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terminal illness

  1. L

    Dealing with two terminally ill relatives but my Friend unsupportive that has depression

    Recently both my Nan and my mother have been diagnosed with terminal illnesses. My Nan has been diagnosed with cancer, I have been caring for her the last week and she has reached the stage where she cannot eat or drink so unlikely to have long left. My mother also has severe lung disease and...
  2. Bitterdregs

    Health and end of life anxiety

    I have a heart condition and am in kidney failure. It’s been a long, rough, painful life. I have no desire to live longer so that isn’t the problem. I suppose I can handle the kidney failure type of death... my anxiety comes from the heart condition. It’s unpredictable. I feel like a ticking...
  3. Bitterdregs

    Complex ptsd. Wow what a fun disorder eh ?

    Well...my situation is complex and I could post in several of the forums on this site. I’ve come a long way with this disorder in the past 12 years. It never seems to be enough for other people. They only see the parts of the disorder that remain. You never hear “ wow ! You can ride in a car...