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  1. Poopy Doll

    I won't evict tenant

    I won't evict the tenant even though yesterday the police came here looking for her and child protective services also came plus the Grandfather showed up, all of them at once. My tenant "kidnapped" her 11 year old son from the Grandfather who has sole custody. She made an emotional decision...
  2. Poopy Doll

    Tenant like a Volcano

    The tenant who rents a room in our house that has been divided off for privacy, blows up like a volcano periodically, when she is getting rid of her latest boyfriend. This time she went ballistic at the boyfriend while she was babysitting her nine month old grandson. She was shrieking in front...
  3. Poopy Doll

    tenant passed away

    The day before the hurricane hit, our tenant passed away in the hospital. It was all the more sad because my bf has thirty years in AA and offered to take him to a meeting, but R chose the bottle. I thought maybe we could have done more, but my bf says some people chose the bottle. My bf would...
  4. Rosepoet

    Tenancy support for private tenant at last

    I asked weeks ago and was told no help for private tenant but when i said well i cant move then they turned up. Said if can help with grant dos furniture and help move with bills etc hope this will take some pressure off at least they know now i am here i am ill i cant do it all alone. They...
  5. cloudberry

    Tenant from Hell, update - AAARRGGHHH!!!

    To anyone who reads this, thankyou, it is a "I am cross and need to put it on paper" job. I know when I am over loaded. and thankfully, its not often these days. Still engaged, he was up for taking the brunt, and he does. Makes it a lot easier for me. Being engaged to a retired psycho/gestalt...