1. qwerty1234

    Conflict and sensitivity

    My Dad yelled at me sharply, and I don't stand up for myself or anything when people get angry, I could but it makes the physical pain worse. So I just go off alone to process. I don't know if it is a good or bad thing but I feel more physical pain than upset when it happens. He yelled because...
  2. D

    What helped me

    My illness began when I was 21 and ‘ended’ a year ago aged 52. During that 30+ year period I tried all kinds of treatments and since 1995 searched the internet looking for tales of cures but it wasn’t until last year I could finally live and breathe in peace. I always looked for people who found...
  3. B

    Feel like Im stuck in a hard place (health related)

    So, Ive been to the dentist, and it turns out my stress from the last few years has damaged a lot of my teeth through developing bruxism. It's filed most of my front teeth flat and moved some out of place. I feel like my smile is hideous now and it really upsets me. If I carry on the way I am, I...
  4. J

    Jaw clenching and teeth grinding. Anxiety?

    Dear all I get periods where I feel all drugged up and separated from reality, and this is always accompanied by a need to clench my jaw really hard or grind my teeth. I am not sure if this is anxiety or something more neurological? A brain MRI has shown I am ok physically, but who knows what...
  5. J

    New poster with horrible strange symptoms (feeling drugged)

    Hi all I have been an OCD and anxiety sufferer for around 15 years and I have been on Paxil for 8 years. About two years ago I started having some very strange symptoms and no one has been able to tell me what is wrong. I have had an MRI of the brain and it has all come up normal, and a...
  6. J

    My wife is worried about me...

    Lately I have been feeling a bit more out-of-whack than usual, I do not take medication anymore (Zoloft) and have been off of them for nearly a year and I was on Zoloft for nearly a year including the tapering off. I'm not very good at hiding how I feel so my wife definitely noticed that I have...
  7. K

    Lotta stuff - Hi I'ma Newbie

    Getting through highschool wasn't easy I tore my acl, damaged my knee skateboarding. I was really into the smoking funny things back then. As life is frustrating. Since my knee was messed up my Gym teacher, and supervisor gave me a difficult time. Taking me in, and out of class more then a few...
  8. O

    Really bad teeth anxiety

    Hi, I'm 22, and I have really bad anxiety about my teeth. I worry that my gums are receding, and that one day soon my teeth will fall out, and there will be nothing I can do to fix it. I have crappy dental insurance right now, and I might be able to afford better in a few months, but also maybe...
  9. H

    Teeth and bulimia

    I’m in my mid twenties now but when I was 12-19 I was binging and purging around 5-10 times a day..it still crosses my mind and I occasionally do purge if I eat too much.. every time I look in the mirror and see my teeth all the memories come flooding back :( I wish there was a reverse button...
  10. vanish

    Teeth grinding and TD

    I know involuntary mouth movements are part and parcel of tardive dyskinesia, but does anyone know if this includes teeth grinding? I have involuntary 'puckering' of my lips but also have terrible teeth grinding. I take Cogentin to combat this but it only works with some success (the grinding...
  11. I

    METHOD: Tongue Pressure for Anxiety Relief

    This is an extremely simple tip and I'm looking forward to hearing your results. - Push the tip of the tongue firmly against the gum behind the front two teeth. Maintain this pressure the whole time you are out, except when you need to speak. - In especially anxious situations, breathe out...
  12. K

    I need to find a dentist that accepts my insurance plan

    I haven't been going to a dentist regularly since 2011 because of all the horrible experiences I had with the last office that I went to. My dad's friend is a dentist and he did a few things to help me the past few years but I know I need a lot of work done. The office I went to before kept me...
  13. N

    I never brushed my teeth as a child.

    My parents had no parenting skills so were very inattentive. I never brushed my teeth from age 0-11. We also never had fizzy pop or fruit juice. I'm now 31 and and have neglected my teeth a lot but I recently started to brush them twice a day. I went to the dentist today for the first time in 12...
  14. I

    Antipsychotics causing uncontrollable teeth grinding and jaw spasms.

    The first med I was put on was aripiprazole 5mg. That was ok for a week, then I moved to 10mg. The second day, my lips started feeling funny and I began to grind my teeth and stick my jaw to funny angles, like a cow chewing cud or a teenager in 1992. It was pretty extreme and hurt quite a bit. I...
  15. shaky


    How much fruit or vegetable do you have to eat to avoid scurvy? I'm wondering if I've got it as my gums are terrible. Probably lose my teeth next. :unsure:
  16. C

    Extremely depressed over 2 years about teeth

    Hi, I've been struggling to stay positive and keep my confidence up since losing my lower two teeth. My teeth overall had a lot of work one and I've been thinking about getting veneers but im really am comfortable with everything but the lowers. A previous dentist didn't do a root canal correct...
  17. amathus

    Eating Disorders and your teeth

    https://eating-disorders.org.uk/information/caring-for-your-teeth Did You Know?■Eating disorders e.g. anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and binge eating disorder affect not only your general health but your oral health as well. ■Common oral problems caused by eating disorders include acid...
  18. clockworkmonkey

    Daytime TEETH GRINDING aghhh

    I gring my teeth asleep i grind my teeth awake.can feel myself doing it asxi write this.Ment to were a sheald at night but makes me gag. I just wish i didnt grind my bloody teeth !
  19. burt tomato

    sick to my high teeth of music.

    can't be bothered with it. it is just painful to listen to.
  20. L

    Help i have to go to the dentist but i suffer with severe social anxiety:(

    Help i have to go to the dentist but i suffer with severe social anxiety:( Help i'm not sure what to do :( I really need to go and see a dentist very soon, my teeth have gotten so bad this past year that i've been suffering with severe depression, i had an eating disorder for the past couple of...