1. F

    Extreme anxiety/fear of blood, blood tests, iv's... [long, sorry :( ]

    Hello everyone, I'm sorry to bother you all with something that I'm sure you've heard a thousand times, but I've read a lot of webpages and some forum posts (here and elsewhere) and I was hoping making a post myself might help as it's more specific? If that makes sense! I'll try to condense this...
  2. P

    Bad Habits

    Mine was smoking cigarettes, but when I quit I turned to marijuana. When I had to quit that to get a job (and my doctor drug tests for some of the medication I'm on) I turned to alcohol. We're all dependent on something. What's your bad habit?
  3. M

    All over pain with depression

    My entire body aches as if I have the flu without the stomach issues and I have chronic fatigue. This has been going on for months in conjunction with depression, and at least 4 years I've had less intense aches and pains. My doctors ran a bunch of tests and nothing came up. Fortunately my...
  4. S

    I know I'm Not Normal But What Is Wrong With Me?

    I do not have any previous diagnoses. I am prone to existential crises when I start to think about mortality and the crushing emptiness and meaninglessness of human life. I'll have this crises probably once a week. I was told late last year that my mother, step-father and half-brother were all...
  5. freddiefreakery

    Testing experiences

    I have been slowly falling into psychosis for a few years now and just recently began the testing process. I’d like to know what other people have experienced with this process. I took a few tests to place myself on scales of things like ocd, depression, anxiety, and attention problems, as well...
  6. L

    Testing for Picks/FTD?

    I've been reading up about said topic and have read conflicting things. Is picks disease/FTD hereditary? Are there genetic tests that can be done for family members?
  7. V

    can this really be anxiety or is it something more serious? Please help

    can this really be anxiety or is it something more serious? Please help I suddenly 4 months ago I got what the doctor thinks was gastro or food poisoning that I feel I never fully recovered from. I had diarrhoea daily for 6 weeks and now go between normal/loose/diarrhoea and the colour changes...
  8. L

    Can Lamictal or Lexapro cause twitches?

    I've been on both near 2 years, was on abilify for a short time but stopped due to a leg twitch. I've been having increasing episodes of neck eh... jerking? I guess, happens in my right arm also. I've had abnormal eeg results but need more tests, nothing confirmed. Is this a med side effect...
  9. S

    I may be in denial about having Anxiety

    I have had some weird health issues for about fifteen years. I will sometimes have chest pains, skipped heart beats, tingling in my hands and feet, dizziness. I am a pretty chill person unless one of these symptom manifests itself which is pretty frequently. I have had a bunch of tests done...
  10. L

    Muscle weakness

    My arms hurt my legs also hurt and pins and needles and I am going to crash soon not sure what is wrong with me waiting for enzyme tests on my muscle/tissue or something like that I take the following Mirtazepene 45 mg day Sodium Valporate 1000mg day
  11. amathus

    How is your Concentration ~ Take the Test!

    Self Tests by Psychology Today
  12. C

    blood tests done

    So blood tests done. Let's see Wot occurs. Don't hold much hope but let's see
  13. P

    The dangers of anti-manic and/or "mood stabilizing" drugs.

    1) The literature is replete with warnings concerning the danger of giving anti-depressant drugs. To wit: "Giving an antidepressant to someone with bipolar disorder could trigger a manic episode. Manic episodes can be dangerous, because you have very poor judgment, tend to use more drugs...
  14. ABsea


    I am still having bouts of severe anxiety (much worse when I'm alone) about having a heart attack or a stroke/aneurysm and I have no idea why. I am hallucinating smells and I'm jumpy. Today at work I thought I saw bugs in my coffee and jumped out of my seat. I requested blood tests...
  15. amathus

    Do you stand up for yourself?

    Self Tests by Psychology Today Try the Assertiveness test..
  16. amathus

    Does worrying affect your health ~ take the test!

    Self Tests by Psychology Today
  17. J

    Prozac and blood tests

    Has anyone who takes Prozac also been made to have blood tests. Why do they do the test? Anyone know?
  18. N

    MS or Dissociative Disorder

    I'm so glad if come across this site, I to have been struggling for the past year and half with many symptons that relate to m s, was told by my Neuro that he's 100 per cent sure it's m s, then he done tests and because the tests came back with no positive results he sent me to another Neuro who...
  19. F

    Most anxiety tests are flawed

    As they assume high/severe anxiety necessitates having significant physical symptoms.
  20. L

    Anxious about having my intelligence evaluated...?

    Hey, I am new to these forums, so first and foremost I shall like to say... hello! :) Now, to begin... Over the past year or so, I have become increasingly anxious when it comes to having my intelligence "evaluated", though I still do these online IQ tests in an effort to reassure myself that...