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  1. S

    Sh needs

    Struggling with the need to sh I have become a recluse to the world, apart from putting washing out I don't leave the house, shopping is delivered and anything else is online. I don't call anyone and no longer have friends just my husband who gets angry when I self harm and the last children...
  2. Kerome

    Mindfulness of the body's impermanence

    I was reading through some of the material on mindfulness, and I came across this passage referring to how a Buddhist monk would approach mindfulness of the body's impermanence. It kind of changed my view on how I consider my body and the body of other people, and so I thought I would quote it...
  3. L

    Help me

    Have 2o+ sticthes in two places from 5 nighta ago kicking a glass window was taken to shit hopsital they did not xray etc paid to go private (abroad) and have great doctor who says all looks fine on outside and no reason should be tendons but have lied about cause and he never saw wound he...