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  1. S

    Confused newbie

    Very new to all this and don't have clue whats going on 😟 Hubby had some form of breakdown September spent week in crisis house, medication was working and then I lost my dad. Hubbie has relapsed and I can't support him, I'm a mess not accepted dads dead, angry at him for not stepping up or...
  2. M

    Question on coming to terms with PTSD

    I recently came to terms with my PTSD, that is, accepting that I have it, after having flashbacks from some medication and getting hospitalized for 3 days. Now I feel worse than before, like the memories have all surfaced. Anyone else experience this? Is it normal? Any advice? I am avoiding...
  3. Z

    I may have no future, but that's actually OK

    It finally occurred to me what my problem is. 80% of success is showing up. I don't show up. I don't suffer defeat, I simply never set foot on the battlefield. And, ultimately, it's because I don't want to. Deep, deep down, I just resent it. Better the pain you know than the pain you don't. The...
  4. S

    Mental Health is better so I want to try volunteering but am afraid of losing my benefits!

    Mental Health is better so I want to try volunteering but am afraid of losing my benefits! Hello reader! I am 20 years old, with a diagnosis of Asperger's syndrome and Schizoaffective disorder. I have been (forced) admitted into hospital for long terms in the past because of this and I now live...
  5. K

    Anger attacks in Depression vs BPD

    How common are the anger bouts (pretty intense) in just depression? Or does this symptom makes the diagnosis more in favour of BPD (and other cluster B disorders)? Another question, I wished to ask is how to differ PMDD mood swings with BPD? and how different are euphoric episodes in bipolar II...
  6. S

    Relationship break up

    Hi guys, I'm new here. I've been coming to terms with my diagnosis and what it means to me for around a year now and have kept my guard up in terms of getting close to people for obvious reasons for around 7 or 8 years now. I opened up to someone around 6 months ago and he's amazing, and...
  7. SomersetScorpio

    No motivation to really live?

    This is a weird one. I'm by no means considering suicide, though have made attempts in the past and used to think about it constantly. I'm struggling with this feeling I have of not wanting to participate in life. I don't mean I want to die, I just mean that all of the things that people seem...
  8. N

    Turn of Probelms of Health Events no, (though indirectly) it's my father!/cruise

    Turn of Probelms of Health Events no, (though indirectly) it's my father!/cruise HI Folks, I wasn't sure whether to make a pm first, to check where I could file the post, eventually I thought well, in Anxiety forum. We have got a long story; About 12.30pm, after I had returned from being...
  9. A

    Going backwards rapidly

    I nearly walked out of therapy today. I'm really not 'right in the head'. I can usually engage and be willing to talk/work with my therapist, but I'm feeling really disturbed with thoughts/urges that I can't talk about on here. I was having an anxiety attack and rocking backwards/forwards...
  10. A

    Please help

    Carrying on from yesterday, spent the day in bed when I was meant to go to staff to register with GP. Then got a phone call an hour or so ago telling me my psychology appt for Wednesday has been cancelled. Why does it happen when I need it the most? I phoned my CPN. It was good to speak to...
  11. cpuusage

    Exploring the culture of psychiatric diagnosis, creating change

    Exploring the culture of psychiatric diagnosis, creating change << Scottish Recovery Network "We are in the middle of an epidemic of mental health problems. It sometimes seems as if the whole population will be soon be diagnosed and taking medication. Politicians of all parties are promoting...
  12. cpuusage

    Restoring Her as Creative Triplicity: Place of Being

    (Essay 2) Restoring Her as Creative Triplicity: Place of Being by Glenys Livingstone Ph.D. | Return to MAGO E*Magazine by Glenys Livingstone Ph.D. This essay is the second part in a series of edited excerpts from the author’s book, PaGaian Cosmology: Re-inventing Earth-based Goddess Religion...
  13. cpuusage

    We stand with Jordan Peterson

    http://www.torontosun.com/2016/10/31/we-stand-with-jordan-peterson "What is the source of extreme political correctness? Here is an article about a Toronto University professor, Jordan Peterson, one of the most prolific and brilliant men I have ever heard or read - a psychologist and...
  14. D

    My girlfriend has ended our relationship.

    Hi Forum, I am a new member. I have just returned from her house. She ended our 18 month relationship. We are in our 30s. She said she needs to try fix herself without having the pressure of a relationship and doesnt want to feel hurried into being 'well'. She is going to go to counselling. She...
  15. sweet.boredom

    Why no forum for bereavement and grieving?

    Do I need to find a seperate support site for grieving the loss of my parents and my son, and my sisters? I haven't come to terms with any of it, but it doesn't seem that mhf has a grieving section.
  16. V

    I am sad

    I miss my ex. We were in a relationship for 5,5 years and a few weeks ago he broke up with me cause I've changed. It's because of my stupid depression and psychosis and because he found me once after an attempt, I was in a coma. I miss him so much. We are still on good speaking terms but I just...
  17. S

    Diagnosis stage... Finally!

    Hi everyone. My mental health problems first came to light nearly 13 yrs ago now. Looking back it probably started before then, but at this time I was faced with coming to terms with sexual abuse that happened when I was 8. I had kept these memories hidden for years. Between 2001 and now I've...
  18. A

    Hey Bipolar Community!

    Hey Everyone! I'm new to the forum, My name is Afrika I'm 23 and I was diagnosed with Bipolar a little over a month ago and i'm coming to terms with it. I hope to make a few friends along the way being part of this forum! Regards Affy :)
  19. W

    Yet another Joke about the "Voices" --

    Well ... this is really most hilarous ... two of the "Voices" that infected me during this episode ... dedicated their lifetimes on "Project make Gay" ... they went about insanely viewing everything happening around in terms of "Gayness" ... but all of this insanity and entire-lifetime of an...
  20. C

    Positive Experiences with Quetiapine

    Hi everyone. Earlier this week I was told by the hospital that they think they're looking at Cyclothemia. I've never heard of it before but after some research I'm coming to terms with it. What I'm not coming to terms with however, is the idea of Quetiapine looking at the side effects it's...