1. Jbb79

    Hi - - I'm down x xx

    I'm 39 Years old, don't have a family, a job or, a girl-friend x x I Feel as if my life is over, and, It's very tough, Right now . . . I have a 5-year Mandatory Meds Order, bec. I got into trouble, when I Found out Prolactin makes Testicles ( Ovaries, Too), Shrink, Over time x xx I Try to be...
  2. Jbb79

    Testicular atrophy from Drugs

    Hi, I've gotten Testicular atrophy, resulting in Erectile Dis-function, Decreased libido, And Long-term Muscle-wastage And Brittle bones .. It comes from Prolactin shutting down the Testicles x x Has Any-body else gotten Prolactin-related Side-effects, From their Drugs ?? Ty xx