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  1. Anon_21

    Chronic migraine headches, please help!

    Over the counter drugs Don't work and I'm worried about developing issues from taking so many over the years. My gp prescribed me imitrex which usually works (with side effects), and half the time the headache comes back next day. They are odd headaches--tension migraines that occur on only one...
  2. S

    How do I heal my relationship with my father?

    Hello all, I've recieved some good advice in the past from this forum, so here we go again. Ever since I've started therapy, my view on the world and my surroundings has widened. I am slowly healing and learning how to deal with my anxiety, for which I am very thankful to my therapist. I am now...
  3. ThinkingCat

    Tension Headaches?

    Hi. Can anyone recommend anything to ease tension headaches? No painkillers work as it's muscular. Diazepam is the only thing that works but last time I almost had to beg my GP for it, as obviously it's an opiate and addictive. I've been living with this headache for 3 weeks now. It's there...
  4. N

    Stress and Tension - Pretty Much Recovered

    Hi All, After my woes, of yesterday following on from during the course of the morning volunteering job, I was pretty much stressed out, and tensed up, mind you tension could have been having to wait a couple of weeks, before the mailing took place; today, I have now bounced back fully...
  5. J

    A little apprehensive but need some help and/or advise

    Hi, As above, I'm a little apprehensive as this is my first time posting on this forum. I’ve suffered from depression and anxiety for most of my life. This also runs on my mother’s side of the family and can be traced back several generations. I’ve been on medication for 10 years, 7 years of...
  6. amathus

    Some symptoms of Anxiety

    Some symptoms of Anxiety: Symptoms of anxiety People often experience physical, psychological and behavioural symptoms when they feel anxious or stressed. Some of the most common physical symptoms of anxiety are: Increased heart rate Increased muscle tension “Jelly legs” Tingling in the...
  7. Kerome

    The Spirituality of Being vs Doing

    When we glimpse how vastly different consciousness is as a way of living from the unconsciousness in which we've floundered, we want to fix up our life by embarking on a “spiritual journey.” We start reading all kinds of books, listening to talks, going to retreats, praying, meditating...
  8. T

    Is there anyone who overcome GAD completely? i need help.

    hello. i am tusar from bangladesh. i have been suffering from GAD for 5 years. i have gone 5-6 doctors including neurologist and psychiatrist. Last 2.5 years i have been eating medicine according to a psychiatrist. But no medicine working. i have taken some psychotherapy too. but nothing works...
  9. C

    Wondering whether I have a problem!!

    Hi all, I'm new here! I didn't really think I had a problem until I jokingly described how I feel on a daily basis to a few people I know - thinking that everyone has the same feelings and experiences - but turns out that they don't! Basically the last few months I have been increasingly...
  10. C


    I'm 18 and I've had depression for a year and a half now. I'm on mild anti depressants but they are not benefitting me. When I start to feel down, I self harm, and even then I can't stop. I like the pain that it causes because it relieves tension. I've been to the doctor endless times and I'm...
  11. V

    Anger - Bipolar 2 - Self Harm

    I'm just wondering, if anyone has anger issues; with There Bipolar diagnosis if it is a symptom? I'm really struggling with rage at minor Things. Really minor things. It's been this Way for months. I really think I need adjustment? Made in my medication. My doctor said To go to the ER when I...
  12. DoctorInternet2

    Tension and anxiety vs depression

    I've experienced both of these problems recently, both awful, I've been in a very dark place recently, I've had social problems and relationship ones. It's hard to work out which is worse. I think I've got to say the tension and anxiety was worse for me because it was more extreme, and perhaps...
  13. F

    I am going insane because I need to go to the doctor

    Sorry to bug you with my fears but I just feel I will go crazy. I have health issues need to be solved and I am very scared of operations because i don't know how the narcosis do on my nerve system. I am scared to go to the doctor and I keep waiting and I feel I will go crazy. I know this is...
  14. cpuusage

    Somatic Wisdom Technique

    By Jon Keyes Somatic Wisdom Technique Part 1 I believe that the human body is not only a physical entity but also carries emotional and spiritual energy as well. Our joys, fears, sadness, humor and love are not just intellectual concepts or part of a chemical soup located in the brain. They...
  15. V

    anyone tried the shakti mat?

    Works wonders, what is it? Basically a simplified version of nail mat, spikes are plastic and not as painful, it may hurt a bit the first time, what does it do? In my case, relieves tension, muscle ache and increases blood flow, good for sore muscles or neck, and destressing if thats even a...
  16. megirl


    As I heve abused alcohol off an on, and use laxatives as my bowel doesnt work without them, depleting my body on some minerals etc thought will try magnesium. Yesterday and even now i have a horrible headache and feel like I have been drinking I havnt had a drink for almost 4 weeks which is...
  17. E

    Do you remember when it all started?

    I remember back when I was about 16 and it started with tension in the neck and a feeling of being sort of trapped in my own head and less extrovert and more self aware and shy than I used to be. The neck stiffness I didn't realize as stress / tension at the time because I'd never felt it...
  18. M

    Tension all over my body

    I'm suffering from tension. It appears to be affecting my eyesight, struggle to focus reading or when I read I try and predict what the words say. Most of my pain is in the back of my neck. I think its anxiety. What should I do? Has anybody experienced this before?
  19. N

    Relief for tension headaches?

    I get these from time to time, and when I do I find nothing seems to help relieve them, not even painkillers. Does anyone have any ideas on how to relieve tension headaches please? Any ideas appreciated.
  20. T

    unbearable major epressive disorder

    hy, i am tusar. at first at the age of 17,i was suffered from GAD. i went to one doctor to another doctor one by one. i did not understand what was wrong with me. i eat different kinds of medicine adviced by neurologist and the situation worse.my nerve became very weak by those medicine...