1. Jbb79

    About Testicular atrophy On APs

    Hi, I Need help .. I have got Testicular atrophy, from AP's .. It's rather bad, normally my Balls are about 12 mL, now they're 3 - 5 mL x x There's a cure, which can grow them back, called hCG . . Does any-one else know, about this side effect - - It is related to Prolactin suppressing the...
  2. Jbb79

    Testicular atrophy from Drugs

    Hi, I've gotten Testicular atrophy, resulting in Erectile Dis-function, Decreased libido, And Long-term Muscle-wastage And Brittle bones .. It comes from Prolactin shutting down the Testicles x x Has Any-body else gotten Prolactin-related Side-effects, From their Drugs ?? Ty xx
  3. G

    My Mental Health and Life..what to expect now??

    Hello guys, Just here to share my experience and get your ideas/advise about my journey so far and also what to expect from my future ahead. This post will be bit long but please bear with me and read through it to fully understand my situation. Background: I am from India and born and raised...