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  1. K

    Nervous about my dog

    So, I've been exploring my fear of death, those I love passing away. And today, I learned my dog has arthritis. I began reading about how I could help her, and saw it can get so bad one may have to decide to euthanize their loved one. I began panic sobbing because I really don't want to lose...
  2. K


    Hi, So I have a fear regarding those I love dying. It used to be more about me dying and not seeing my boyfriend ever again, but now, I fear him passing away and I fear others that I love passing away. I cannot fathom being here on this planet without them, and am terrified what will happen to...
  3. R

    Suffering with Thanatophobia

    For the reasons unknown to me, at just 21, I suffer from this terrible lonely battle, to feel so isolated and imprisoned by thoughts. I do not fear death itself or the process of dying but only the thought of no longer existing after death. My fear is that it will be like sleeping without...
  4. W

    Seismophobia and Thanatophobia

    WARNING: this might be rambly, because I'm pretty distressed :( I live in Oregon. As you may or may not know, we are (arguably) overdue for a devastating 9.0+ earthquake that will all but split the state in half. They say it may kill over 30,000 people, and may happen tomorrow, or in 800 years...
  5. A

    Constant irrational fear of death

    Hi guys! I’m new here. So I’ve had this issue with an obsessive fear of death pretty much my entire life, although as a child I was not as self-aware and therefore this problem did not bother me half as much. My whole life I have been very superstitious (believing nearly all of the Friday the...