has become...
  8. R

    Hi - it's just me a nobody

    Hi all- I'm a 50+ woman in the US. I guess some would say I'm feeling sorry for myself. Maybe I am! I'm so down on life in general these days. I find it hard to move; I have to "talk myself into" doing most things. Sleeping is my favorite pastime. What do you do when you're 50+ years old, never...
  9. G

    Is your iPhone/smartphone designed to make you angry

    Ok I'm a newbie with the modern apple products. I'm a 26 yr old who's only had an iPhone for a little less then a year. Before that I had a stone age 2002 phone that could only text and call. I notice a lot of people get angry at their phones and now I can see exactly why. It seems as though...
  10. NicoretteGummed

    Prejudice & Favouritism In the MH System

    This is something that's still a huge issue for me. Many times I've heard staff talk about Patients who have Bi-Polar like they are extremely special (even when they've done terrible things). Bi-Polar's will always deny it but they get the best deal by far in the MH System.
  11. M

    Stimulation vs Relaxation

    Hi all, Name is Martin, 28 years old and currently seeing a neurological naturopath & recieving some therapy (fingers crossed). In the meantime, I’m finding a challenge with something. Things have gotten progressively more difficult over the last several years, lots of stresses too like moving...
  12. N

    My lover isn't doing very well

    Hello, I'm not accustomed to talk on the internet so sorry if I seem "awkward" or post this thread on the wrong forum, honestly I'm quite anxious to speak about this in such a place haha. So I'm in a relationship with someone a little bit younger than me (I'll be 20 in 2019 and he'll be 17). A...
  13. M

    Brand new here but keep forgetting things

    It's A lot more complicated than that actually. Hard to explain, I keep forgetting big things. I woke up in the night last night and for a few seconds could not place who my fiance was. Now when this happens I know it's happening, like I know I'm forgetting. I know that I must know him. But...
  14. J

    How do I regain my charisma and lose social anxiety?

    Over the past year or two, I've become socially disfunctional, mainly due to persistently being let down and rejected by unfriendly people. Where once I was charismatic, funny and confident, now I'm just socially numb. Everything I say tends to be based on a vieled effort to be accepted, which...
  15. K

    Partner with PTSD: How to be stronger/more resilient

    Hi everyone, A little over 2.5 years ago, my girlfriend was physically assaulted by her boss at work. Afterwards she was diagnosed with PTSD and Major Depression. This is on top of an existing diagnosis of ADHD. I have been trying my best to provide care and support, while also trying to keep...
  16. T

    Best wishes for 2019

    :goodluck: :peace: :):clap::cheers: What are your resolutions going to be? Mine are 1. Survive 2019 2. Diet and exercise 3. Stay away from the doctor and pretend i am normal and well (as no assessments until 2020) :clap::clap::clap::clap: 4. Think seriously about work/possible things i could...
  17. M

    Feeling insecure. Family underestimating the severity of my condition.

    I was very recently diagnosed with fatigue syndrome (not CFS) by a doctor. My parents now know that my condition is fatigue. Despite this, however, they underestimate the severity of my condition. They say things like "You can certainly play piano and sing at the same time, so learn and play a...
  18. P

    I'm freaking out.

    started having thoughts of if it was better to be a animal woth no thought thoughts or feeling than to be a human today and it's like my brain took a huge punch. Higher thoughts seem meaningless. Everything feels meaningless and arbitrary. Concepts are illusions that our minds made up. Why do we...
  19. B

    HELP.. Losing my mind. Slowly.

    This is a bit of an essay so be warned,but I need to get stuff off my chest and seek advice. This is the first time I've spoken of this. From an early age (7 years old) I became victim of a parents partner who put me through hell,physically and mentally. I was getting bullied really badly at...
  20. R

    3 year long anxiety about taboo subjects (some may find disturbing)

    Hi everyone thanks for checking out my board Im 20 years old and for the past 3 years I have felt quite lost due to feelings of anxiety caused through guilt. I feel as through I don't get as much enjoyment from things I should like going out and socialising with my friends due to these...