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  1. C

    I'm addicted to someone who is terrible for me

    I met someone online a bit over a year ago and he has been pretty terrible for me. At first he acted like he had feelings for me, pictures were exchanged, phone calls were made, promises of visits began, it seemed great. Until I learned that it was actually all a lie and he was just using me to...
  2. NicoretteGummed

    Prejudice & Favouritism In the MH System

    This is something that's still a huge issue for me. Many times I've heard staff talk about Patients who have Bi-Polar like they are extremely special (even when they've done terrible things). Bi-Polar's will always deny it but they get the best deal by far in the MH System.
  3. B

    anxiety+relationships=better off alone?

    So long story short, I have developed such bad anxiety in my relationship, it is almost like a bad habit. It is slowly breaking me down, and I feel out of control and constantly gaslighting myself. Please read. Please help. I'll try to cut to the chase. But essentially, whenever I'm around my...
  4. B

    Just want some support.

    Not sure where to start really. I've had depression for many years. Last night I self harmed. My 15 year old son knows what I did and I've had to talk to him about it. I feel such a terrible mother for putting him through this. It was totally my fault as I had alcohol and I know I just can't...
  5. F

    Return of suicidal ideation after period of doing well

    Hi - I’m new on here. I really am wanting to connect with bpd people. Ive has a terrible weekend- dissociated- feeling suicidal. I’ve ridden through it and seem to be coming up again. I’ve been doing dbt skills working really hard- sometimes it feels like being a robot with a manual . But I’ve...
  6. S

    Having nightmares and so much emotional pain

    Im already on medication and seeing a doctor. But its just making it worse. Im having very nasty nightmares. Very realistic and terrible .. My dreams are mostly violent. I also have a terrible chest pain. Its emotional I went to hospital.. I recently lost my house and love of my life Im staying...
  7. 0

    New to this and need advice please

    So my story is crazy ! I didn’t know how bad anxiety and depression can be until experiencing myself ! Basically my life has been a messs - a few years ago son got addicted to porn was sneaking other males in our home - I found so many sex toys in room it physically made me sick and made me...
  8. I

    fear of dentist please help

    Hi I haven't been to dentist for so long as fear of going and I'm.finally being brave have an appointment for Thursday.however I'm.so.scared of getting terrible feedback
  9. B

    Looking for information on how much each antidepressant and antipsychotics affects serotonin level and receptors

    Looking for information on how much each antidepressant and antipsychotics affects serotonin level and receptors I have been diagnosed bipolar, ptsd, ocd and anxiety disorder. I have been in treatment for about 15 years with little success. I am a serotonin syndrome suffer anytime I take and...
  10. Fairy Lucretia

    i haven't been pulling my weight on here lately x

    im a terrible guide i promise to try harder x love Lu x
  11. Mark_01


    Do you see yourself as an outcast of society and a total loser, reject? Mental illness isolates you; doesn't matter your psychiatrist says you have to get out and meet people, you will still be alone. Normal people in a group stare at you and wait for you to say something stupid. Ever notice how...
  12. G


    Greetings All... I joined this site on a whim after looking up some information about something insomnia related. I have dealt with mental health issues all my life. Debilitating bouts of depression. Anxiety about all manner of things. Paranoia. Disgust with my self. Suicidal thoughts...
  13. H

    Don't know where to turn

    I posted before about losing my DLA when I had to switch to PIP. It went to tribunal and they adjourned, that was almost 2 months ago and still I've heard nothing. Well worse than nothing. I actually have flash backs to the tribunal. The trauma of having to humiliate myself by telling such...
  14. L

    Feeling like I'm vanishing

    I do have a purpose in life. But any moment that I'm not working towards it, I feel like nothing. I've wanted to be a scientist since I was 14. Currently, I'm at uni studying towards the degree I want and theoretically everything should be fine. But I can't really concentrate, I'm falling...
  15. S

    Need help understanding deep depression

    Hello, I am new here. I have someone I am trying to help and I need help understanding it. She lets bugs crawl in her food, and has a terrible mess in her house. How can I help her?? thank you so much
  16. dubblemonkey

    I am borderline ..almost terrible autistic...but so very delightful likeable

    I am borderline ..almost terrible autistic...but so very delightful likeable I try..it's ok.. I keep trying
  17. E

    I see no way out of my situation

    sorry if the question is too long... Im a 20 yr old female suffering from severe anxiety, depression, bulimia and insomnia. I am also a child of 2 mentally ill parents (who have been separated my whole life, just not physically), mom that has been dealing with depression for 20+ years and tried...
  18. D

    Over thinking

    Does anyone have a therapist? I've been referred to a new one after quite a few failed attempts at help and I'm freaking out. What will the place be like? Who will they be? Will it be like the other times. Will they help me or judge me. I can't do group therapy sessions as I'm to awkward and...
  19. J

    Terrible State

    I'm in Bed mostly and feeling totally wretched. I'm Alone far too much. Feel like Overdosing but scared of what happens at Hospital. Wouldn't like to pass away alone. The suffering is terrible and my coping ability is waning rapidly. No Motivation or pleasure at all. Not a Life Worth living.
  20. J

    Bed bound with Depression

    I cant get out of bed for anything and I can't see it changing. Its a terrible existence and I'm so alone.