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  1. A

    Did you try: Focusing, Image Streaming or Mindfulness?

    Hi, Does anyone have positive experiences with focusing (as described by Eugene Gendlin), Image Streaming (Win Wenger) or Unified Mindfulness (Shinzen Young)? It's hard to change everything yourself, especially when you've lost contact with yourself or have ''shrunken down'' and I believe...
  2. M

    Hi, I am new

    I have been suffering from depression over 20 years. I was on meds for long time but they did not help. So I turned to alternative medicine. I just want to quickly ask is somebody practicing faster eft? It is a tapping meridian technique so I wonder if anybody here is using it for depression or...
  3. C

    role play

    has anyone of you ever role played with your therapist in which you are the therapist and the therapist is patient. what is the reason for using this technique. please sgare your experiences. i find it very very much difficult thing to do
  4. Cry-Baby

    DBT Skill - "Safe Place Visualization" [COPING TECHNIQUE]

    A dialectical behavior therapy technique that I find useful (I created this using a reference from my DBT workbook):
  5. M

    mirrored conversation help please

    Hello to all, Hoping someone could help me with my problem, which has held my life ransom for 15 years already. I have noticed in most of my social interactions that people mirror back what I have said earlier. A person will talk to me using the specific words, phrases and expressions that I...
  6. Mr.NiceGuy

    technique to try against malicious voices

    Voices are involuntary. Interpreting them is not. When I was in the height of hearing voices, scrambling what they were saying did nothing. By having access to my thought they are able to stir powerful emotions in me. I have observed that these emotions create changes in the tinnitus in my ears...
  7. Kerome

    Mindfulness and the 'just worrying' labelling technique

    The "Just Worrying" Labelling Technque This technique seems to have more than a few followers, and I thought it might prove useful. A prerequisite seems to be that you have already learned the basic mindfulness skill of being aware of your thoughts while preserving some mental distance. The...
  8. cpuusage

    Somatic Wisdom Technique

    By Jon Keyes Somatic Wisdom Technique Part 1 I believe that the human body is not only a physical entity but also carries emotional and spiritual energy as well. Our joys, fears, sadness, humor and love are not just intellectual concepts or part of a chemical soup located in the brain. They...
  9. rasselas.redux


    Is the fancy word for being in enduring emotional pain Unfortunately the only time I am not dysthymic is when I am euphoric It's either one or the other I can alleviate the dysthymia with laughter. Exercising. Mountains for some unexplainable reason help more than anything. Then there is...
  10. S

    confussion to why i feel like i am crashing :/

    i been recently diagnosed with borderline personalty disorder , had the most fucked up week going up and down, meds don't seam to be working, been looking after my nephews the past 3 day's which i haven't done, since i had a breakdown last October and went out my comfort zone and went to the...
  11. O

    Attentiveness issues. Please help.

    I have this issue with learning then physically applying things. I think I am a very solid student in school. I have total focus and concentration in class and I feel like I have the ability that I can listen to the teacher all day and not space out. Today, I went to a martial arts school and...
  12. amathus

    Favouite relaxation technique. Best relaxation cd / dvd.

    I thought it may be useful to each other if we could get together a relaxation technique that you have found works for you... and / or... a relaxation cd / dvd / maybe ? thanks, amathus.
  13. buddha443556

    When I'm not disorganized, psychotic and paranoid ...

    Schizoid is pretty much my natural state. Emotional I am repressed so even therapy is pretty useless but that is all I get now. CBT is useless because well I'm pretty rational and I'm not emotionally attached to any idea. My CBT counselor doesn't know what to do with me. RBT not much different...
  14. D

    DWP job interview

    new job interview technique http://www.youtube.com/user/MontyPython#p/a/CDFEA6D52E5CC0EC/2/523uxFMUTGA :evil:
  15. K

    techniques of my victory against mental illness

    Hello everybody. I want to share how I managed to win against my mental illnesss which includes hearing voices (they feel more like thoughts) and confused processes running on their own. I have been battling this condition for years and now I still have the voices sometimes but they are not...