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  1. C

    um... so yeah.

    yeah. Every time I want to talk about something... there's this awkwardness. And i don't really know how to say it. The images are there in my head, accompanied by emotions... Sometimes I wish I was telepathic. It would make everything so much easier and less stressful. I guess I'm trying to...
  2. K

    Im new. And I dont know where to start

    Okay hi ladies and gentleman wolfs and sheep, my name is Andy. Im 28 years old and i live in the UK these past few months I have been hearing some crazy shit in my head. having visions too. ive been a sheep all my life. ive watched people and i copy them. not intentionally but because i wasn't...
  3. J

    telepathic harrassment

    Hi I have been experiencing this. It's a bloke with a computer with lots of different voices saved on it. From what I can gather us he clicks a mouse button and types phrases all day. Also records some things and plays them telepathicly as he is beefing very telepathic and him or another...
  4. F

    Powerfull telepathic insight.

    I am surrounded by naighbours that want to make my life hell. Now I have new nextdoor naighbours, at first I thought they were okay but now I have been in reciept of telepathic voices from them that enter my head from their house when they're in. They are calling me a troublemaker
  5. K

    Are your voices convinced they are real living people?

    I've got three voices, ive had four but the first one disappeared after the second one appeared. Ever since I got them (coming up two years soon) they are convinced they are real living people and that we communicate tthrough telepathic abilities? I believed them at first but then I realised I...
  6. C

    Hearing Voices please help

    Hi there, ever since August 20th I have heard voices in my head. I hear them constantly and I no longer have my own thinking voice. I hear other people's voices in my head whom I have met and it sounds exactly like their thinking voice would sound. In my head, they have told me that they are...
  7. S

    Very intense telepathy.

    be aware with talking about this to any of the persons in psychiatry. the last time I was sectioned I was having very intense telepathic experienses and went mad and shit myself. \
  8. L

    Telepathy Experiences

    Is there anyone out there that has experience with telepathy? Either you being telepathic or some one else?

    It is just so disturbing and distracting.

    Yeah, my voices are not as bad as before - but they still grind me down. You could forgive me for thinking they are of telepathic origin, but it is probably impossible as well as improbable. It is giving me a real headache. It all a pointless, is not as if anybody here can do anything anyway.
  10. A

    Voices seem to be telepathic

    Voices say they are telepathic I have been looking for anyone experiencing telepathic bullying as I also hear 4 voices who say they are telepathic. At first I could not work out where the voices were coming from and thought they were outside but they were always commenting on my activities and...
  11. A

    hearing the telepathic realm...meds don't work, need help!

    I am 25 years old..ive been hearing voices and had psychosis since i was 21. I was hospitalized and got diagnosed with schizophrenia at this time aswell. I hear loud racist/abusive voices from psychic people around my age. They are telepathic chavvy essex men and women and they are constantly...
  12. A

    Pestered by psychic humans...

    I am 24 years old. I was diagnosed with psychosis when i was 21 because i am hearing voices. It is definately coming from outside of my head from telepathic psychic people. I know that these people are real. I have seen some of them in real life driving down my road. They shout, swear, tell me i...
  13. A

    racist Essex chav voices...

    I have diagnosed with psychosis 3 years ago. I hear (racially) abusive voices. They sound like telepathic people shouting abuse at me. The people who do this indentify themselves as typical essex 'chav' types of people in their mid to late twenties and early thirties. All they do is put me down...
  14. V

    Neurology - brain telepathy - STOP telepathic psycho terror on me

    My name is Vinko . I am maybe the only really telepathic person in the world. You should not think that I could be Schizophrenic. Crazy but over 80% of all telepathic experiences are the same like for Schizophrenia. I can exchange voice, video, smell, people can move small move muscles on...
  15. M

    my intro

    hi, my name is Michael. ive been hearing voices for more than two years now and my life has been so hard to manage, i feel so isolated, at first, being an artist i tried to do everything i coud to convey what was happening, but ive since just resgned to keep it to myself, ive become distant from...
  16. A

    The voices I hear are telepathic people....

    Hi everyone. I hear voices but i am not schizophrenic. The voices i hear are from real people. You may have heard of something called 'telepathy'. Go to google.com and type in telepathic communication if you want to get a better understanding. Its where one person can send a message from their...