1. S

    has anyone recovered their senses after a long illness?

    hi there! i was wondering if anyone at all had recovered their senses after a long illness like schizophrenia? i've been very unwell when first diagnosed, and for at least 4 and a half years i was convinced i was accused of being a paedophile - which was about the sum total of my symptoms. i...
  2. A

    I think I need to be hospitalized

    I'm running low and now I think that I need hospitalisation. I just can't get out of these delusions. i think that people here are fake accounts, I then think that you just post to appease me, it's been going on so long that I can't see how or why. I just don't know what to do anymore. I'm on...
  3. U

    repressed memories

    hi so im not diagnosed yet but i was seen by a cpn about a couple months back and she said my symptoms such as hallucinations and depression are down to trauma. i am going to see a different cpn this week with the secoundry mental health care. my memories are of childhood sexual abuse and i have...
  4. X

    What is CBT?

    Im going be having some CBT and was wondering what the therepy consists of. I know its to help you re train your brain, has anyone had it if so could you tell me if it worked?
  5. ali

    group therepy

    Hi guys, i am about to go to my first group therepy as i have been released by my phyciatrist.... has any one else been to a group and what can i expect ???? cheers ali :)