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  1. B

    Thought Broadcasting/Trump/Targeted Individual/Pzombies/Psychics/Theories

    Hey guys. I've been thought broadcasting for about 3 years, give or take a couple months. I just want it to stop. It's very clear that my thoughts are being transmitted and/or that my mind is being read by anyone who just happens to be psychic. And psychics are real, so let's start from that...
  2. T

    How to not wory about something??

    This entire semester i was feeling pretty happy and that nothing could stop me, but an old fear came back: conspiracy theories, i can't seem to forget about them and it is ruining my social skills...
  3. P

    Psychosis/schizophrenia is an awake dream

    Ive been reading articles about sz and some people think that sz's are living in awake dream and that sz is a sleep disorder. I guess it explains why i have insomnia and dont feel tired. Other theories of sz is that its an immune disorder. They may have an antibody in their blood that can also...
  4. I

    What are your theories for what the "voices" are? Are your voices internal or external?

    What are your theories for what the "voices" are? Are your voices internal or external? I would like people reading this who have voices, whether they be internal or external to share their experiences and insights into what they think these voices are Hi, My voices are "external" and I have...
  5. B

    Can we try eliminating some theories? Who thinks its a reptilian alien race that is doing it to us?

    Can we try eliminating some theories? Who thinks its a reptilian alien race that is doing it to us? I don't.
  6. N

    Does my risk assessment sound like I'm psychotic?

    Got my Risk Analysis and Management Plan (RA & MP) and was wondering on the grand scheme of things does it make me sound like a horrible person undeserving of life or even benefits? . Hurting himself to save the world (previous & Current) . Believes he has a microchip implanted in his body...
  7. calypso

    Low so had to start AntiPs again

    I stopped the anti psychotics months ago and felt fine. But I am waking up regularly, throughout the night with shouts and angry voices. Its not just that thing when you are about to go to sleep, its the same voices back again. They continue for some time, so I tend to doze on the sofa, but...
  8. cpuusage

    Legacies of ‘Anti-Psychiatry’ and R.D. Laing

    "In Lang's view, we treat people who experience themselves as robots, machinery, or animals as crazy, but we don’t find anything crazy in theories that treat people as robots or animals. Our theories of madness may be madder than the language spoken by those who are ‘mad’." VersoBooks.com
  9. pepecat

    Star trek voyager does mental illness....

    I was watching Voyager yesterday, and it was a really interesting episode which got me thinking (series 5 episode 7 'Infinite Regress')..... The plot was that the ship got close to some borg vinculum (processing thing from the middle of a borg ship), and, because the borg assimilates people...
  10. C

    schizophrenia and tobacco

    ive read that 80-90% of schizophrenics use tobacco(usually smoking heavily), do any of you fine people have theories as to why? also, do you tobacco, and in what form?
  11. T

    Time to leave....?

    ....my meds....? Hmmmmm; I am in a strange limbo.... After all; what I see is that others perceive me as stable: does this mean it is time to leave my medication? I know this is a rather impossible (and probably over read) question. BUT, I am sure I am fine, I am sure there is nothing wrong...
  12. F

    Schizophrenia as a "Disjunctive Category": Does it Matter?

    Among the commonly articulated criticisms of the concept of Schizophrenia is Don Bannister's claim from the late 1960s that the diagnosis is unfit for scientific research because it is a "disjunctive category". This point recently raised its head again in the comments section of an article about...
  13. formerlymadjon


    hi, im angry all the time, everything annoys me, i loose something and im angry, im late up and im angry, i cant sleep and im angry i just want to get rid of this anger its like i have a kettle boiling in my head and i dont know why, i have no reason to be angry. my gf, sez its cos i had an...
  14. cpuusage

    The secret to being a good therapist

    Learn your theories as well as you can, but put them aside when you touch the miracle of the living soul. Not theories but your own creative individuality alone must decide. from Contribution to Analytical Psychology (1928) Carl C. Jung the secret to being a good therapist
  15. M

    Supplements for Anhedonia

    My focus is on treatment and what I need that could help me and I am currently experiencing anhedonia that is there all the time everyday despite the fact that the depression itself is gone. Now I realize that scientific theories regarding depression and anhedonia are just theories--they are...
  16. Fairy Lucretia

    Touched for the very first time? xoxoxo

    if you were 34 in February would you be pleased or sad if you were still a virgin? questions ,comments and theories are all welcome xx
  17. NicoretteGummed

    Was Sigmund Freud a hypocrite and a Flawed character??

    In my opinion unequivocally-Yes he was. Unlike Jung most of his half-baked theories have been de-bunked. Apparently he was addicted to Cocaine so he wasn't in a fit state to diagnose let alone postulate theories. But the reason I object to him most was the profound effect his absurd in my...
  18. D

    Evidence for Schizophrenia

    I've posted this before and received a reply by email but, not the best techophiliac, I can't fined my post, so at the risk of boring people, here goes again. I gather that the theory of schizophrenia originates in the early 20th century. Various developments have expanded this concept though...
  19. S

    Conspiracy theories

    Does anyone share my interest in so called 'conspiracy theories' such as the one world government,911 truth etc.I've been reading David Icke for years,and listening to Alex Jones's radio show.My consultant tells me to stay away from such material,but I can't as there seems to be a lot of truth...