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  1. Jbb79

    Have Low testosterone from A-P Prolactin x x

    Hi, I've got Small testicles, from Anti-psychotics . . . There-fore, I Have low testosterone, which has killed My Self-confidence, Libido, I Have Border-line E. Dys-function and my beard doesn't grow, much, at all . . . Later, Muscle-wasting and, Brittle bones, May follow . . I Want my life...
  2. T

    Need Advice! Has anyone ever tried Testosterone replacement therapy or Steroids??

    Need Advice! Has anyone ever tried Testosterone replacement therapy or Steroids?? Hi, I just wanted to know if anyone has tried any kind of testosterone replacement therapy or steroids? How did it make you feel? Did it change your mood? Also more importantly, did you notice any...
  3. L

    Haven't slept in 3 days b/c of hallucinations. Help?

    The past week I began to feel weird, like generally unwell and irritable. My heart rate is also fast for no reason even at night. I also feel hot even though I do not have a fever. 5 days ago I started to have hallucinations of scratching in the walls/ceiling and sounds of rats or floorboards...
  4. J

    what happened

    The thing is driving me crazy is not knowing what is causing this. My problems started on august 11 out of nowhere. It started with hot flashes and hard breathing, it kept me up all night. I went to dr. the next day, blood pressure and heart rate were ok but I was sweating. They took blood and...
  5. F

    Testosterone seems to help people with social anxiety

    Testosterone makes people with social anxiety disorder less likely to avoid the gaze of other people. This is one of the conclusions of a study by behavioural scientists at Radboud University. The study is the first to demonstrate that testosterone can help people with social anxiety. The...
  6. F

    Feeling spaced out and dis orientated

    I feel spaced out in public and when I went into the shopping mall yesterday I just felt dizzy and not my self I just like to have a clue of what I have got wrong with me btw this all happened after I done ecstasy and I done it once I know have a raised heart beat and feel like I have high...
  7. L

    former meth addict/Sulpiride/libido

    my female friend,she is 22 now,used meth for one year about 2-3 times a week for year between 20-21.... after 4 months she started hearing paranoid voices,then 8 months latter stopped using meth as I said earlier. she was then put on Sulpiride 200mg a day for 10 months,she is 50kg... now its 35...
  8. F

    Testosterone and schizophrenia

    Testosterone may trigger a brain chemical process linked to schizophrenia but the same sex hormone can also improve cognitive thinking skills in men with the disorder, two new studies show. Scientists have long suspected testosterone plays an important role in schizophrenia, which affects more...
  9. W


    Bit random so I'm just going to put it out ther,has anyone experienced using testosterone to boost mood and confidence ?From a doctor obviously
  10. B

    Could it be a lack of testosterone?

    http://www.webmd.com/depression/news/20030103/testosterone-may-help-depressed-men Testosterone May Help Depressed Men Hard-to-Treat Men May Have Low Levels of the Male Hormone By Salynn Boyles WebMD Health News Jan. 3, 2003 -- Testosterone replacement therapy was commonly prescribed 50 years...