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  1. Anime-Alchemy

    Connections - long term goal - working - lying.

    Had another appointment with connections and the lady (my support worker?) filled out a form to mind housing or mind, i guess mind housing. There was a section about goals? And firstly it was put down about working towards getting back to work eventually or a sort of long term goal? i don't know...
  2. L


    Hi everyone! My name is Kathryn and I just decided to join this place. I'm currently living with long term depression and I had a breakdown back in March, but I'm making steps towards rebuilding my life :)
  3. N

    Brain damaged through long term depression any comments

    Hell hope this doesn't sound to far out there but feel I know what is wrong with me,I have had depression on and off all my life I feel ,this episode I am having now is different in I feel my brain had been damaged by the depression resulting in a shut down and the state I am in now,ie it...
  4. R

    Hi from San Diego :)

    Hi guys, I posted this in the Anxiety forum but thought I would introduce myself as well. I have used this forum for years but never contributed so finally... hello :) I have had anxiety since the age of 13 that I can remember. I am now 32 and am close to being ok all the time, so I am here...
  5. R

    Hi from San Diego :) My life changing stack.

    Hi guys, I have used this forum for years but never contributed so finally... hello :) I have tried every remedy under the sun to rid myself of unrelenting anxiety... Most of which had zero long term effect. Here are the things that did work & have changed my life! BPC 157 - First and...
  6. C

    New and Blue!

    Hiya, I'm joining this because I have a lot of experience of mental health issues personally - pretty much like everyone else. I've done a lot of work on myself including therapy and reading, I've got friends and family who've also had their difficulties and I hope to be useful here as well as...
  7. Fairy Lucretia

    saw new CPN

    she said she isn't seeing me long term it will just be for 3-6 months to help with self harming im angry ,the psychiatrist i saw last week said i needed a CPN long term the manager hates me though they are basically leaving it up to a 90 year old to look after me she said if i was worried...
  8. O

    People with long term depression, how do you sleep?

    Those of you with unexplainable long term depression do you have any problems with your sleep? I.e insomnia, frequent awakenings from sleep, exhausted when you wake up, sleep paralysis, fitful sleep?
  9. Kerome

    Two studies focussing on long term outcomes from antipsychotics

    Interesting article on Mad in America looking at two published studies which examine long term outcomes from antipsychotics. It takes a detailed look at how the studies are constructed and what we can take away from them... good stuff. A Tale of Two Studies - Mad In America
  10. J

    Questions about long term use of Klonopin

    I have been on Klonopin for 15 years. I started having panic attacks at the age of 25 and went to a psychiatrist and was prescribed to 2mg/day Klonopin. I increased my dosage due to Dr. recommendations and even went as high as 6 mg a day at one point. I've tried 7 different times over 15 yrs...
  11. P

    Term for "back and forth extremes"?

    Is there a word or term for when you go back and forth between hopeful (I'll even go as far to say "euphoric"-ish) optimism/good mood and doubting upset "suicide-y pessimism"..? (I apologize I can't think of a more eloquent way to put it) I know that it says Bipolar goes through mood swings...
  12. Funnyday


    Anyone on here have some bitcoins? I'm thinking of buying £300 worth as a long term thing. Any tips or advice that you can share with us?
  13. L

    Anxiety taking over

    It seems like no matter how bad I want to, I can't keep friends. Honestly I don't even try that hard because I'm certain I'm better off without them anyway. I feel like every person on this Earth is out to judge me. I overthink it so much that is gives me so much anxiety that it's almost...
  14. W

    Unlabeled !!!

    So I was told I almost definitely have BPD. Now, they are sure I don't have bpd. 6 months ago I was told I have OCD, then they said no, I don't have OCD. Now they say I do have OCD. The previous psychotherapist said I seem to have bipolar and the MH nurses said schizoaffective. A prescription...
  15. D

    tardive dysphoria | Antidepressants Make Things Worse in the Long Term?

    tardive dysphoria | Antidepressants Make Things Worse in the Long Term? Certain research and studies are showing that long term antidepressant use can cause chronic relapsing depressive episodes, cognitive damage and tardive dysphoria. Is this legit? Is that for real? :scratch: [Moderation...
  16. G

    Things piling up

    Hi, I haven't been on here for a while. My anxiety's not been that bad but I'm a student and it always gets worse around the end of term. I'm coming to the end of my last term of my last year and assignments and exams are piling up like never before. I was coping but for the last few weeks my...
  17. D

    Is recovery possible from long term psychosis?

    Has anyone recovered from long term problems with psychosis? Please reply just if you have had some success - thanks.
  18. K

    Survival Tips

    I was wondering about any survival tips people have for schz. Positive Symp: Negative Symp: Morning: Afternoon: Evening: Night: Short Term goals: Long Term goals: Eating: Washing: Socialising: Working: Entertainment: Learning: Dealing with Stigma:
  19. T

    forever sweet 16

    Hi everyone My daughter is 39, the mother of a high school boy, and has a psychologist helping her with family problems. Maybe she's heading towards psychiatry and obviously our pathway is to love her and receive her feelings. But... Her big issue which she circulates to all our relatives is...
  20. cpuusage

    The Oppression of the Schizophrenic People

    The Oppression of the Schizophrenic People The Oppression of the Schizophrenic People | ORGANIC COFFEE, HAPHAZARDLY "In an age of mental health awareness—even by our nation’s celebrities and respected public figures—there is one group of people still suffering the aftermath of mental health...