1. M

    In a relationship with someone with BPD

    Hi all and thanks for the look. I've been dating my current girlfriend for 7 months now. Once we started dating, she was very upfront about suffering from anxiety and had been treated for depression. She is also in recovery, over a yr now, she's an alcoholic. I'm not sure if it's BPD, she...
  2. P

    Telling People About Your Disorder

    I am bipolar, and also have generalized anxiety disorder and ADHD. I take 6 pills a day for these illnesses, and I am not always comfortable with telling people about this information. Yet people in my family keep telling their friends all the information about my hospitalizations, the...
  3. S

    Poor social skills and the opposite sex

    Just joined I never talk about my issues with anyone and even if I did I have no one to talk to anyway so thought to give this a shot. Have always had poor social skills it has dominated my life I have gone through the last twenty years with no friends no family (apart from parents) I have...
  4. C

    Hello I'm new here

    Hello I have just registered with the site I have suffered with anxiety and panic disorder for 35 years have tried every therapy under the sun. I'm also agoraphobic and next week I have to travel to a hospital over an hour from my home for a procedure that must be done, I've got to get there and...
  5. J

    Please help me

    I don't even know if this is the right forum My trauma isn't as bad as other people's and I've never told anyone what happened. Its been four years and I've not said anything. Its eating away at me every day but i don't know who to tell i dont know how. Will it go away? Is telling a...
  6. C

    He left the day I was diagnosed

    And now I can't cope. 2 attempts yesterday. Tired of people telling me there's people to talk too. Don't want to talk Just want it to end.
  7. L

    My voices

    My voices keep on telling me that everyone are devils.
  8. N

    My son hates himself

    My son (19) keeps telling me that he is very depressed, that 'his soul cries all the time, that he is a bad person (he is actually very nice, loving, caring, thoughtful), that he is an accident by nature, that he should not have existed and does not deserve to live. He also keeps telling me that...
  9. valleygirl

    I feel like I am abandoning a whole lot of children

    I feel like there is this loud, blaring siren inside of me telling me that I did the wrong thing in leaving my job for a job closer to home. It's still the same company, just a different location. The commute was exhausting, and expensive. Gas prices where I live are just about the highest in...
  10. W

    I need an advice. is that a depression? Very overactive and vivid imagination

    I need an advice. is that a depression? Very overactive and vivid imagination Hello guys. I need some help and reasurrance. I don't know what the heck is happeniing to me. I am under a doctor's supervision, she told me it is depression, but... I have my boudbts. This post will probably be ultra...
  11. R

    toping up friend whose sectioned mobile

    my friends in a home doesn't know whether he's sectioned, they're not telling him anything but refuse to let him out unaccompanied the psychiatrist said do you know why you are here, you were sectioned because you couldn't look after yourself in the community and transferred here he doesn't...
  12. J

    I'm kinda scared of myself.

    I'm kinda scared, and I'm also afraid of telling my family that I...don't even know to describe it, I always get angry for the dumbest of things, like hitting-punching myself angry, and when that happens or when I'm thinking too much about what people may think about me, I just start arguing...
  13. A

    Telling my mom about my diagnosis

    Hey, So like the title says I told my mom about my diagnosis and after the conversation I felt like crap. couple days ago she called me and I tought this would be a good time to tell her well first she wanted to know where it comes from I told her that It can be genetic she said that she doesn't...
  14. C

    Would rather be a shit employee than communicate

    I'm typing this as im feeling it. May just help me wrangle up the right words to collaborate with current actions/feelings. I just dont understand what it is that prevents me from standard social functioning. I've had an email from a colleague in another area of the UK. I need to check...
  15. S

    Should I talk to my Boss about my Depression?

    I have been at my current job for almost a year now and while generally I do great work and fulfill all the requirements of my job there have been two separate occasions where I haven't been able to get out of bed for multiple days and go into work. On this last occasion they basically told me...
  16. R

    New here, but not new to all this ... advice/support would be amazing

    Hi everyone, I don't know what made me join up to this forum at this point in time, but it was obviously something I needed to do. I would appreciate anyone's help and support. While I'm not ready probably to tell my full story, I will give the brief run-down. I'm 41, and have had eating...
  17. T

    10 years self harm free broken

    Hi. I really don't know what to say at this point. It's been around 10 yrs since I beat my self harm. But for some reason I broke tonight. Overall I'm not even sad. Something has just taken over me and I just fazed out. My mind is screaming telling me not to write this. I'm trying to distract...
  18. C

    Hearing disturbing voices

    I’m sorry for bothering you, but I’m scared to tell anyone that one of the voices I hear is telling me to kill myself or hurt myself as much as I can in some way or another because he didn’t finish the job when he wanted me to die. I’m trying to drown the voices out, but I can’t. I’m seeing the...
  19. A

    Advice required, what do I do?

    Feeling suicidal. Mental health matters want me to phone for help, but I know from experience that the hospital will make me wait hours, then send me home again telling me to use the people I have around me (which if it helped, I might be more inclined to do). What do I do?
  20. F

    I think ilm going mad can anyone help?

    So about 5 days ago I started feeling a little low. Just a few things going on at the minute and it felt like they were constantly going round my head. Anyway I started struggling to get sleep at night. It hasn't happend in a while and I lay there just thinking about stuff and all the bad...