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  1. J

    What is Schizoid Personality Disorder and do you have it?

    I have been through a few phases of being interested in personality disorders and going through hours of researching about them. The one that stands out to me the most is Schizoid Personality Disorder or SPD for short, I personally have a particular interest towards SPD. First, I want to say...
  2. N

    Assessment experience

    My first time applying for pip ,I got turned down. So August this year I applied again. My assessment ,I thought, was terrible. It was so bad, days later, I complained. The assessor was, well, like a robot. On entering the room, I was told to sit in the "red or green chair"! I might be a little...
  3. R


    Hello I just wanted to introduce myself. Im 54 and I have had depression, anxiety and PTSD for about nine years. I have been on several combinations of meds with no success. I have came off my meds several times in the past because I was waiting for my social security disability to go through...
  4. Funnyday

    Blood glucose level

    I've had blurry vision for about a week or two now. I went to the optician and she said that she can't give me an eye test if my Diabetes isn't under controll. So she said for me to get a fasting blood test at my doctors as soon as possible and then come back to her in a couple of weeks time. I...
  5. C

    Feeling better today...having weird thoughts though (nothing bad)

    :( I still feel like I am making this up in my head. Are these urges real? Why do I get them? Are they just going to go away like the other things I have obsessed about, then dropped once I got tired of them? They feel different, they come without warning. I don't know what is real anymore. I am...
  6. Z

    Rorschach inkblot test for psychosis

    How reliable is Rorschach inkblot test for diagnosis of psychosis? Had psychiatrist used that in treatment of psychosis and how reliable it is?
  7. A

    Wife having anxious disorder for the fear of me smoking again

    I used to smoke for some time. It was generally 1-2 cigarette a day. My wife asked me to quit and i havent smoke since last 11 months. But my wife always have this fear that i will start smoking someday and that she will leave me once i start again. I have spoken to her, entrusted her and...
  8. Y

    Asking for my friend - fear of needles distressing her

    One of my best friends has a fear of needles, and she's needed a blood test for years. Every time she goes to get it done she panics, leaves, and goes home in tears. She had treatment for it three or four years ago which involved little clips that she was supposed to prick her fingers with, but...
  9. T

    Agoraphobic, in college, just not doing well

    I have been diagnosed with depression and anxiety in the past, then that became a diagnosis of bipolar disorder due to my genetic history. Recently I've met with another doctor who has gone back to a diagnosis of anxiety, panic disorder and agoraphobia. He prescribed Prozac (20 mg) once a...
  10. DoctorInternet2

    My Doctor

    I have recently started taking some Abilify medication, and I got on very badly with it. Last Friday I had a call from my GPs surgery to say the psychiatrist wanted me to have a blood test, and when I asked why she said it was to see if there was anything that could be attributed to my low...
  11. freddiefreakery

    Testing experiences

    I have been slowly falling into psychosis for a few years now and just recently began the testing process. I’d like to know what other people have experienced with this process. I took a few tests to place myself on scales of things like ocd, depression, anxiety, and attention problems, as well...
  12. dubblemonkey

    autism is like the terrible secret that I never expected to hide from myself

    autism is like the terrible secret that I never expected to hide from myself I get so far this way and that.. offending those that I actually like very much.. and I don't mean to but there are things going on with my brain that test me every day ... like a minute in the daylight? is like...
  13. Hwy2Well

    Has anyone had a NeuroPsych Test?

    I'm scheduled to take this test tomorrow. I was wondering what others' opinion of this diagnostic tool. I've read many negative "reviews", in that this exam is "subjective," thus not a super-duper method to direct a patient's course of action. I'm anti-med after extremely detrimental effects...
  14. C

    Afraid of test results!!!

    HELP!!!! First of all, let me start by telling you I am scared to DEATH of going to the doctors for fear of what I might hear! But I went to the doctor with a bladder infection. after a urine test she confirmed a bladder infection and gave me an antibiotic (5 days) and told me to bring in...
  15. S

    No more pills or hospitalizations

    Hello. I am often brought to the hospital by police. I find this very angering and degrading. I was even severely beaten by police officers and made to carry out a sentence of court diversion and my family thinks I assaulted an officer and even expressed it vocally to me. Also I made an...
  16. S

    lifes a weird test

    why does life have to test me and be cruel to me .. this life is no fun .. its just some sort of weird, and cruel test and i hate it .sat here crying because this isn't how my life is supposed to be , i shouldn't be sitting here having to do therapy because of problems i never even asked for ...
  17. C

    Retired female

    Hi, I am new to this forum. I was wondering if anyone else on here is afraid to go to the doctors for fear of what they will hear. I go to the doctors once a year to have blood work done for my high blood pressure and cholesterol medicine. If, during that visit, the doctor happens to mention...
  18. I

    Awaiting diagnosis ON BPD

    I've been suffering with anxiety and depression for over 30 years I was diagnosed with co dependency 3 years ago too, just this month I started seeing a psychologist and he thinks I have bpd he did a test of 9 questions and he said straight away 5 jumped out at him but he will have to evaluate...
  19. F

    A real test of my ASD tendencies

    The forthcoming move. Definitely nerve racking and a real test of my ASD tendencies. I get used to certain things even though they may not be the most ideal in terms of end result , and get anxious/flustered if faced with change. I think it's very much a case of getting through the initial...
  20. dermild

    Intelligence Test

    Yesterday, I spent two hours taking an intelligence test, administered by my Psychologist. He might also be a Psychiatrist, but I have no prescriptions. He asked me to take this test, because a few years ago I was taken by a cancer scammer. She was very emotionally manipulative and a pro at...