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  1. G


    Does anyone else get this paranoid , was walking around tescos shopping centre , when I seen two male staff members in the twentys staring at my partner the two of the. Smiled at each other and I heard one of them say "I would" in a se ugly manner , they pursued us going from isle to Isle ...
  2. C

    there is never enough ......

    Ther is never enough alchohol to take away these feelings of depression ...
  3. W


    I am a nonoffending pedophile.Ide like to get help but there isn't much out ther for my problem.
  4. W


    If I tell Myself something enough it seems to become the case and then if I tell myself something else enough then that seems to become the case ,so somewhere In ther I the actual case,just dnt know which is which
  5. S

    someone to hug

    sometime all i want is a good hug, why cvan I not get that,, I cannot remeber when I had someone who just cam up and hugged and said they are ther for me. ps i am ther for others so do not compeletely hid away. what is it that they construe my wanting a hug with something else and run a...
  6. R

    finally got a diagnosis

    had another psych appointment today and have finally got a diagnosis. Personality disorder with major depressive illness... Feeling positive in some ways, but terrified in others. At least they have taken me seriously...i had got so desperate that i had decided that if they wouldnt help me to...
  7. scottsblue

    never got any money

    moneys such a obsticle for me, tomorrow i gota go to the dentist so i went to the shop to get some money out ready for the train fare. an ther was just nothin in ther so had to change dentist till next week. every month or everytime beore i get paid ther is always minus amounts in my bank.:(
  8. scottsblue

    munchien sickness

    right its called somthing munchien/munchousen (sounds like a german word and its a sickness carried on by mothers. the mother makes ther kid ill to get sympathy from her piers and friends and its called munchousen, i dont know how to spell it. is ther such thing tho? they said a lady had it in...